Cross-over Fights 2

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel.

One Shot

Deadpool grinned as he teleported into the Batcave,

"Sweet, this author is finally using me more often!"

Batman, the Dark Knight, spun around, glaring,

"How did you get in here?"

Wade was stunned,

"Holy Batcave! It's Batman!"
He asked,

"Say, you think I could borrow the Batmobile for a while? It really picks up the chicks!"

Batman had no idea of who this man was, and how he got in here, but, the point was Deadpool was here, and he had to be stopped.

Deadpool looked up at the above sentenced and laughed,

"Yeah, right. Batman stop me? Seriously, who does he think he is, Wolverine?"

Batman tried to land a punch, but Deadpool dropped down and swept underneath the Dark Knight's legs,

"Hah! One point!"

Batman, while down, threw a flash Bat-arang at Deadpool, temporarily blinding him. Deadpool covered his eyes and screamed,

"AAHH! Bitch!"

He blinked,

"Oh, come on! Seriously, the author has to reference The Cleveland Show! Couldn't he have at least referenced Family Guy or something?"

Batman had no idea who the Merc-with-a-Mouth was talking to, or about, but, it was safe to say that Deadpool was about as insane as the Joker.

Deadpool added,

"And I so do not do make-up."

He pulled out a pair of sub-machine guns and began spraying the Batcave with bullets. Batman took cover, tossing several Bat-arangs, in an attempt to disarm the psychotic mercenary.

Deadpool's guns were destroyed because of the Bat-arangs, and he said,

"Oh, now you've done it! No one messes with my friends Smith and Wesson and get away with it!"

He unsheathed his swords and shouted,

The mercenary blinked,

"Seriously? That's the battle cry you gave me."

He paused for a moment and tapped his foot,

"I'm waiting for a better battle cry."

An idea hit him,

"I got one. I HAVE THE POWER!"

He rolled his eyes,

"Ok, dude. You seriously have to-."

Just then, Batman did a power kick, flattening Deadpool onto the ground. Of course, the impact caused Deadpool's neck to be twisted around inhumanly. Deadpool stood up, readjusted his neck and head into a normal position, and glared,

"Hey, I was in the middle of a rant with the author of this crap! The least you could do is let me finish!"

He dove at Batman and the two began close quarters fighting. Deadpool slipped around and shouted,

He pulled Batman's underwear over his head, and the Dark Knight was temporarily incapacitated, as he felt a sharp kick in the face. Momentarily down for the count, Deadpool decided to seize this opportunity as he said,

"Sweet, I'm in the Bat-cave. I wonder what sort of toys I could play with."

He then noticed the shiny new Batmobile and he grinned like a kid getting candy,

"Oh, this is going to be sweet indeed."

He dove into the Batmobile and fired up the engine. In moments, he slammed the accelerator and took off. Deadpool began laughing,

"Oh, yeah! Who's the man? I am!"

Alas, it was not meant for Deadpool to enjoy the Batmobile. Deadpool looked up,

"What the hell? What do you mean?"

Deadpool suddenly crashed into the Batcomputer, as he had forgotten to turn into the direction of the exit. Deadpool crawled out of the wrecked Batmobile and groaned,

"Oh, this sucks! That car was a complete chick magnet."

He pouted,

"Now, I'm bored playing. I'm going home and eating chimichangas."

With that, he teleported away.

It would take Batman weeks to recover from the wedgie attack, and no one would believe that a fourth-wall breaking madman had done this much damage.

Deadpool came out and smiled underneath his mask,

"Good night everybody! And remember, everyone loves somebody, and I love all of you!"

End of One Shot