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Castiel watches Sam with the wariness he has no particular basis for, but that has arisen to accompany unforeseen occasions such as this.

Sam and his father, are hunters. Sam has explained this, along with the fact that his mother died soon after his birth. Castiel feels for Dean then, knowing that the other man will be deeply hurt by that loss.

Sam is regarding Castiel with the kind of wariness that he's learnt from his father. Everything tells him that Castiel is a monster. And yet...his father is the one that abandoned Dean. Castiel is the one who's telling him the truth, and the one who's been living with his brother.

He has a brother.

That alone is amazing.

Something scratches at the front door and Castiel jumps to his feet.

"Get some water." He advises Sam, already on his way to the door.

Sam hears whining over the sloshing of the water into the glass, the padding of paws on the floor and Castiel, ("Shhh...I know it hurts...I know...") the other man enters the room, carrying the body of a beagle with a wounded foot.

"There's peroxide under the sink." Castiel tells him, laying the dog on the couch.

Sam has never actually seen a skin walker in its other form before.

He gets the peroxide and returns with it, Castiel adds some to the water and starts to clean Dean's paw with it. Dean whimpers and growls softly.

"Shhh..." Castiel says quietly, "It'll be over soon."

The beagle blinks up at Sam, woofs softly.

"Yes, he came to see us." Castiel finishes with Dean's foot. "Go get some clothes on so we can talk."

The dog runs obediently into the bedroom.

"He understands you?" Sam asks disbelievingly.

"He understands more than that." Castiel shrugs, "When you can't speak half the time you learn to communicate without words, without hands and expressions."

"So, what, you're psychic?"

"Dean's my mate. I don't need to be psychic." Castiel says pointedly, just as Dean emerges in a pair of frayed jeans and a third hand college sweater.

"No need for delicacy though, right Cas?" Dean raises an eyebrow. "Kid's only just found out he has a brother who's a dog – don't need to through in the image of me on your bony ass." He comes to squat at Castiel's side, Sam is already sitting on the floor opposite – his hunter training making his spine tense with expectation of an attack.

"So, you and dad are hunters."

Sam is surprised that Dean managed to guess that, but one look at Castiel's 'What did I tell you?' expression makes Sam rethink. Somehow they've shared information.

"Yes." Sam says.

"How long?" Dean folds his legs neatly, sitting on the floor as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

"Since..." Sam falters. "Since my Mom, our Mom – died."

Dean lets out an unsteady breath, exactly as his father did when placed under pressure. Castiel had kept that from him until now, hoping to reduce the pain of the meeting. Castiel raises a hand to Dean's arm without looking at him, squeezing lightly.

"How?" Dean asks softly.

"A demon...a couple of years ago. It...burnt our house down." Sam huddles in on himself. "Sorry."

"You should go home." Dean murmurs, getting up and walking into the back room.

"Dean..." Castiel calls after him. "He wanted to see you."

"He's seen. He should go home to his father." Dean calls back, then there's the soft whump of cloth hitting the floor. The beagle runs out of the back room and to the front door, nudging it open and haring off.

"He's not very good with people." Castiel stands and busies himself picking up the water glasses.

"You are people." Sam points out.

"Some of the time." Castiel sighs.

"I'm going to come back, here's my cell number." Sam scrawls it with a pencil on a scrap of paper from his pocket.

"We don't have a phone." Castiel says wearily.

"Find one." Sam advises, taking his leave with as little notice as Dean.

Castiel tidies their few possessions, tries to sleep. Can't. Changes into a dog and tries to sleep, still rest alludes him.

When the next morning dawns Castiel goes out in search of Dean, finds his scent trail ended in an alley. No trace of him after that. Not good news.

He finds a pay phone and calls Sam.