Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Walton's characters.

I thought Grandpa or Zeb Walton (Will Geer) needed a real ending he was a great character and actor alike. This is just a simple chapter I thought was sweet.

Tears streamed down Grandma's face as she sat in her rocking chair. Her best friend, her Zeb, her "Old fool" had left this earth and was flying with the angels now. It had been two days since his funeral and though she had previously suffered a lot with her stroke, the pain of losing her husband was undeniably worse.

Esther Walton was a strong lady and you'd rarely see her upset or depressed but after Zeb's death she went through an understandably hard time. John had said at the funeral that Pa left when he knew Ma was at peace and back where she belonged.

Grandma sat thinking back to the funeral that left bittersweet memories. The day he died was tough. She could barely contain herself when she raced to get John. Those anxious minutes when his death was confirmed and those painful first tears that hit the Walton family like a storm.

His Funeral was simple and sweet but that was Zeb for you. His life was measured by all his friends that came in swarms. The Baldwin sisters were considerably upset; they thought fondly of Zeb and enjoyed sharing their Papa's recipe with him on countless occasions. Each Walton child had a chance to say something at the funeral, Grandma Walton despite being terribly upset looked proudly onto her family and knew that Zeb was smiling down at them.

At the end of the service Jason was asked to play Grandpa's favourite song My Wild Irish Rose, Everyone sat in silence taking in the beauty of the notes, if Zeb were here now he'd surely be up and dancing with Esther as he always did.

The song left a silence that was replaced with a small speech from John. He had said that he knew it was a sad occasion but Pa would want them to celebrate his life with great food and wonderful friends, thus a huge feast was brought out which included a huge bowl of Grandpa's favourite piccalilli relish and they all sat sharing stories and many laughs about the man they had loved.

Though his body lies in the ground on his beloved mountain, his spirit will always live on, and tales of his memory will be echoed through the Walton house for years to come. Grandpa Zebulan 'Zeb' Tyler Walton had the cheekiest soul and kindest heart. RIP