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Find the Way

Chapter I

"Where's Sirius?" Harry demanded, clutching his wand tightly. He and his friends were in the Department of Mysteries on a rescue mission to save Sirius when a bunch of Death Eaters appeared, with Lucius Malfoy as their leader.

"You know, you really should learn to tell the difference between dreams and reality." Lucius drawled. "You only saw what the Dark Lord wanted you to see. Now hand me the prophecy."

"You do anything to us and I'll break it." He threatened. Harry was feeling dread now. If what Lucius said was true then Voldemort had tricked him into coming to the Ministry of Magic. He had led his friends here! The horrible image of Cedric Diggory's dead body surfaced. Oh no!

"He knows how to play! Itty, bitty, baby, Potter!" A new voice which belonged to Bellatrix Lestrange interrupted them. The mad woman looked at them and stopped at Neville. "Neville Longbottom is it? How's mum and dad?" she mocked.

"Better now that they're about to be avenged." Neville looked like he was ready to attack her but Harry prevented him.

"All we want is that prophecy." Lucius said.

"Why did Voldemort need me to come and get this?" He asked, trying his best to prolong things while thinking how to lead them alive out of there.

"You dare speak his name? You filthy half-blood!" Bellatrix screeched.

Harry wanted to laugh at the irony of that statement. Wasn't Voldemort himself a half blood too? And yet these fanatic pureblood were willing to kiss the hem of his robe.

"It's alright, he's just a curious lad, aren't you? Prophecies can only be retrieved by those about whom they are made about. Which is lucky for you, really. Haven't you always wondered what was the reason behind the connection between you and the Dark Lord? Why he was unable to kill you when you were just an infant? Don't you want to know the secret of your scar? All the answers are there, Potter, in your hand. All you have to do is give it to me, and I can show you everything." Lucius said.

Harry was aware that the other Death Eaters had surrounded them. "I waited 14 years."

"I know."

"Guess I can wait a little longer. Now!" he shouted.


On Harry's signal, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville cast the spell, making the Death Eaters separate. They used the opportunity to run away. Harry didn't know where he ran to until he entered a long, rectangular room that was filled with a beautiful, dancing light that sparkled like gems.

"This is amazing," Hermione said, looking at everything in awe. She had followed him there.

All kinds of time related devices completely filled the chamber, such as clocks of every description, and Time-Turners. It also contained a large crystal bell jar at its far end, from which the sparking light comes. Inside it, anything would grow increasingly younger, to its pre-life state, be re-born to grow older, and cycle through endlessly.

"Indeed." A cultured voice said and Harry spun around in shock.

It was Lucius Malfoy. "Give me the prophecy now, Potter."

"Stupefy!" Hermione shouted.

Unfortunately, the spell missed and hit the mirror next to him and Lucius. The mirror shattered and there was a flash a bright light. It was the last thing Harry remembered.


It was soft and warm. Harry turned over in his bed. What? He jerked awake. The last thing he remembered that he was in the Department of Mysteries, fighting Death Eaters. What had happened? Where was he? It was then Harry realized that he was naked. Not only naked, but naked in bed with other person who was none other than Lucius bloody Malfoy. His scream probably could be heard kilometers away.

His scream also woke up the sleeping man. Lucius instantly became alarmed at the whole unknown environment. "Where are we?" the man demanded, ignoring the fact that he was stark naked. He looked like he was going to kill Harry, wand or no wand.

"And what happen to you?"

"What do you mean by that?" he asked.

Lucius sneered. "If it escape you Potter. You have grown twenty years since the last time we saw each other which is only a seconds ago."

Harry frowned. What did Lucius mean by that? The man himself hadn't changed at all. He looked around and found a mirror on the wall. But, before that, he needed to find clothes. He found then right away since it was folded neatly next to bed. Trying his best to ignore Lucius' presence, he donned the clothes and walked away.

"Bloody hell!" he cursed loudly once he saw his reflection. For the person looking back at him was clearly an adult version of his body. With the same green bottle eyes, short black hair but minus the eyeglasses. Wait a minute! Since when he could see clearly without eyeglasses? And he was quite tall too. He was too engrossed in his thoughts to notice that Lucius had come closer to him. It was already too late since Lucius had his wand pointed at his head.

"My my," Lucius smirked cruelly. "Look at this. The Boy Who Lived at my mercy. What shall I do then? Shall I bring you back to the Dark Lord? Or shall I kill you here?"

"I wouldn't suggest that."

A new voice interrupted them and both Harry and Lucius turned to the intruder. Harry's eyes widened in shock. There, next to the door, stood a woman who was clearly an adult version of his best friend. "Hermione?" he whispered.

