Title: Spinning

Summery: Reflections after the final battle form George's POV

Rated: K

Disclaimer: I wish I owned this but I don't. So sad...

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I wish I could wake-up because surly this was a dream. A nightmare that I know I could never wake-up from. The Barrow was quiet in an eerie sort of way. I sat there staring straight ahead at the clock as time ticked by. Seconds came while minutes went by. All hands were on home except one. No that one was spinning around and around. It slowed for a moment before stopping only to spin the other way over and over again. As soon as we walked in I sat in front of the spinning clock just watching as it tried to come to a conclusion on were to stop. No one tried to talk but I know I was being watched.

How could this have happened? Why could I not have stopped it? I feel like half of me is missing and I can't find it because it's gone. He was supposed to be here with me. It was wrong to not see his smiling face. Voldemort was gone and people were happy. How can I be happy when part of me is gone? He left and won't come back. We were always going to be together no matter what happened.

A hand rested on my shoulder but I didn't move. I didn't look to see who it was. What did it matter? He's gone forever and there's nothing that can be done. The hand is spinning faster and faster trying to find a place. I can't look away because then it's real. It can't be real because then he gone and never coming back. The pictures on the hands had always been bright, cheerful and happy.

Not now though because one was dark and sad looking. Spinning slowing down and stopped. I waited and waited but it finally completely stopped. "Lost" it decided after Merlin knows how long. He's not ever coming home again. More other half is gone forever. Just gone and there's no going back. "Never" I thought tears rolling down my face at last.