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The Letter


Chris Redfield sat in the office of the commanding officer of the Secret Special Force's branch of the government. She went by the name of "Sonya". It was with her help that he formed the Anti-Umbrella Operative and later the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Both of which she helped garnered financial support and political backing from the Government and United Nations. She had been influential in the fall of the Umbrella Corporation and such a well guarded secret that Umbrella probably had no idea of her existence at all.

At first he debated whether to speak to her about the matter, but figured that without her help, his plan would never work. Chris sat forward in his chair and watched silently as Sonya read the letter he had found in his apartment. The letter was addressed to him and was written by Jill Valentine five months ago.

When Sonya was done, she gave the letter back to Chris, crossed her hands and furrowed her brow

"You look like shit." She said.

Chris smirked, "Thanks, I'm here to ask a favor, but before you say anything hear me out."

Sonya listened quietly as Chris discussed his carefully thought out plan.

Sonya shook her head, "That's asking for a lot Christopher. You know the circumstances better than I do."

Chris released a sigh and sat back in his chair, here we go

"He is highly unattainable..." Sonya started.

Chris knew where this was headed, "I know"

Sonya rolled her eyes, "Don't even get me started on the other one".

"I know"

"People might get hurt…"

"She's anything but fragile..."

Sonya gave Chris a serious look, "Then you haven't seen her in the last couple months have you?"

No he hadn't he thought to himself. Work coupled with recent events gave him little time for anything else.

"She's a big girl. She doesn't need you or me to check up on her all the time. She can take care of herself."

Sonya sighed, "Both of you are so much alike; always thinking you can handle things on your own. Just like your father."

Chris rolled his eyes at her remark, "Anyways, it was Jill's last wish. Let them have this chance." Chris argued.

Sonya promised herself that she would stop interfering in the lives of the people she cared about. She already regretted her actions of her last mistake, but her assistance was detrimental in order for Chris's plan to work.

"So can you do it, mom?" Chris asked his eyes pleading to her.

How can she say no to her own son "Give me a week." She replied.