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One: The soul, tainted

It was a hard life; a very, very, very hard life; reality was much worse than what I could've imagined it would be. Even my dreams—not, they're not dreams, they are nightmares. Dreams in this sort of world don't exist anymore.

Well, you all may think I'm crazy because this is England. This is London, the primer of European trades this century, the greatest monarchy ever created, the best, most hospitable, most educated, most loving people on this planet.

Wait, most loving? Most loving? People are harsh! One wrong move, one wrong word—even one wrong breath, will cost you your reputation; your parent's and your family's reputation. And they say that all people make mistakes, well they never told me about how your mistakes will either make or break you into becoming into who you are.

That is harsh, so what if I want to run around in the fields? So what if I want to jump into piles of autumn leaves? So what if my hobbies are archery and horseback riding? I am who I am, and there is nothing you can do about it. Absolutely nothing.

But what I don't understand is that why are women supposed to be locked inside their mansions while men go outside all day? Playing polo, riding horses, hunting for game—it's not fair. I wouldn't want to read all of those romance novels in the library; they simply bore me to death. I wouldn't bother taking etiquette classes if I'm always told to sit down and be quiet and parties. And even dance lessons, I'll just follow the man's lead as always.

As usual.

I'm shut down form the world.

Being taught to be perfect and all. . .

Why won't the world be perfect for me?

Why? Why? Why?

Because of one reason;



Lightning strikes.

Thunder echoes.

Heavy rain pours.

The night, it was straight out my nightmares.

I don't know why am I out this late, walking in the dark hallway, alone. I've never felt like this before—so vulnerable, so cold, so afraid, so alone. . .

Thunder clap.

I jolted, gasping instead of screaming, the storm always frightening me.

Are you afraid?

Somewhere back in my mind, I asked myself. Am I afraid? The storm couldn't hurt me, the lightning couldn't kill me; I'm protected, protected by this structure, protected by—

By my parents.

It all came back like the lighting in the storm; I was always protected, always surrounded by brick walls so that no one can hear me, always, always being kept away by my parents. Why couldn't they just see that I am fully capable of making them proud as any English daughter has made their parents proud?


Always no, always no, it's always the same thing! No, no, no, no! Why couldn't they understand? Is it because I'd rather run around the gardens chasing butterflies and rabbits, rather than stay inside a room sewing and reading romance novels? Is that it? Or is it just that they couldn't accept me for who I am? Or they would just want to live the perfect life, by forcing people around them to be perfect to? Forcing their only child to be perfect. . .


Why can't I be perfect? Why can't this world be my world?

Maybe I'm just selfish that's all. . .

Thunder clap, candles burning out.

This time I screamed. The thunder was louder, the rain poured down harder, and all I see is darkness all around me.

Are you afraid?

Echoed. . . Now I know that it wasn't me. The air growing colder and colder by the second, I shuddered.

Are you afraid?

There was it again. This—this is just some nightmare right? I—I just need to wake up. . .

Do you fear the dark? The storm?

Again, it—it was growing louder—c-closer! I need to run, I need to get away! Wake up! Wake up!

What are you afraid of?

I was lost, I just ran, this was a nightmare, I'll wake up soon enough, to see the light, the see the sun and away from this dark, dark nightmare.

The darkness, it welcomes you. . .

It—it was right behind me, hot air on my neck, almost as if, as if I was to—

I screamed, there was something, something was there!

Lightning flash, thunder clap.

Run away! Run away! Run away! As fast I could, far away from this nightmare, far away—

Wh-where are you? Who are you? What are you!

Why won't I wake up?

Where am I? I am everywhere. . .

I stopped, it was behind me; the voice cold like ice, piercing like knives—

G-get back! Stay away from me!

Run faster! Run farther! Why? Wake up, wake up!

Who am I, what am I you ask. . .

Chuckle, it's—it's all around me, where is it?

Lighting flash—

I widened my eyes, in front of me, was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life. . . Blood red, snake-like eyes emerging from the darkness. . .

Thunder clap.

Get away from me! Get away! Get away! I ran from it, the monster; I'll wake up soon enough. . .

I tripped—No! It was—it was, it dragged me down on the floor!

I screamed, tears now streaming down my eyes—it was terrifying; blood red eyes, silver fangs, claws digging into my arms, hot air burning my face. . .

What am I?

Chuckle, dark, horrifying, something more frightening than all my nightmares combined.

I am a demon.

Demons. They always said that a demon is the carrier of the Devil, I always went to Church, and my faith is as clear as glass—Faith as clear as glass, and as easily broken as well. . .

What do you long for the most? What do you want?

I have long awaited that question. . . What do I want? What do I want? I want. . . the perfect life. I want perfection. I want everything. . .

What do you want, your Majesty?

The demon said it in such a temptingly sinful tone. . . I wanted it, the tears nearly gone now.

I want. . . I want—

There was this cold, cold, cold feeling on my right palm. And that feeling of sin, that guilt, but that's all gone the window now; I want—


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