EPOV – Five Years Later


A little caramel haired blur cried as it flung itself at my legs, knocking me back slightly. I bent I picked up my daughter and placed kisses all over her face

"Hey Ana-bug!" I said as she wriggled in my arms

"Daddy, Momma says we go to Gramps and Nana's today" lisped my beautiful two year old

I carried her into the kitchen where I could hear my wife chiding our sons and set her down at the table next to her brothers. I walked to my Bella after dropping a kiss on both my son's heads and pulled her into me

"Hey baby" I said before I bent and kissed her lips softly

"Hey honey, you're home early" she replied as she wound her arms around my neck

"Mmhm, my beautiful wife ordered me home early to attend a family thing" I murmured against her neck where I was pressing light kisses

"Mmm…smart woman" Bella sighed and bent her neck to give me more access

"She is" I agreed

Five years of marriage and three kids had not dimmed my attraction for her. In fact it had only increased with time. Bella and I had gotten married on August 25th 2011 as planned and on December 21st our little terrors, otherwise known as Niamh Charles Cullen and Neal Mark Cullen had been born at a healthy 5lbs 4 ounces. Yes, we had twin boys, much to my mother's amusement. Niamh and Neal were good babies for the most part, but once they started to crawl that was when all the trouble started.

They got everywhere and most of the time Bella and I could not understand how in the world they managed to get in certain places. They were mischievous little souls and if they didn't look like mini-me's I would have sworn they were Emmett's kids! Both our boys had bronze crazy hair like mine and green eyes - a fact which made Bella crow with satisfaction.

Bella had gone back to the Bureau part time six months after the twins were born but she only lasted a year there. She quit just before the twins second birthday as she felt she was missing out on too much of their early days. I encouraged her and supported her. Neither of us needed to work anyhow. I left the bureau a mere five months after she did. It didn't feel the same to me anymore and it took too much of my time away from my family. As I had told her while she was in her coma, I opened up a security firm, specialising in security detail for visiting celebrities. For some reason, being near Canada meant that we got a lot of film shootings in the surrounding area, which was good for my business making it thrive and grow at a steady pace.

Bella and I had both given testimony at the trail for the Volturi and for Hayley and Carl. For the crimes they committed, Aro and Marcus got life imprisonment with no parole. Ciaus got a reduced sentence for helping me find Bella and a plea bargain. He got 12 years in prison with parole considered after 7 years. The guards all got 7 years each, with no parole. James, once he was released from hospital got 35 years for his crimes involving the Volturi and also for attempted rape and GBH of Bella. He also was not given the chance of parole.

The trial was hard on Bella as she had been seven months pregnant at the time. It had been such a high profile trial that the press had had a field day when she emerged after giving her testimony on James' case. They had twisted the truth so much and actually insinuated that the child she was carrying was James's and not mine and she had lied to me to give herself a sugar daddy. I was furious. I had contacted my lawyer immediately and he had gone to town on those bastards. We got a public apology printed and were offered $250, 000 in compensation. We took it, but we didn't use it. We set up a trust fund for Niamh and Neal and deposited the money in there. But through all of it, my Bella remained strong. Even when Becca told her that she had to go on bed rest for two weeks. She was worried about the twins' health as all the stress caused Bella's blood pressure to shoot up.

Demitri was found in a hospital in Olympia. Apparently Heidi had had him moved to protect him from Aro and James as they had threatened to kill him for allowing me to beat him up and for not realising who Bella really was. Insane, but hey, that's what they were. Their reasoning defied logic.

I had sold my apartment and Bella had put hers on rent. We lived in my apartment until the twins turned one and we realised that we needed more room. So we brought a house not far from my parents' estate. Emmett had proposed to Rose four days after the twins were born, on Christmas morning and they had married the following July. Niamh and Neal had been ring bearers and I had been Best Man, as Em had been mine. The twins looked adorable in their little tuxes and had all the women fawning over them. They lapped up the attention like sponges and my father had laughed saying they were definitely my boys. I proudly replied that they sure were as my beautiful bride pushed them down the aisle in their pushchair.

Em and Rose moved into a house four doors down from Bella and I and they too had twins a year to the date of their wedding day having conceived on their honeymoon, only they had a boy and a girl, Fraternal but no less terrors than Niamh and Neal. Em quit the bureau the same time I did and joined me in building my security firm. He and I worked our asses off that first year to get Angel Security Detail off the ground and today we had over 200 clients who used us on a regular basis. We were so successful that we opened second offices in LA, which Seth headed up, having moved back there to be with his now fiancée, Sara. We met up once every three months to catch up and compare notes. Angel Security now had 35 employees at its Seattle office and 22 at its LA offices.

