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Story Line- Bella and her best friend Annabel have just moved to La-Push, Bella is Jared's younger sister but hasn't spoken to Jared since he shipped her off to a boarding school in England after their parents and Bella's twin sister were murdered less than one year ago. Bella still grieving over the death of her family has come back with Annabel to escape her terrible past in England. Jared is still grieving over the death for his family as well, he imprinted on Kim and she has helped him though the pain, the reason why he sent Bella away is unknown to her for now. But when Bella meets Sam she feels a pull to him, could this be the beginning of a beautiful romance? But something evil threatens Bella's new life, can she face her past with the help of the pack, Annabel. Can they keep her safe?

Pack members that have phased (bold) and Imprints (normal)


Quil/ Clare



Bella Pro

'Are you ready for this Bella?' Annabel asks me.

I'm Bella Swan, sister to Jared Swan, mum and dad dead, my twin sister Scarlett dead; Jared my brother shipped me off to a boarding school in England. I hate him for that, if it wasn't bad enough that I lost most of my family but the only person left, my brother sent me off, he didn't want him.

So here I am on a plane to La-Push with my best friend Annabel, back to the place where little then a year ago I had a great life, it has all crumped and turned to crap fast but now I am back find out what happened to my family.

'Bella, did you hear me? Are you ready for this?' Annabel was looking at me with her green big eyes; Annabel has been with me though all the tears and laughter, I hardly talk to anyone, still not over my family. 'I'm ready as I'll ever be, I will just have to be fighting the boys off with a baseball bat'

Annabel has brown hair which is as soft as silk, big green eyes, skin that is a mix of tan and white. Annabel is short but makes up for it with her personality; she is kind, shy, crazy and most of all fun loving.

'Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?' she gives me a crazy look, she thinks I am a model.

I have tan skin (let's pretend she has tan skin) long brown/red hair, long legs and blue eyes when sunny and brown chocolate eyes when raining/ cloudy (just go with it), they like to go on weather my eyes, it's weird but I like it, I have red lips that Annabel say are 'cherry-kissable'. I'm skinny, C- cup in breast size and have a nice ass. I know I am pretty but I don't want to sound vain. I'm shy but have temper issues.

'I just hope it won't be as bad ad when you first came to school' we both laugh at that.

On my first day of boarding school in England I had boys following around the school like lost puppy's, I still got asked out every day, no matter what grade (she's a tad bit more confident in this story) but I was in no state to date, Annabel has only just repaired me to my kind of old self now.

…5 hours later….

'Bella wake up; don't make me throw you out of this plane!' I hear Annabel telling me, more like yelling.

'Ok, we here?' I ask, you could hear the fear in my voice, Annabel smiles kindly at me and nods.

I take a deep breath, 'Let's go' I say to Annabel, trying to keep the fear this time from seeping through my voice, I barely managed too.

I feel my eyes start to tear up, not again! I promised myself that I wouldn't cry, the tears want help bring my family back.

Annabel squeezes my hand and we are off to find a taxi. Here I come La-Push!

(Skip car ride)

One and a half hours later and we see the 'Welcome to La-Push' sign.

Annabel's aunt Violet is letting us borrow her house in La-Push, she doesn't really go there Annabel says, her grand-father owned it and it got passed down to her, Violet lives in Australia as well.

My heart is beating faster and faster as we get closer to the house, I look out the window and see forest, the forests where Jared and Scarlett (her twin) used to play in.

My eyes all ready full of tears that are threatening to fall from just the thought of Jared and Scarlett.

'Annabel, are you sure you want to do this with me?' without Annabel I would have died!

'I am sure Bella, I'm just worried for you, you are the one that is going to have to see your brother' she hiss's his name out, hated how he left me 'and the memories of your family, we are in this together!'

I laugh at her, 'calm down, the battle hasn't even started, I have a feeling that something big is going to go down' I say while hugging her, she is like my sister but she can never replace Scarlett, no one can.

