The Surfer came to consciousness. His first thoughts were for great Eternity. Had he who was the embodiment of the Universe met with a similar fate? Jumping off from the Infinity Platform to end up in whatever existed before time began?

The Surfer seemed just barely aware of his surroundings. Wherever he was, the noble one was not in total darkness. A few mystical fires burned on a small planetoid just ahead of him.

Though apart from the planetoid, the Surfer detected no stars or other celestial bodies. More the Surfer sensed no strength in the mystical fires and that they would soon die.

Realization dawned on the cosmic enforcer as he came to full consciousness. He had managed to make the jump back into time. But just barely. He was present a few moments before Time's End. It was in some ways a more truly desolate, more dismal place than the nothingness that is all that exists after the End Time.

In the darkness beyond the other side of the planetoid, the last surviving celestial body, the Silver Surfer saw the Dark Fate once again facing down Time's Guardian. As they had faced each other once before.

It was now a matter of historical record that the Multiverse had survived that first battle at what might have been Time's End. That the then defeated Time's Guardian had with one last throw of the dice called forth a champion, a proud warrior god, to take his place. To become de facto Time's Guardian. That champion becoming as one with the greatest time storm ever created (greater even than anything in the Time Wars) had held sway even against the Dark Fate. Stopping and reversing the seemingly inevitable plunge into End Time.

Yet the Surfer knew that this was different. That Fate was stronger now and that he who was Time's Guardian weaker than they had been in the first battle of the End Time.

The Dark Fate looked across at the Silver Surfer with just a hint of surprise and concern, yet, locked in a death embrace with Time's Guardian, his attention was elsewhere.

"Do it Surfer," called out an exhausted Time's Guardian, "do it now."

Instinctively the Silver Surfer knew. The power the sheer force of the energy surge would have made even the great Galactus proud as the torrential waves of the power cosmic pushed Times Guardian and the Dark Fate over into the End Time and beyond. Still locked in their death embrace.

Before the combatants passed over the end time horizon, a surge of godly energies came back to the Surfer. He felt the synergistic effect as those energies combined with his own power cosmic. A feeling he hadn't experienced since long, long ago when he and Odin the Almighty had joined together to assist Beta Ray Bill. Though this feeling was far greater still and the transfer was permanent.

With the Dark Fate gone and no longer fuelling the Multiverse's inexorable march into the End Time, the Silver Surfer summoned his own time storm. It was a relatively simple matter now, for the Silver Surfer, no stranger to time storms himself, to stop and reverse the march into End Time. Even mightier, as he now was, the Silver Surfer still sensed something assisting his time storm.

When it was all over the Surfer paused for a moment. Wondering how he managed to come back from beyond time. Whether he had done it himself, or the Infinity Platform had overcome the Dark Fate's mystical programming of it, or Time's Guardian had brought him forth. Most likely a combination of all three.

"The mighty Thor is gone," the Surfer heard himself say sadly "and mighty mjolnir with him, Time's Guardian is no more."

"The once Lord of Asgard's sacrifice was not in vain Surfer," came the friendly voice of Eternity, "see the stars, even now, returning to the heavens."

The Surfer was pleased and comforted to see his old friend. He had just lost one old friend but it was as if he had regained another. He realized that to one such as Eternity – even the Infinity Platform transporting him to before the beginning of time was only a minor inconvenience. He knew, also, that it was great Eternity himself who had helped him with the time storm making it even greater.

"Do you not know it Surfer?" said Eternity not unkindly but solemnly and with a subtle indication of respect. "There has been a changing of the guard, you are it now, you are Time's Guardian."

The Surfer knew it was so.

"Come great Eternity," said the Silver Surfer "we have some adjustments to make to the Infinity Platform."