Denying is...

BY: Kozato Enma00 and misa-chan46

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It was one funny sunny morning for a lavander haired girl named Hotaru Imai and her ever so cheerful brunette best friend, Mikan Sakura.
They were both lazily arguing about random topics when a shadow got in the way of Mikan's sunlight. It was Natsume

Natsume's raven hair covered his ruby red orbs. His ruby eyes behind his silky soft hair were lazily staring at Mikan. Mikan only tilted her head until Natsume hissed, "Get out of the way polka dots, you're blocking my spot."

Mikan blew the rude attitude off. She was already sixteen; she was far too old and was used to it by now. The name-calling however, ruined her stereotypic perfect sunny morning.

"Why Natsume you pervert! You never change do you?" Mikan complained loudly with a pout.

Natsume covered his ears and looked away, "Shut up little girl, you're making my ears bleed". With that, the two started arguing like they do in the old days.

Hotaru took one look at the couple, yawned, and stood up. She checked her watch and found out that it was far too early to be bothered, and therefore left.

"You disgusting pervert! How dare you bring that subject up again? Hmph!" Mikan said, pouting a little bit more and folding her arms across her chest.

Damn it. She just looks too cute not to be messed with , Natsume thought, his lips forming a small smile.

The blonde behind Natsume sighed, he stroked his bunny's soft white fur. He chuckled silently at the couple and took his leave as well, for he didn't want to be a third wheel in the two's 'sweet and loving' argument.

"Why wouldn't I, polka dots? You're just too... sickeningly cheerful not to be annoyed and-"


Natsume and Mikan paid no attention to this.

"OI. YOU BICKERING IDIOTS. GET BACK TO YOUR CLASSROOMS. YOU'RE LATE." Natsume stopped talking and sighed. "We'll get back to class, so shut up already Tsubasa."

Mikan clung on to Tsubasa at the moment she saw him, "Waaaaaaaah! Tsubasa-senpai! Natsume is being mean!"

"Natsume. Stay behind after class, I need to talk to you about something. Go back to your classes." Tsubasa said, a smirk on his lips.

Natsume 'hn'ed and decided to walk away. At the moment Natsume was totally out of sight, Tsubasa wiped the beads of sweat rolling down his forehead, 'Phew...I must have made him too angry.'

And Mikan was left alone. "Guys? Hey, guys? Don't leave me here!" she yelled, running after Natsume.

Natsume looked back with an angry face, "Why bother running after me? Why not just run after that shadow bastard instead?" he icily spoke. There was no need denying it. He was certainly jealous.

Why am I jealous though? He never said anything , well, he did have that look on his face as if he was about to devour her, and he looked at her in a way as if a long wait was done; damn it, was he waiting for her to age? Why am I thinking about this, anyway? , he thought, contemplating on recent events.

A grin appeared on Mikan's face as soon as she saw Natsume's disturbed facial expression, "You're jealous, aren't you Natsume?"

This caught Natsume off guard.


"I said, you're jealous, aren't you?" she said, confirmation seen in her eyes.

Natsume might have not denied in his heart, but in his word, he is denying with all his strength, "No I'm not. What gave you such idea?"

"Nothing. Let's just go back to class already!" Mikan said, her usual cheery self showing again.

When Natsume starting walking, however, she mumbled under her breath. "That sneaky sneaky little liar is going down!"

As they walked, Natsume glanced at Mikan and muttered to himself, "I shouldn't keep my guard down around that polka dots..."

Much to Natsume's dismay, Mikan had slyly led him to the Dangerous Ability Class only to see that their teacher, Persona and Nobara Ibaragi sharing a sweet and fluffy moment.

"Hey pandas, maybe we should leave." Natsume suggested, Mikan nodded.

When they were finally walking Mikan stopped dead tracked after she just realized what Natsume had called her, "WHY YOU PERVERT!" Natsume covered his ears, "I can't believe you're still wearing those panties after 6 years..."


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