'Here we are' the taxi driver says, my heart is going so fast I am surprised it hasn't jumped out of my cheat and ran a marathon. I laugh bitterly and Annabel gives me a crazy look, I roll my eyes and step out of the car.

Once we have gotten all our suitcases out, we pay and tip the driver; he thanks us and drives us.

'Too late to back out now' I mumble to myself. I look at the house for the first time, I gasp, this house is great I think!

'Come on Bella, let's go, I want to show you your bedroom'

Annabel has already picked her bedroom; she has been to this house since her and her aunt Violet is so close.

'Ok' I say and grab my suitcases. I dump then once inside the house and follow Annabel ups the stairs.

'This house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and kitchen, washing room, lunge room and a spa outside'. Annabel family come from old money and new.

She leads me to my new bedroom and I am shocked!


Light purple colour, desk, bookshelf, big as closet, lovely purple bed and a picture of a pink flower on the wall. This room was amazing!

I hug Annabel so much that we both fall to the ground, we laugh and both get up, she lives me to unpack.

I found three huge books labelled 'Bella's books' and smile, over two hundred books are in those boxes. I'm glad Annabel shipped my books over. I start to unpack and listen to music.

I stop packing when I hear a song called 'Like You' by Evanescence come on the radio. I sing along, knowing all the words to this song, I sang it all the time when I first lost my mum, dad and twin.

Stay low.

Soft, dark, and dreamless,

Far beneath my nightmares and loneliness.

I hate me,

For breathing without you.

I don't want to feel any more for you.

Grieving for you,

I'm not grieving for you.

Nothing real love can't undo,

And though I may have lost my way,

All paths lead straight to you.

I long to be like you,

Lie cold in the ground like you.


Blinding wall between us.

Melt away and leave us alone again.

The humming haunted somewhere out there.

I believe our love can see us through in death.

I long to be like you,

Lie cold in the ground like you.

There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you,

I'm coming for you.

You're not alone,

No matter what they told you, you're not alone.

I'll be right beside you forevermore.

I long to be like you, sis,

Lie cold in the ground like you did.

There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you.

And as we lay in silent bliss,

I know you remember me.

I long to be like you,

Lie cold in the ground like you.

There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you,

I'm coming for you.

I cry softly, quite enough so Annabel doesn't hear.

I go into the bathroom and lock the door, I grab my pocket knife while singing the song once again, I slowly let the blade slide against my right wrist.

I feel the blood slide down my wrist, I sign, sometimes I wonder what would happen if I made the cut deeper and to both wrists, sometimes the pain is so unbearable I cut my wrist so deep, I wonder if I should just give up.

I mean, my own brother didn't want me! He sent me away because you couldn't bear to look at me, I'm a monster!

I sing the lyrics once more before I make a move to get up off the bathroom floor when I hear Annabel calling my name, she starts to bang on the door and I unlock it.

She stares at me then my wrists, there is no point in hiding it from her, she will find out.

'Not again Bella' she whispers softly, I start crying again and she holds me, telling me that everything will be alright.

(Thirty minutes later)

'I'm so sorry Annabel, god I am so bloody selfish!' I've been crying on her for more than thirty minutes, she has always been there for me and what do I do, go and cry and cut my wrists'

'Shhhhh, Bella, I understand, please don't cry, let's get you cleaned up' I nod and let her tend to my right wrist. After she has I thank her and hug her, telling her how much she means to me.

She tells me then same and we both decided we go to the beach. I go into my room and dig out my bikini out of my suitcases that still need to be unpacked. It is black with gold clips at both sides of my hips and top of the top. I wear a green dress over it.

As I walk out of my bedroom I see Annabel, your bikini is a simple blue with the same dress as I am wearing but purple.



The dress they wear over it-(.)

'You look amazing!' I say to her

'Have you looked in the mirror? You are a goddess' she says back to me.

'You are too'

And with that we are off to the beach (walking), I haven't been here forever, I have missed this place to much, and even it's a bit sunny, this is a very rare thing, sun in La-Push!

