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Chapter Seven

When planning on taking back what was rightfully one's own, it was always important to pretend not to be thinking about it. As Sasuke ran with his own teammates following him, he knew that he'd have the lay low for a while. Sooner or later Konoha would get some idea to have the hunter-nin come after him again and this time he may not escape so easily.

The longer he let her be with Naruto though, the greater the chances that she'd use him to kill everybody that had ever hurt her. They truly didn't realize what the girl was and he suspected that Naruto wouldn't even care in the long run. Knowing the dobe as well as he did, Sasuke felt comfortable with assuming that he'd defend the girl no matter what was said or done to him.

Someday, he decided, the blonde would die due to his idiocy and bleeding heart. The jury was still out on if he'd laugh or seek revenge if Naruto ever died and his murderer survived. Then again there was an excellent chance that he would be the one to kill Naruto and then he'd take out his own personal demon that walked in the guise of a little girl once and for all. This time he knew that he wouldn't assume that she was going to die and just make sure that her pulse had stopped before leaving her corpse to rot.


Upon entering the restaurant, Naruto was suddenly worried that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Hisoka had problems meeting one or two people at most but she was going to be meeting five people that she had never seen before in her entire life at once. Then there was the whole Sai and Sakura being there too which didn't bother him too much but he knew that Hisoka wasn't comfortable around Sai and regarded Sakura's words with great suspicion.

He looked down at her when he felt her small fingers grip his own fingers tightly and saw the look in her eyes. She was going to try just for him. I'll be good. Her eyes told him. I'll be good and make you proud of me. Then you'll want to take me home still.

It made his heart break to realize that she thought he wouldn't want her if she didn't try to overcome what had happened. "Just let me know if you get too uncomfortable and we'll go home." Naruto told her. "I won't get mad."

Hisoka nodded slightly and held onto his hand tighter as they approached. "Naruto! You've got Hisoka with you!" Sakura exclaimed with a surprised look before looking suspicious. "Does Lady Tsunade know?"

"She said I could take Hisoka home." Naruto told his teammate as they took a seat, laughing when the girl sat on his lap. "We actually went to get groceries when we ran into Kiba at the store so we ran the groceries home and came here. Hisoka said she's gonna try."

It should have bothered her to know that Naruto could tell what the girl was thinking without her ever saying a word but Sakura was too amazed at the fact that she was actually smiling at Sai and waving to him. "She's adorable." Ino said with a pleased look. "How is she going to survive with you taking care of her? You're probably going to get her hooked on ramen."

"She's not a big fan of ramen. I taught her how to spell it but she makes faces when I ask if she wants some."

Hisoka stuck out her tongue and wrinkled her nose at Naruto, silently telling him exactly what she thought of the stuff. "From what I've heard, she's a smart kid." Shikamaru stated with a frown as he breathed in the smoke from his cigarette. "How exactly is that going to work with you being an idiot?"

"Just because I'm not good with strategy like most people doesn't mean I'm not smart!" Naruto protested.

"He's right. Not everybody can remember the names of every flavor of ramen invented." Sakura teased.

Hisoka watched as they teased each other and found herself relaxing slightly but also growing confused. Was this what friends did? Naruto didn't seem to care when they called him stupid but the tones they used when they called him that wasn't harsh. It was… she didn't know what that tone was. They were teasing him but at the same time they weren't being mean about it. Was that even possible?

"Hinata! Shino!" Kiba suddenly called, waving to somebody behind them.

The girl twisted until she could look over Naruto's shoulder and saw two people coming towards them. "That's Hinata and Shino." Naruto told her. "They're friends. Just like Sakura-chan and Sai."

"Hello, everybody." Hinata said with a pleasant smile. "I hope we aren't late. Shino-kun was helping me with something."

Shino looked at the little girl for a moment before answering, "I wasn't aware that there would be a child joining us today."

"Naruto's got her. You've heard the rumors, right?" Ino questioned.


Apparently not. "We'll catch you up since you two have been gone. How was your mission?" Sakura questioned as she scooted over. "Move it, Ino-pig."

"I hardly bet that your skinny ass could require so much room. Must be your billboard brow, forehead!" Ino snapped back.

There was that tone again but it was also different than what they were saying to Naruto. "It's complicated." Naruto whispered. "Then again, they're girls and I'm a guy so I'm not going to get it."

"What was that?" Sakura questioned.

"Hisoka's confused."

Shino stared at the girl when he saw that her thumb had retreated into her mouth and raised an eyebrow when he saw that Naruto was making no moves to stop her. "Naruto, it may not be my place to say but is it wise to let her do such things in public?" Shino questioned patiently.

Naruto put an arm across the girl's stomach as he told them in a hushed tone where they had found Hisoka and how bad of a shape she had been in. "Ibiki and Baa-chan say that she's got childhood post traumatic stress." Naruto told them softly.

"Poor girl." Hinata offered a small smile to the girl. "You're in good hands. Naruto-kun will take good care of you."

Hisoka stared at Hinata and slowly allowed her thumb to leave her lips before she began squirming out of Naruto's grasp until he let her go. They watched as she cautiously ventured closer to Hinata and put a finger near her own eyes before pointing to Hinata's. "Do you want to sit on my lap?" Hinata questioned.

Hisoka crawled onto Hinata's lap and grinned at Naruto as if to tell him that she was going to make him proud one way or another. "I think that's the fastest she's ever warmed up to anybody other than dickless." Sai commented as he watched Hisoka carefully inspect Hinata's eyes.

"Hey! Don't talk about my stuff in front of the kid! When she starts talking I don't want to worry about her calling me that behind my back."

"I'm sure she may call you other things behind your back."

She was familiar with how Naruto and Sai responded to each other and happily chewed on the bit of meat that Ino was giving her. "S-A-I." Hisoka spelled to Hinata.

From the look of confusion on Hinata's face, she didn't understand. "She wants Sai for some strange reason." Naruto said as Hisoka nodded quickly.

Sai couldn't help but feel confusion as the girl squirmed from Hinata and moved so she was sitting on his lap. He knew that he made her uncomfortable but he also knew that she was determined to make Naruto proud of her and show that she was okay with anybody that he decided to leave her with for whatever reason. Was it possible that Naruot had already explained what shinobi did and if he had to go on a mission that took him out of the village that she'd have to stay with somebody until he got back?

As dinner progressed Naruto could see that Hisoka was growing more and more comfortable with his friends. They talked to her and asked her questions about her likes and dislikes but also found themselves laughing when she began motioning some random story for their entertainment. Something told them that she was going to become spoiled and by the time they decided to head home for the afternoon so Hisoka could lie down for an hour or so, Naruto knew for certain that he wouldn't have to worry about clothes and stuff for a while. He also knew his friends were happy since before dinner had finished, Hisoka had sat with each one of them at least once. "Did you have fun, Hi-Hi?" Naruto questioned with a smile as he carried the girl.

Hisoka nodded against his neck, feeling rather comfortable. Her stomach was full and she was drowsy but she had lots of fun. She had even made Naruto happy by getting along with all of his friends and had the feeling that she had even made his friends happy when she willingly went to them. Even the prickly feeling one seemed to be happy that she sat with him although she couldn't understand why people looked a little wary when she went to sit by him. Was he one of the bad people? No, Naruto wasn't friends with the bad people. His friends were all nice and even if one of the bad people were to come, he'd chase them away no matter what.

Feeling comfortable with her thoughts, Hisoka fell asleep clinging to the blonde with both parties unaware that they were being watched.

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