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Something has come over me, and I've been having some terrifying writer's block. I had this idea, though, and I thought I'd write it out.

This will be my last Fic for quite some time. This is due to the fact that reading/writing FanFictions have completely taken over my life. Shit's like crack, as someone already said. Anyways, some of you who like Bunny are gonna think I'm cruel, But too bad for you.

This is one of the more longer stories, so make sure you have time, or read chapters slowly and in pairs. It's a piece I worked so hard on, and I would like honest reviews. I want my readers to get the emotional side of things. Here goes.

My last Bunny, and Fic. Dedicated to the three people who have kept me inspired. SugaPieIsSoFly, Eternal-Lie, and Pikturisque. Famous for writing, the Free For All Act. Read it.


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The Smallest Gesture Makes the Biggest Difference

Spot Light

I was sitting in class, doing my work. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'Kenny, you don't do work.' Actually, it's been getting a lot better. I found out by accident that if I apply myself, I can really actually do something. My brain is useful, come to think of it. Anyway, back to my story. Was sitting in class doing my work, when the classroom door slowly opened. Nothing ever happened at Park High accept a couple people getting dragged out of class every once in a while for being obnoxious. Throwing paper planes, cussing, you know the drill. All heads—myself included—turned to look at who the visitor was. I almost screamed as I saw the boy standing shyly at the door. Mrs. Gilli stood from her desk and walked quickly over. She pulled the boy into the classroom, and shut the door.

"Everyone welcome Butters back!" she said excitedly. "Say hi, everyone!" she said as she brought Butters up to the front of the room.

"Hey, Butters." we all said in a chorus.

"H-hey." Butters mumbled hanging his head down.

"Go take a seat anywhere you can find one, dear." she said pushing him forward. "You've got ten minutes for the bell to ring."

Butters headed over to where I sat in the very back, and sat in the empty desk beside me. I impulsively reached out and took his hand.

"Kenny." he said simply trying not to cry.

"We'll talk as soon as the class lets out." I said softly.

"I'd like that." Butters pressed as we both sat there.

The bell rang in no time, and everyone was crowding around mine and Butters's desks as soon as the okay to stand was there.

"Hey!" I said before they could ask questions. Butters was very red in the face and looked crushed under the pressure. "I've gotta get to my next class, and I'm sure you all do to. Get going!" I shouted to the crowd as they all turned and left.

I got up, and Butters did too. We both walked off. Butters pressed close to me, and slipped a hand into the crook of my arm. I squeezed him as I led him into the boy's bathroom. It was just our luck that we were alone.

"Are you okay, Butter Cup?" I asked sadly. "I would've dropped by, and got you if I knew they were going to let you out early. Sorry, love."

He gave me a broken smile as he leaned into me and hugged me. I saw the urgency and desperation in his eyes. He needed this closeness. Needed it as much as the illest person would. Especially when his parents unexplainably go on a one year cruise around the world, to try and work out marriage issues.

"It's okay, Kenny." he said softly. "I didn't know either. I didn't wanna come to school today, but I had to, so I could find you."

"Wanna go home?" I asked sadly. "You feel okay?"

"I feel tired. I'm hungry, and afraid to eat, because I might throw up." Butters said softly. "The worst part is, Mrs. Gilli just put me on the spot. Kenny, I hate it when I walk in after a trip to the hospital, and the teachers go: "Hey, everyone! Say hi to Butters! Hey everyone! Let's all welcome Butters back! Hey, everyone!" Why don't I just put a big huge sign on my forehead saying, HEY, everyone! Leopold Butters Stotch is back! Come say hi!"

"Butters, I have told you time and again, that if you need me to talk to your teachers, I will." I said sternly. "I wouldn't mind. I'm not going to be rude, I'm just going to try and get through to them. So, can I do it?" I asked.

"Promise, no blood shed?" he asked still holding on to me.

"Yes." I said looking him deep in the face. "No blood at all. No cursing, no yelling, just politeness."

"Okay." Butters muttered as we both pulled apart. "Let's go. I've got Garrison, next. Wish you did."

We made it all the way to Garrison's class. The kids were all filing in, and I managed to sneak Butters up to his desk before anyone said a thing to him.

"Hey, Kenny." the man said tonelessly. "Oh, you brought Butters!" he said louder this time. "Hey-!"

"Stop." I said softly. "Mr. Garrison, just let things go. Don't announce it to the whole class, he doesn't want that. Okay? It's like, you're singling him out or something. Please, man. Look at him, and tell me you can stand to put him through this again. Mrs. Gilli already did."

"Oh." Garrison said softly. "Sorry, Butters. Go have a seat. I'll see you after class, Kenny." he said as I led my blonde to a seat.

"I'll see you as soon as the bell rings, for lunch. Okay?" I whispered into his ear. "Love you."

"I love you, too." he said softly. "Thanks, Kenny. You're my hero."

No! I thought to myself as I walked out of the room. I'm not your hero! If I was a hero, I could stop what was happening. Stop it all. The pain, the wait, the hopelessness that threatens to take both of us under with it.