Saving Grace

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters in this story which are from the saga. I do own the plot line and FBIward and all his sexy muscled glory. Dreams are a wonderful thing aren't they?

Okay, so I decided to correct my mistake and actually re-post this in the format it is meant to be in…no other changes made! Hope this makes it easier to read, people!


You know those moments that define your life the most? Yeah, the moment I met her, that was one of them. I don't know for sure what happened, but I felt the spark, I felt the tug, I felt the air change, but like a coward I ignored it. My past had fucked me way too much. Fucking Tanya. I thought we had something real, something to hold on to. That is until I walked in on her fucking my partner, Laurent.

In. My. Fucking. Bed!

I mean, come on! Was she that horny or just plain stupid not to realise that I would eventually come home? She had her own apartment, but she decides to fuck him in mine instead? Yeah, you figure that one out, because I can't.

My name is Edward Anthony Cullen, Twin to Emmett Matthew Cullen, Brother to Alice Mary Cullen and son to Dr. and Mrs Carlisle Cullen. This isn't my story, but it sure as hell feels like it.

I regret every moment in those first months that I let slip by now. She's gone and all I have left are regrets and the pain of her loss. I need her back. I need to get her back and for that I have to put my life on the line.

She is the most important thing to me now. She taught me that life goes on and the past is just that; The Past. The only question now is: What do I do? I have three options –

Option 1: Let the team handle it and sit back, as my superior is telling me that I am way too emotionally invested in this
Option 2: Barge in half cocked and demand her release in exchange for my own life
Option 3: Be the agent she would want me to be and do it right

Of course, I chose option three. I just need her back. I'll do all and anything to have that and the bastards know it too. It was my own stupid fault this happened anyway. I blew it for us; I let my rage control me and all it got me was her loss. Would she pay for my mistake? Could I reach her in time to ensure she would not meet the same fate as so many other girls had done in the past?

Vengeance will be mine if she is not ok. She has to be ok. I need her, I love her. I need her like the air I breathe; she is my other half, my soul mate. She is my angel; my saving grace. She brought me back from the brink of empty rivers and endless pain. She is my world and without her, my world makes no sense.

I'm coming, baby. Hold on for me.