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The rest of the Christmas Holiday seemed to fly by. Harry and Hermione spent the time either working out with Dan and the Vassals, researching more of the Potter family magic, which involved learning Enochian, the ancient language that allowed humans and angels to communicate, or talking politics with the Bones, Clearwater, and Black families and vassals, especially planning on how to ensure Sirius, Lord Black, was exonerated come spring when Penny would be able to take her place as Lady Clearwater.

Harry especially enjoyed the evenings when he and Sirius could relax and Sirius would tell Harry more about growing up with James and Remus. Sirius admitted that he and James had not been the best examples of gentlemen prior to their 6th year, when James had actually started to grow up a bit more.

The return to Hogwarts at the end of the Holiday was bittersweet. For the first time Harry knew what it was truly like to be leaving his home, and could more easily relate to how his friends felt each time they boarded the Express.

A week later, Harry and crew were on their way back from their morning exercises, when they spotted Moaning Myrtle flying towards them at speed. As she approached the group, she exclaimed "Lavender's in trouble! My bathroom, quickly! I think he's going to kill her!"

Seeing the look of genuine fear and worry on the ghost's pale face, Harry and Neville burst into a sprint, with Hermione and Marietta following closely. Cedric not yet being in the same shape as the rest brought up the rear at a still respectable pace.

As they drew near Myrtle's restroom, Harry and Neville drew their wands. Bursting through the door, they saw Ron, holding a limp, bloodied form in one hand with the other drawn back as though to strike again. As one, Harry and Neville cast stunners the obviously enraged ginger.

The spells, overpowered as they were, blasted Ron across the length of the bathroom to slam into the far wall.

Rushing over to the bloody form, they found Lavender was unconscious, with bruises already springing up, and her face looking oddly distorted. As Cedric and Marietta caught up, a snarl ripped out of Harry's throat, and his eyes began to glow killing curse green. Marietta quickly cast a diagnostic charm on Lavender.

"Oh shite, Milord!" exclaimed Marietta with fear and worry battling on her face. "We need to get Lavender to Madam Pomphrey now!"

Neville quickly scooped the blonde up and headed to the Hospital Wing at speed. Hermione darted ahead to clear the path and Marietta followed closely to monitor Lavender until they reached the Hospital Wing. Cedric looked torn between following, and helping Harry with whatever he was planning.

Seeing Cedric's indecision Harry nodded towards the others, and said in a low voice filled with rage, "Go with them, Ced, keep her safe. I'll join you all shortly."

Cedric nodded and followed the others at a jog. Harry turned to Ron, still unconscious against the wall. Harry cast "Enervate" on Ron, then knelt down, and glaring said "I've warned you and warned you Ron, but you just wouldn't listen. Now you've gone too far. Attacking a retainer of House Potter, you had to know I'd have no choices."

Harry grabbed Ron by the hair, and started dragging the still slightly stunned ginger towards the Great Hall. Ron started struggling, trying to get away. Harry pulled the ginger up, punched him in the gut twice, dropping him to his knees, before dragging again.

As Harry approached the Great Hall, he raised his free hand and thrust forth, causing the doors to slam open, startling every one inside, and causing them to stare at the entrance.

Harry stormed into the Great Hall, dragging Ronald's screaming form by his hair. Lord Potter's rage was palpable, his magic flaring around him like a visible aura, eyes literally glowing green, like the Killing Curse, robes swirling in the wash of his magic. As he entered the Hall, Harry threw Ron the length of the hall, his rage and magic fueling his strength.

Ron impacted the wall above the teachers' table, and was held there by Harry's magic. All noise ceased at this display as everyone's full attention was captured.

"What is the meaning of this, Lord Potter!?" Dumbledore bellowed as he started to rise.

Harry turned his attention to the Headmaster, glowing green eyes turning to look into flashing blue "If you value your life, you will sit down, Headmaster. This no longer concerns you." Harry hissed in a voice barely above absolute zero.

Stalking forward, Harry stopped just in front of the teachers' table, and turned to face the assembled students of Hogwarts. Speaking loudly enough to be heard by everyone, Harry said "Ronald Bilius Weasley, I find thee guilty of the brutal assault of a client to My House under My Aegis. Due to the warnings thou hast received, and the severity of the assault, I sentence thee to death! Hast thou any last words before the sentence is carried out?" before turning to face Ronald.

The redhead only cried harder. Dumbledore stood, and said "Lord Potter, is this really necessary? Is it not better to forgive?"

Harry stared at Dumbledore, before replying in a flat tone, "He beat one of my retainers so badly that she was carried to the hospital wing by my Betrothed and by my Head Warrior. Forgiveness is not an option. This calls for punishment, blood cries out for blood. By the Laws laid down by Arturus and Myyrdin themselves; you have no standing, nor place in this."

Harry's glowing green eyes turned back to Ronald's form, and he began to speak, his voice echoing through the Great Hall, "There is a reason that the Dark fears the Light; that reason is exemplified by House Potter! Those that fear the Dark have forgotten what the Light can do. You shall all be reminded of this."

Harry began to incant in a strange language that most people didn't recognize. It was sibilant, guttural and yet very melodic. Dumbledore, McGonagall, and unsurprisingly, both Susan Bones and Penelope Clearwater all paled as they recognized the language if not the exact words or spell.

"Dear Merlin!" thought Dumbledore "That's Enochian, the language designed to allow Man to speak with the Angels, both Fallen and Elect. This, this is not good."

Suddenly the Great Hall was filled with a floral scent, accompanied by a crackling sound like a blazing fire. Ronald Weasley started screaming in fear as two oddly coloured lights approached, and then entered him. Seconds after the lights melded with the hateful youth's soul to judge it, two voices; one melodic, and one sibilant echoed, "HE IS GUILTY" before Ronald began to scream once more. Suddenly the scream cut off, as with a muffled 'thump', his body exploded, showering the entire Great Hall with his remains.

Though not one person had been splattered, gore coated the Great Hall as Harry turned, "Justice is MINE" said the Lord Potter, before exiting the room to join his vassals and family in the Hospital Wing in vigil for Lavender.


When Harry arrived at the Hospital Wing, he spotted his Betrothed, and his friends and retainers clustered around one of the beds. Approaching it, he saw Madam Pomphrey at Lavender's bedside, her wand moving like a ballet, weaving through the air, in a dance of diagnosis and healing. A few minutes later, the Hospital Matron slumped down onto the chair at the side of the bed, and turned to Harry.

"She should be alright now, Lord Potter." With a sigh and a shake of her head, she continued, "Whoever did this needs to be in Azkaban. Her left eye socket was shattered, both cheekbones nearly powdered, and she was missing five teeth. The bleeding was from her skin being ripped against the broken bones themselves. She won't scar, and she should make a full recovery."

Harry turned slightly and faced what appeared to be an empty patient area, before saying "Now do you think I went too far, Headmaster?" The look of shock from the other students as the Headmaster faded into view, was almost overwhelmed by the look of sadness in Dumbledore's eyes. "No, Harry; hearing this, and knowing the Potter family as I do, I do not. Whilst I might have preferred a less public setting for execution than the Great Hall, I also understand that there was a reason for it. Public trial and Public justice. I'll explain to Molly and Arthur if you like."

Harry pinched his nose, and softly said "No, I'll tell them. I owe them that much, sir, especially since Ron was a friend once. But I wouldn't turn down your company. I know Mrs. Weasley is likely to be 'upset', and your presence should help calm her, I think."

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