(Skip the walk cos I'm too lazy to right it)

We pick a nice spot where we see a group of boys playing football, Annabel was drooling at them, I turn on my iPod and give her an earplug, Mayday Parade comes on and I can't help but sing along.

The silence by Mayday Parade

Tear in two, she lies awake,

The moon lights up the room like day

Another night she spends alone,

Without his touch of skin so cold

The blood that's running through her veins,

With every beat there's no escape,

Lost in everything she trust,

Still can't seem to get enough.

Even though the world she loves,

It won't ever be the way it was,

And his heart of stone left hers breaking.

Every night she cries and dies a little more each time,

Say you love me (you love me),

Nothing left inside

Say you love me,

And the silence will set her free.

Memories they take her back,

Every moment fades to black,

Every kiss and every taste,

She wishes time would ease her pain.

Even though the world she loves,

It won't ever be the way it was,

And her heart is weak, her hands are shaking.

Every night she cries,

And dies a little more each time,

Say you love me (you love me),

Nothing left inside,

Say you love me,

And the silence will set her free.

And every night she cries.

I don't know if I'll ever make this right,

Because i am just so broken by the bitterness of loneliness,

And I'm so scared of this.

I don't know if I'll ever make this right,

Because i am just so broken by the bitterness of loneliness,

And I'm so scared.

Even though the world she loves,

It won't ever be the way it was,

And his heart of stone left hers breaking.

Every night she cries,

And dies a little more each time,

Say you love me (you love me),

Nothing left inside,

Say you love me,

And the silence will set her free.

(Every night she cries,

Every night she cries,

The silence will set her free)

'I'm going to walk across the beach for a bit' I see Annabel start to get up but stop her 'alone, I need time to think, I'll be back in less than 15 minutes, ok?' Annabel looked a bit wary but nodded. I take off my dress and it to her; I thank her and start walking.

After 6 minutes of walking I came across the group of boys who were playing football all sitting down watching me, I shiver and keep walking until I hear my name be called by the last person I wanted to talk to at the moment.

'Bells, is that you?' There are only three people who can get away calling me that, one is dead Scarlett, Annabel is sitting down, not with me at the moment, the only person left is… Jared.

(Was going to stop here but then I thought that might be a

Little too cruel)

'Jared' I hiss his name out. He flinches and I smirk in my head.

'I missed you so much' he says to me, he goes to hug me but I move back, I feel bad but then I remember he left me.

'Really, didn't know that' I could see his friends getting closer, they are all so tanned and muscles, same with Jared, stop looking at them Bella, your mad!

'Bella' I hear Paul say, wait, Paul? Paul was like a brother to me since Scarlett, Jared, he and I would always play.

'Wow, aren't I lucky, I get to see the people that sent me away from my home' I say, Paul and Jared look like they are about to cry, I feel bad but then again where were they when I was crying?

'Bella please… you have to understand, I just lost most of my family-' Jared says but I cut him off, I am so angry I think you can see steam coming out of my ears, I hear Annabel calling my name as well but that doesn't stop me.


I feel wet tears go down my face, I see a girl come towards Jared and Paul, two more like it, one goes and hugs Jared while the other girl just glares at their group, and I think we could be good friends. She looked then same as the others, tanned and toned while the girl on the ground with Jared had lightly tanned skin, skinny and black hair. Jared has a girlfriend?

'So now I see, you shipped me off when our family died so you can be with a girl' I am crying at this point 'YOU DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO STAY IN CONTACT WITH ME! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I WENT THOUGH, what happened' I whispered the last part so quietly I didn't even think I said it.

'Bella, let's go' I hear Annabel say; I nod and take one last look at Jared and Paul.

'You aren't my brothers' I whisper, my heart breaking at those four words.

And with that Annabel and I are off to get back to our new home and catch up on some sleep and unpack, school tomorrow, someone kill me!

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