She smiled. "Hello Harry, Lucius."

"Hermione, is that you?" he asked, confused. "What is going on here? And why are you so...old?"

"Well, I have to say that you're as old as me now actually." She replied. "I know that both of you must very confused now. So I'll explain what has happened." She took a deep breath and said. "You're in future now. Twenty five years after we crashed the Department of Mysteries."

"What?" Harry exclaimed. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Lucius didn't fare better. The man's face was contorted in fury. "Do not lie to me, mudblood! Speak the truth or I shall kill you!"

"Don't call Hermione that!" he snapped angrily.

Ignoring the threat, she continued. "Do you remember the mirror that I accidentally broke in the room of time?"

Harry nodded, feeling sudden dread.

"It's a Mirror of Future. The item is used to glimpse into our future. However, by breaking it the power the mirror contained was let loose and transported both of you into your future. Your soul at least, not your body. And until the effect is gone, you'll remain in the future."

"But-but…" Harry tried to protest.

Hermione eyes the wand next to her best friend's temple and said. "Put your wand away, Lucius. You don't want something to happen to Harry."

"And why is that?" Lucius sneered.

"Because both of you are married with three children." She dropped the bomb.

"What?" Harrry shrieked.

"Harry, you do realize that you wake up in the same bed with Lucius this morning, don't you?" Hermione asked, sounding amused. "And this is your bedroom, in your house in Godric Hollow." She emphasized.

Harry thought he was going to faint. He was married to Lucius Malfoy in the future? The man who had tried, numerous times, to kill him before. How was that possible? The news was much more shocking than when Hagrid told him that he was a wizard. "I-I think I need to sit down," he mumbled out, looking alarmingly pale. Thankfully, there was couch next to him and he flopped down.

"What in the world is going on here?" Lucius drawled angrily.

"Put that wand away," Hermione said calmly.

After the staring contest, Lucius finally relented. He could always kill the mudblood later. But now he needed to find the truth. Him, married to Potter? That was ridiculous! But then again, the woman was mudblood. What did you expect from them?

"Twenty five years ago," she began. "I sent stunner to help you but it accidentally broke the Mirror of Future. The power it released sent both of you to your future. And you'll stay here until the effect fades away."

Harry already pale face went even paler at the news.

"But you don't need to worry. In one week you both'll return to the past."

"Really?" he brightened a bit.

"And how you can be sure about it?" Lucius asked.

"Because that's what exactly happened. You see, Harry, while you and Lucius traveled into the future for seven days for me only a few seconds past. After the bright light I saw both of you staring at each other with strange expression. Imagine my surprise that both of you, who only a moment ago tried to kill each other, began talked civilly before parting ways. You dragged me to find our friends and Lucius went to catch all the Death Eater who infiltrated the Ministry of Magic."

"What?" Two shocked person said in the same time.

Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard. Hermione's story was getting more bizarre than before. And he was supposed to believe in this?

Lucius, on the other hand, couldn't believe how absurd her story was. He was their leader. The Dark Lord trusted him to obtain the prophecy. Why would he betray the Dark Lord and caught his fellow Death Eaters?

"Then Voldemort showed up. He tried to kill you but his wand backfired and killed him instead. And you, Harry, became the Savior of Wizarding World again."

"Voldemort is dead?" Harry asked in whisper.

"Yes," she confirmed.

"That's great!" he exclaimed.

"The Death Eaters Lucius caught were send to Azkaban and got Kissed." She continued. "Lucius himself was freed because he said that he came to help you and you supported his idea."

"I must have gone mad," Harry muttered. Why would he do that? Lucius Malfoy should be thrown into the deepest pit of Azkaban in his opinion.

"After that, we went back to Hogwarts. School began at usual and you started corresponding with Lucius. After we graduated, you entered Auror training. At the same time, Lucius divorced his wife and both of you officially started dating."

Harry gaped at her. Lucius expression didn't differ much.

"It was at that time you tell me the truth. About your journey to the future and about how you have me as your guide. I was skeptical at first but you managed to convince me. When you graduated from Auror training, you both are married."

And for the first time, Harry noticed the white gold ring on his finger. He lifted his hand to inspect it. The ring was a simple one. No diamond or other precious stone. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Lucius was doing the same.

"There are words carved here," the man said and then muttered strings of Latin words that Harry didn't understand. But Lucius apparently did because the man cursed later.

Harry saw that his ring, also, had Latin words carved on its surface.

"It means 'I am my beloved and my beloved is mine'," Hermione explained, seeing his puzzled expression. "Lucius gave you the ring when he proposed."

