If some of the names seem unfamiliar, these are the characters from the novel version of Divine Blood. You can find some of them in the writings on my deviantart account.


"So, you're Gilgamesh," Lilitu Geisthexe said doubtfully, lighting up a cigarette.

"That's correct," the blonde Heroic Spirit noted.


"The Oldest King," Lilitu asked. "And supposedly the First of the Heroes?"

"Hey," the blonde Demoness said. "What's the oldest human hero we know about."

"That would be Wuindoh, a soldier of Mu who actually managed to kill three of the Enki during the days of the First Fall of Man," Moloch noted. "There were probably others before that."

"Right, that was, around 100,000 years ago, right?" Lilitu asked. "And Gilgamesh was in one of those post-apocalyptic city states after the Third Fall, right?"

"Fifth king of Urek in Sumer," Moloch noted.

"Fifth king, right, can't be the oldest king then," Lilitu noted. "For that matter I was born eight hundred years before Gilgamesh was. How about you?"

"I'm about ten thousand years older than Sumer," the man noted with a shrug.

"Why you little..." Gilgamesh fumed. "Who do you think you are?"

"Moloch Baal, second tier, Demon of the Sun," the male Demon noted calmly, drawing a sharp, surprised and cautious look from the Heroic Spirit.

"Lilitu Geisthexe, first tier, Demoness of Smoke," the woman noted with a broad smile.

"And what exactly does first tier supposed to mean to me?" Gilgamesh asked.

Lilitu smiled.

*sometime later*

"Something strange today," the newscaster was saying. "But for a period of about thirty seconds, it seemed as if there wasn't the faintest trace of smoke at all in the world."

"Well, there was one place," the second anchor noted. "Apparently a smoke cloud thick enough to literally by cut by a knife was found with an annoying blonde man encased inside."


A soot covered and blackened Gilgamesh felt his eye twitching as he considered what he'd do the next time he saw the two supposed Demons.


"Behold you little upstart!" Gilgamesh shouted. "The Gates of Babylon!"

A swarm of swords, spears, axes and other weapons streamed down from on towards the small, black-haired woman dressed in black tactical gear. Suddenly, all the green marks on her face started to glow and each and every blade in the stream of weapons coming down on her stopped short and proceded to knock away every other attack heading her way before turning back towards Gilgamesh.

"HiFu Ichi," the woman said. "Ainur of Blades."

Gilgamesh's face burned with a bright, angry red.

"How dare you!"


"Do my eyes deceive me or is this a fake copy of my sword Durandal?" Gilgamesh demanded.

"Ah, you recognize those design elements?" Susano'O asked. "Yeah, I studied Hephaestus's design on that. But THIS incorporates some dvergar designs from back before the Purges and I got an idea talking to one of the Ainur about metallurgy. This will be a great Rune."

"Bah it's just a copy, a derivation, a fake," the heroic spirit noted.

"Pfft, what, you think we make something cool and then decide, 'well that's it, never anything better than this?" the annoying Dark God asked.

"Please, you take the old stuff..."

"...old stuff?"

"...Check out the flaws..."


"...and then you got something even better!"


"Now, if you really want a unique, one-of-a-kind awesome sword that no one's ever improved on," Susano'O noted. "There's always Excalibur."

Gilgamesh briefly wondered whether or not Heroic Spirits could have anuerysms.


"Behold the Gates of Babylon in your last moments!" Gilgamesh shouted as he unleashed a vast, swarming rain of swords down upon the tall, sharp-toothed green-haired girl with red-facial marks below him.

"Ha! A violent..." the girl swept her arms causing the assault to twist to the side around her, "...tulmultuous..." the swords swept around her, almost orbiting the girl, "...overwhelming flow!"

"You little thief, return my treasures!"

"All right here they come, courtesy of Naiki Semezou, Demoness of Torrent!"

And the swords went back to Gilgamesh.


This time it was just an nearly albino girl with red eyes, long black hair and blue facial marks. He was going to paste one of these upstarts sooner or later and maybe best to start with this sister of that green-haired menace. There was a black...light of some kind surrounding her, but he paid it no mind.

"Behold the Gate..."

The girl turned to face him, raised her hand and suddenly he felt his body disintegrate as he was cast backwards into the spirit world by one of the most talented death seers of the DisPater family, Eija Semezou Goddess of Blood.



First snippet:

Yes, Lilitu COULD do that, but not quick enough to survive fighting Gilgamesh. First tier or not, she's a spy not a warrior and her channelling is relatively weak. Plus it is way too attention getting for her liking. Granted, Moloch might be able to handle Gilgamesh.

Second snippet:

Hifu could screw with Gilgamesh due to her affinity for blades, but would likely lose. She doesn't have the experience or power really. Even post ascension.

Third snippet:
Actually, Susano'O would be certain that his swords are the greatest ever, even if he wasn't currently an annoying twelve year old. Also, Excalibur is only one of a kind, because while Excalibur was a success, the other attempted twenty-nine blades on the same design theory failed miserably.

Nobody's thought it worth it to go back to the drawing board on the idea of sword-shaped familiars that have the mind bonding capability of companions and Excalibur it self is lost.

Still, the concept of copies being inherently watered down versions of the original would be a "what the hell are you talking about" thing for Divine Blood people.

Fourth snippet:
actually...Naiki could pull that off...

Fifth snippet:
A friend of mine tells me that Heroic Spirits fall within Eija's "Dead Enough" range when it comes to exorcising them, but I doubt it would be so easy as that. Plus, all she can do is dissipate him.