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Find the Way

Chapter V

The station didn't change at all. The situation, the train… what changed was the people. The majority of the people there were the older version of his school mates at Hogwarts.


He turned around. "Hermione!" he said in relief.

"Alright, mate?" Next to Hermione, was the older version of Ron Weasley.

"Yeah," he muttered.

"Lucius," Hermione greeted. Ron, Harry saw, merely nodded at the man.

Lucius nodded but he didn't say anything in return.

"Well, let's find the kids then," Ron said.

Lucius Malfoy sneered inwardly. Not only the mudblood but now the blood traitor was there too? What in the world was coming next? Despite everything that had been said, Lucius longed to return to the past, where everything was normal.

"There they are!" Weasley shouted, making a beeline to the large crowds gathered near the train. Most of the people in the crowds had red hair, courtesy of the Weasley's. Merlin, did he really have to join them?

"Sirius!" Potter shouted next to him and almost ran to hug his godfather. What was he? A five year old boy?

"I'm so glad to see you here," Potter said.

Black laughed out loud. "Glad to know that my godson still miss his godfather." Black turned his attention to him then. "Lucius."

"Sirius," He drawled. Did his marriage to Potter make Black as his sort of godfather in law? That was so disgusting.


Lucius stared down in shock at the blond haired girl who dared to hug him. The said girl lifted her head, revealing gorgeous face and a pair of green eyes which belonged to Potter. This must be Lily Luna Potter, his youngest child, known for her eccentric personality.

"Hello Daddy Two, miss you!" she said, grinning mischievously.

Black barked out another laugh. Lucius resisted the urge to cast killing curse at the man and also at his own daughter for the impudent nickname.

"Nice nickname, Lily!" Black said, still laughing.

Lily let go off him and went to hug Potter. "I miss you too Daddy One."

How the hell Potter was Daddy One and he was Daddy Two? If anything he should be Daddy One. Merlin beard! Lucius couldn't believe what he had just thought. Had he lose his mind?

Potter hugged his daughter tightly. "I miss you too Lily." And he looked like about to cry.

Lily hugged Black the next. "That's because Daddy One is the boss. Everyone knows so," she nodded.

Lucius was outraged. Potter wasn't the boss. He was!

"Hi Father, Dad."

From behind Lily, came another teen who looked like young version Sirius Black with black hair and grey eyes even though Lucius knew that the eyes came from him.

Potter as expected, went to hug his spawn.

"Uh…miss you too Dad," James Sirius Potter muttered. "But could you please let go now? People are looking."

Laughing, Potter let go off his oldest son.

"Where is Al?" Black asked.

"He is behind us," James replied. "There he is."

Sure it was, walking towards them was none other than Albus Severus Potter.

Smiling broadly, Al hugged him and then hugged Potter.

"Father," a deep voice called and Lucius turned around to look at the older version of his son.

"Draco," he said. Lucius was relieved that Draco looked well. From what he knew, Draco and his wife and son now lived at Malfoy manor.

"Lucius," Astoria greeted his father in law.

"Grandfather." Now, this must be Scorpius Malfoy, his grandson. Scorpius looked like a softer version of Draco.

Draco looked at Potter's children and Potter. "Hello Harry, James, Al and Lily."

"Draco," Potter said.

The situation couldn't be weirder. There he was with Potter and his three children and Draco with his wife and son. A few days ago he only had one child. A fifteen year old son and now he had fifteen year old grandson and thirteen year old daughter. And speaking of which, Draco seemed to accept his situation with Potter.

"Are you ready for NEWTS, James?" Draco asked.

"Absolutely," James replied, grinning. His son now was chatting with James about his application to Auror Academy while Scorpius chatted with Albus. The situation was surreal.

"Hiya Harry!" Ron and Hermione had joined them with their children.

Harry looked at the children. These were Ron and Hermione's children, Rose and Hugo Weasley.

"Hi Uncle Harry!" Rose Weasley said before she went to join Scorpius and Al.

The girl better not calling him Uncle or Lucius wouldn't be held responsible for his action. Thankfully he had Draco to accompany him. They stood there for a few minutes before Draco bid goodbye to them. Then another Weasleys came to bid goodbye the next, and another Weasleys, and another Weasleys until Lucius thought he was going to berserk if another Weasleys showed up.

Not only the Weasleys, Lucius had to suffer the Longbottoms too. Neville Longbottom, while a Hogwarts professor actually turned up at the station with his wife to pick their children. After that, the weird blond woman whom Lucius recognized as Luna Lovegood made appearance with her husband and children. Potter, undoubtedly was in heaven.

"Let's go home, shall we?" Albus suggested suddenly.

"Yeah," Lily cheered.

Together, they walked to the parking lot. Much to Lucius' annoyance, Black came with them.

During the way to Godric County, Black and the children talked enthusiastically with Potter chimed in now and then. Potter seemed amazed by the fact that he had three children and couldn't take his sight off of them.

The ungrateful Black stayed for dinner, continuing to entertain the children and also Potter, the child in adult body. Lucius was relieved when the dinner was over. It was overwhelming. Malfoy manor was a quiet place and Draco was never a loud child. At least, not when he Lucius was present. But now, the children and Black's chatter was proving to be too much. How could he stand it in the future? Maybe he was used to it that he had developed resistance. But Lucius had to admit that it provided him with opportunity to observe his supposed children.

The dinner was over and Black went back to his house. Then the children also went to their respective rooms, leaving Lucius alone with Potter. The other man still had goofy grin on his face. No doubt that came from the fact that the future turned out to be too good. He sneered at Potter and turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Potter cried out.

"My study," he replied, annoyed.

"Oh," Potter muttered. Thankfully Potter didn't follow him.

He just sat in his chair when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," he said.

It was Albus Potter. Lucius wondered what the boy wanted. "Have a seat, Al," he said.

"Thank you, Father." Albus Potter replied. His father didn't look any different.

Lucius sat there and looked at him, waiting for him to begin.

"I wish to discuss something with you. It's about you and dad's stay here in the future." He said, dropping the bomb.

"And what do you mean by that?" Lucius drawled. To his credit, Lucius' expression didn't change at all.

"I mean exactly like I said." He replied. "I'm not your favorite child for nothing Father."

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