Mike and Sam worked for me now as bodyguards and surprisingly enough Mike settled down with Nurse Jessica Stanley, who he had met on a visit to hospital when he got shot in the arm in the line of duty. I still didn't like Jessica as whenever I saw her she still tried to flirt with me, but I was polite enough to her.

Alice and Jasper were going strong. They had moved in together into his apartment in downtown Seattle. They were the only two of our original gang that were left working at the FBI. They said they loved it and as they had no other obligations as yet, they wanted to stay on for now. I shrugged and told them it was up to them, but whenever they were ready there would be a job for them waiting with Angel Security.

Today was the twins fourth birthday and we were celebrating with family and friends at my parent's house so Bella had asked me to come home early this morning. I had learned over our five year of marriage that when your wife asks you to do something you fucking did it, no questions asked otherwise you were sure to be cut off from your favourite thing: her body. Yeah, I had learned that early on and I had never forgotten that lesson!

Anabelle Carlie Cullen had been another surprise we hadn't expected. My little angel was born on July 14th two years after the twins and she was the light of my eye. She had caramel coloured hair, that was neither my colour nor Bella's but something in between and she had my Bella's beautiful brown eyes, complete with the gold flecks. She was my little angel just as Bella was just my angel. I called her Ana-bug as it had seemed wrong to continue calling the twins 'Bug' once we had found out they were boys. Ana had all of Bella's features, her cute button nose, her full pouty naturally red lips and her stubbornness to boot. It was why; when she had been born I had suggested the name Anabelle. She was my little Bella.

"Daddy, can Sean stay over tonight after the party?" Niamh asked

Sean was Emmett and Rose's son. Their daughter, Sierra and Sean were the best of friends with their cousins Niamh and Neal. The four of them got up to constant mischief when they were together

"You'll have to ask Uncle Em and Aunt Rose if he can, buddy. I make no promises" I replied as I popped a grape in my mouth and headed off to change out of my suit.

We arrived at my parents' house and found the entire group already there, including both sets of my grandparent and my aunts and uncles. I went round and greeted everyone as I held Ana in my arms. Both of my grandparents gushed and fawned over my daughter and just as my Bella had done, my daughter had my Grandma wrapped around her little finger within seconds. I watched in pride as Ana chattered a mile a minute with my grandma and my mother, telling them all about her day at pre school. I glanced at Bella and found her watching me with pure love shining in her eyes. I crossed the lawn towards her and wrapped my arms around her

"Having fun, baby?"

"Hmm…I seem to recall that same question asked here five years ago"

"It was and the answer had better be the same"

"It is. It always is, honey"

"I'm glad"

I leaned down and kissed her slowly, lovingly and languidly. My tongue traced her lips and even after all this time, the taste of her turned me on beyond belief. She moaned and pressed herself further into me, opening her mouth to grant me entrance as she did. I slipped my tongue in and wrapped it around hers. I felt a tug on my jeans and broke away from Bella and looked down to find my son's looking up at us with mischievous smiles on their faces. I groaned

"Ok, you two little monsters, what did you do now?" I asked fearing the answer

"EDWARD ANTHONY CULLEN!" I heard my mother scream

I spun round to find her soaking wet and covered in what looked like grape juice. I gaped at her and then spun back to face my son's, narrowing my eyes. I could hear our entire family laughing behind me. My son's both smiled wider and held up their water guns which looked like they were filled with grape juice

"Niamh Charles and Neal Mark, what have you done?" I growled at them, though I was trying to keep a straight myself

My beautiful wife was shaking with silent laughter beside me, holding onto my arm for support

"Your son's doused me in grape juice, Edward. Grape juice! At least you and Emmett used water when you were their age!" mom screamed at me

"Niamh, Neal, apologise to Nana" I said pointed to my mother

I watched as my two boys ran off and flung themselves at my mother and apologised, giving her a sweet smile. I turned and buried my face in Bella's neck, shaking with my own laughter. Bella stroked my hair as she tried to calm her own laughter

"Boys will be boys" she said in my ear

"They will. I feel sorry for the teachers" I replied, still chuckling

"Hmm…what would you say to another baby?" Bella asked

My head snapped up and I looked at her, searching her eyes

"Baby?" I whispered

"Another one?" she questioned

A wide smile started to spread across my face

"I would say: Hell Yes!" I cried

"It's a good thing I'm pregnant already then, isn't it?" Bella whispered

I whopped and picked her up, spinning her around in a circle before setting her down gently and kissing her hard

"Really?" I asked hopefully

"Yes, Edward, really. I'm two months pregnant"

I kissed her again, this time long and slow before pulling back and resting my forehead on hers

"I love you baby"

"I love you honey"

What started out as a torturous time in my life, turned into the best thing I had ever had and I would forever be thankful for the day my angel walked into my life. My Bella, My love, My Life, My World, My Everything. Always.

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