"What?" he spluttered. It became his favorite word today apparently.

"I shall never do that," Lucius drawled in finality, eyeing Harry like the dirt under his shoes.

"You will in the future," Hermione said as matter of factly before continuing her explanation. "A year later, you have your first son."

"You must be joking! Men can't get pregnant!" he protested.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Don't be silly, Harry. Of course man can't get pregnant. James, Al and Lily were born using a surrogate mother. Then Lucius blood adopted them all so you both are truly their parents."

"Oh." He said. A child. He had a children. Three of them, in fact. Harry couldn't really grasp the fact yet. All in his life he always wanted a family of his own. And if Hermione was to be trusted then now he finally had it!

Hermione softened at his expression. She knew what Harry was thinking. "Your oldest child, James Sirius Potter, is now in his seventh year in Hogwarts. He is Head Boy and also Captain of Gryffindor Quidditch Team. He plays Chaser."

"James Sirius Potter..." Harry muttered the name of his supposed oldest child. "I named him after my father and godfather."

"He is quite a prankster." Hermione said, smiling. "Your second child," she continued. "Albus Severus Potter, is named after Dumbledore and Snape."

"No son of mine is going to be named after Dumbledore!" Lucius said, outraged. "And what is it with Severus?"

"What?" Harry shrieked. "Snape? Why the hell I named my son after Snape?"

"Explain that!" Lucius ordered.

"Snape was trying to protect you all this time." Hermione said. "He was best friend with your mother. You will understand this later. But you're grateful and named Al after him."

Harry gaped at Hermione. He was still reeling from the revelation. She was joking, right? Snape, the man who probably hated him the most after Voldermort was actually trying to protect him?

"I knew he was traitor," Lucius drawled.

Harry snorted which earned him death glare from Lucius.

"Al, as we all call him, is now in his fifth year. He is a Captain of Slytherin Quidditch team. He is Seeker too, just like you Harry."

"Potter's son is in Slytherin? That's unheard for." Lucius drawled, quite surprised at that.

Harry wasn't surprised at all actually. The Sorting Hat wanted to put him in Slytherin after all.

Hermione sighed. "He's your son too, Lucius."

"That remains to be seen." Lucius said arrogantly.

"Your youngest child, Lily Luna Potter, is in her third year. She is Chaser for Gryffindor Quidditch team." And then she dropped another bomb. "And they all will be home for Christmas holiday in four days."

Harry looked at her, horrified. The truth was, he truly wanted to meet his children. But he was only a fifteen year old Harry Potter at the moment! He wasn't the father they knew yet!

"We've arranged it actually," Hermione said, trying to assure him.

"Both of you have a few days to learn about the future and how to act like you normally do. Today is December 19th, the children will be home at December 22th and on Christmas Eve, both of you will go back to the past."

"How could you know about this?" Harry asked.

"Because you told me so. You see, Harry, everything that happened, happened because you traveled to the future. It's you who made it into reality. Both of you saw your life in the future and chose to make it happen."

"But what about my job? I'm still an Auror, right?"

"Head of Auror actually. You've taken your holiday leave so you don't need to show up at Auror office. And during holiday season, the children are too distracted to pay attention. It'll be alright. Don't worry about it. This already happen, remember?"

"And what about my family?" Lucius suddenly asked.

"Draco married Astoria Greengrass and they had one son, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. He's Al's best friend." Hermione replied. "Narcissa is married to Sebastian Demarchiel now. You have family pictures there." She pointed the fireplace in the opposite of the room.

Simultaneously, Harry and Lucius got up from the couch and walked towards the fireplace. Like Hermione had said, there were many frames there. Harry took one of them with shaking hands. There, on the pictures, were him, Lucius, and three children. To his surprise, the picture had color.

"Colin and Dennis' doing," Hermione explained, as if reading his mind. She had followed them there.

Harry looked at the picture again. The oldest child there, who had black hair and grey eyes, was grinning mischievously. He must be James Sirius Potter. Next to James, stood a boy, also with black hair but with Harry's green eyes. He must be Al. The boy looked like Harry so much that there was no doubt that Harry was the father. The last child was a gorgeous girl with blond hair and green eyes. The hair that she got from Lucius for no doubt.

"It was taken during the last summer holiday," Hermione said.

There were still many other pictures. Either it was him with Lucius or both of him and Lucius with the children or the children alone. All portrayed them as one happy family. Harry swallowed. But how could that happen while Lucius was Voldemort's follower? How came they got together and had children? Then he remembered what Hermione had said. 'Both of you saw your life in the future and chose to make it happen. It's you who made it into reality.'

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