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Chapter 28- Regret

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Alexandra decides to move to La Push because that's where her mother and father are from, with her one month old brothers and sisters; it's hard to balance taking care of four one months old baby and school.

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Sam's pro-

I wake up early in the morning from a howl, not any howl.

A vampire had been spotted, maybe the one that hurt my baby bells and Annabel and Winter.

I quickly remove Bella from my grasp and kiss her on the forehead before running out of the house as fast as I can and phase so lead the pack to kill this vampire.

I didn't have time to leave a note with her but I knew I wouldn't be long; all we have to do is trap this vampire and kill it.

My wolf growls at the thought that this vampire could be the one that hurt Bella.

I run as fast as I can and follow the trail of the vampire's scent while the other wolves flank me.

Quil & Seth guard La Push, the rest of you follow the scent (Sam)

What? Why do I have to go guard La Push, why can't- (Quil)

Now (Sam alpha commands)

Sam the scent is getting stronger (Paul)

(They start running faster)

I can see him, Leah & Paul speed up to your left, Jared & Embry speed up to your right, the rest stay behind, we are going to try trapping it (Sam)

Sam the leech is heading to the cliffs (Leah)

Shit (Sam says as he speeds up)

Leech has bright red hair (Leah)

Shit Sam, leech has dived over the edge (Paul)

Fuck (Sam growls out)

Wait, there's another, to your right heading your way Sam (Leah)

Collin & Brady go back to La Push, the rest follow the leech.

We chased the leech all the way to Canada but somehow we lost it, we had been chasing this leech since early in the morning, a full day!

Bella must be so worried, shit!

We run back to La Push.

"I am so hungry" Paul says.

"I think we all are idiot" Leah says, smacking the back of his head hard.

"Let's go back to Sam's, I'm sure Bella would be more than happy to cook for us" Jacob says happily and we run back to my home.

My wolf was getting restless from not seeing his mate; I miss Bella in my arms.

"Leah" I say and while the others all run Leah stops and waits for me to catch up.

"I am going to tell Bella about us, about what we were" I tell her.

"Good, I don't like keeping things from her, how do you think she will react?"

"Upset we didn't tell her but she knows you are no threat"

"We both know that if Bella hadn't of came back we wouldn't have been together, it was near the end of our relationship, it was just too hard with shifting" Leah says and I agree.

"Let's go" I say.

(1 hour later)

The pack minus Brady and Embry since they were out patrolling were in at the table, Bella wasn't home yet and me and my wolf were getting very worried.

I hear a car pull up outside and I know its Bella.

I hear her walk up to the front door and unlock it, the sound of her heels against the wooden floor.

She looks beautiful as always, in red, my favourite colour on her, I wanted to grab her and fuck her right there; my wolf was going insane with lust.

"Nice to see your home" she says coldly as she dumps her duffle bag under the kitchen counter, I could smell the faint smell of alcohol , she drunk last night.

I could tell she was pissed at me, not just by her words but also the cold glare she gave me.

"Someone's in the dog house" Jacob whispers so only the wolves could here and I growl at him.

"Bella what's wrong" Leah asks Bella but she just ignores her.

"Jared, are you hungry?" Bella asks him and Jared is shocked, everyone is shocked, he nods and Bella grabs everything she needs to make lunch for everyone.

Slowly the pack began talking again but I can't keep my eyes off my mate.

After Bella finishes cooking she serves the food up and instead for sitting on my lap she sits in-between Paul and Seth, Paul is shocked but happy.

After everyone finishes eating she shoo's everyone out and begins to do the dishes, Paul and Jared drag me out, telling me to give Bella some time, my wolf growled and howled against them but my human side one and I went to the small lounge room.

"Bella, what's wrong?" I hear Leah ask her.

"Don't turn away from me Bella, what the fuck is wrong?" I growl deeply, how dare Leah talk to my mate like that, I run to the kitchen and see Bella glaring at Leah, the pack try to stop Leah's shaking while I move closer to Bella.

"Calm down Leah" I growl out (so only the wolves could hear it), I alpha command her, if she dare hurts my mate…

"Did the filthy bloodsuckers-" But Bella cuts her off.

"It's you!" Bella shouts as I edge closer to her.

"What the fuck do you mean?"

"I know" Bella whispers.

"Know what?" Leah snarls out.

"About you and Sam" She screams out, Bella runs out and I run after her, ignoring the pack, she was close to her car when I stopped her, I could see tears in her eyes and my wolf howled.

"How long did you think I wouldn't find out, were you going to even tell me?"

"I-" but she cut me off.

"A month, 6 months, a year, when were you going to fucking tell me"

"I was going to tell you soon" I say to her, I was starting to shake.

"Really" She laughs bitterly "How serious were you, did you talk about babies and a family together?"

"We had been dating for 2 years; we did talk about having a family together"

"When did you break up?" She asks quietly, but I didn't want to answer but I know what she would think.

"When did you fucking break up?" She says again and this time I do answer

"The day I imprinted on you"

"I have to go" She turns around but I grab her wrist, pulling her around.

"Would you still be together if I never came and Leah never imprinted?" I didn't answer my mate because my shaking was getting out of control, I tried to focus on her she calm myself down so I didn't hurt her but then I realised my mistake, I didn't answer her back, she took my silence as a yes.

"Go Sam, got back to her, the only reason I am here is because I the fucking imprint, how do I know you haven't be fucking her behind my back…. I…. I hate you… I hate you so much Sam, never come near me again" Hearing those words from my imprint hurt like a son of a bitch, it was worse than a bite from a vampire, by then I couldn't control my shaking, it was impossible.

Then three things happened at once.

Jared, Paul and Jacob came running from my house telling my mate to run.

I transformed into a wolf.

Bella was to close and got hit.

My Bella, my mate was on the ground, blood pouring out of the left side of her face and arm, I Sam Uley had hurt my mate.

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