Title: Old bones
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairing: Eleven, Amy
Wordcount: 370
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.
Summary: A furniture shop bores Amy.

How the Doctor imagined she would enjoy visiting a furniture shop, Amy could not even begin to fathom. It was not even the biggest in the Universe (but it was run by giant owls, so it was all right).

The different sections of the shop were brightly colour coordinated and frightfully well-stocked (Amy had no idea how the giant owls moved about without spraining their wings).

They were in the Pink section now: Armchairs, Chairs, Stools, Etcetera. The Doctor had commandeered a rocking chair, and was moving it back and forth in a perfectly modulated way with tiny movements of his left foot.

Amy slouched in an armchair (she had tried several in the very close vicinity of the rocking chair; one was too hard, one too soft, one too lumpy, one too ugly – but this one was just right). It was nice being comfortable while bored out of one's mind, she mused. She fixed the Doctor with a dull stare and said with as much spark as she could strike up, "Would you like a blanket? If so, do you prefer thermo or old-fashioned wool?"

"I'm not cold," said the Doctor serenely.

"Great," Amy muttered. "I can feel my youth draining away, thanks for asking." She flipped through the round brochure she had been forced to take upon entering (you don't refuse an insistent owl). It had a very pedagogical layout (understandable for ages three and up, Amy thought) and it, too, was colour coordinated. Every other section looked more appealing than the Pink one right now (even Brown) – but there was one especially enticing. "I though about heading over to the Red section. Do you want to…" She paused and glanced mischievously at the Doctor. "Forget it. You're too old."

"For what?" He paused his rhythmic rocking and leaned forward ever so slightly. The chair creaked. "There's life in the old man still."

"Is there?"

"What's there to do in the Red section?"

"Jumping on beds."

A moment passed, and then the Doctor grinned.

Amy raised a brow. "You're alive for that?"

He got out of the rocking chair with his usual graceful gracelessness, and quite fast, too. "Lead the way, Pond! And don't slouch like that, it's bad for your back."