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Chains of the Uzumaki

I: Re-Birth

In Nami no Kuni, a twelve-year-old blonde fell to his knees from exhaustion. The technique he used to assist the villagers of Nami no Kuni scare off the remaining army of mercenaries that were on the unfinished edge of the bridge took a lot of chakra, more than he had necessary needed to use. The blonde's name was Uzumaki Naruto, and he was a genin of Konohagakure; the Village Hidden in the Leaves. His mission was to ensure the completion of a bridge being built in Nami no Kuni and to protect the head builder, Tazuna.

His team, consisting of a lazy white haired elite jonin Hatake Kakashi (Naruto thought him to be extremely lazy), a shrieking pink haired fan-girl of a kunoichi Haruno Sakura (whom Naruto believed to be the smartest and most beautiful girls in his village that were his age, mostly due to her pink hair), and finally the most beloved and promising genin to Konoha Uchiha Sasuke (the Emo duck-ass hair-styled teme is who Naruto considered to be his archrival and yet a worthy comrade). The Uchiha had proven himself in battle when he came to Naruto's aid against their strongest opponent yet, a feminine looking boy named Haku. Naruto had befriended the boy once after resting in a small field after an intense chakra training exercise. And yet, the brown haired boy had given his life to take a Raikiri through the heart in order to save his surrogate father from Naruto's sensei.

Naruto looked sadly at the man known as the 'Demon of the Mist' Momochi Zabuza. Zabuza looked content with his upcoming death, possibly glad he had fallen after avenging his son's corpse's dishonoring the small pig known by the name of Gato dished out. The small act had angered Naruto and Zabuza immensely. Zabuza lived up to his reputation, killing several mercenaries with just a kunai within his mouth before decapitating Gato in a gruesome manner. The mercenaries had tried to save their employer, stabbing Zabuza with various weapons in his disabled arms and exposed back, but it was to no avail. Zabuza and Haku were two shinobi who Naruto could truly learn from and respect.

"Ka...Kakashi..." Zabuza weakly groaned out, "Wh-where's that...blonde gaki of y-yours?"

Kakashi covered his exposed Sharingan eye and looked over his shoulder at the blonde, "Naruto? He's over there with the bridge builder. Why?"

"G-Give thanks," Zabuza said with a small smirk, "And...And give blade."

Kakashi's eye widened, "Your blade? Surely you must be joking–?"

Zabuza gave him a heated glare, "T-The Kubikiribocho...he says...the boy is destined..."

"Destined?" Kakashi asked, "What do you mean?"

"Dammit man...I'm dying," Zabuza growled before coughing blood up harshly, "Swear on your sensei's'll give the boy the blade and...and find someone to train him!"

The Copy-nin realized the severity of the dying man's words and nodded, "I swear on the grave of the Yondaime Hokage that I'll give Naruto your blade and find someone to train him."

Zabuza smirked through his coughs, "Better keep that word, Hatake...or I'll haunt...your...ass..."

The nuke-nin of Kiri gave out one last fit of blood spewing coughs before he breathed his last breath. Kakashi bowed his head and shut the still open eyes of Momochi Zabuza. He looked at the Kubikiribocho at the far right of Naruto. The handle seemed to be turning slightly towards the boy, to the white haired man's surprise. He stood and walked slowly over to where Naruto knelt and gave his last standing student one of his infamous eye smiles.

"You did well, Naruto," Kakashi said, earning a sheepish smile and scratch of the head from the blonde, "And Zabuza gave you a parting gift."

"What is it, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked his voice slightly hoarse from the yelling and excitement of their battle. Kakashi glanced over at the Zanbatou near the blonde and Naruto followed his gaze. The blonde's jaw dropped before he looked back at Kakashi.

"No way, Zabuza-te-erm, Zabuza-san," Naruto said, changing the suffix to one of more respectable terms, "He...he gave me his sword?"

"It seems so," Kakashi said with an eye smile, "I'll let you go pick it up and I'll gather our fallen comrades."

True to his word, Kakashi walked back over to the fallen Haku as Tazuna and another villager grabbed the body of Zabuza. The country of wave hardly noticed the snow falling as they mourned the fallen Kiri warriors. The villagers bowed their heads in respect, Sasuke sneering at their bodies and Sakura following suit, while Naruto shakily got to his feet and went towards the blade he was left with. He reached down for the blade's handle and grabbed a hold of it.

The next thing he knew was being enveloped in a massive bright golden light.

Olympus—Kratos' throne room

"Ugh, where...?" Naruto said as he rubbed his eyes and looked around him. He immediately pinched his nose in an effort not to be blown back by a massive nosebleed. The surrounding area was filled with gorgeous and scarcely clothed women. There had to be at least fourteen or fifteen girls in the room alone. He almost passed out when he heard moaning and had to fight every urge his hormone filled body had to turn around and look.

"Ooh," one girl with short pixie styled hair said, "Finally! An Uzumaki has arrived! Lord Kratos will be pleased!"

"He does not share many similarities to the lord does he?" another girl whispered as she shifted on her feet, Naruto trying desperately not to stare at her assets while they bounced with her movement.

At the sound of sandals walking along the marble floors, Naruto turned and was relieved to see a man, fully clothed, in what seemed to be maroon battle armor from a western land. He was a pale white and he had the oddest red tattoo trailing up his face and over his scalp, which suited his bald head and triangular goatee oddly enough. The man stood easily at 6' 3" and was incredibly muscular beneath the armor. He had a smirk set on his face as he approached the blonde.

"So this is all that remains of the Uzumaki, eh?" he asked in a baritone voice. His smirk was replaced with a scowl and he said, "How pathetic."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and tensed, earning a slightly arched brow from the armored man. Naruto smirked as his teenage mind thought up with the best retort he could at the time.

"At least I've got my hair!" the blonde replied. The armored man smirked once again.

"A big muscle to back it up, however," the man said, earning a threatening growl from the blonde, "Reminds me of Hermes...Not a single brain cell in your head, though. We'll have to fix that..."

The girls giggled and Naruto blushed in anger and embarrassment as this man seemed to be insulting him. The blonde growled and held his fist up warningly, earning an even wider smirk from the pale man and even more giggles from the girls. His blush darkened when he heard some girls whispering at how cute he looked.

"Enough," the bald man said, silencing the girls' giggles and whispers. He looked at the blonde, "I am Kratos, God of War. It is quite obvious to me now that you have gotten a hold of my Orinpianburedo."

"Orin-what?" Naruto asked, shaken from his slight awe of meeting a god. The bald man groaned.

"Kami-sama give me strength..." Kratos muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Orinpianburedo is my warring blade. It helped me defeat my father Zeus and allow Kami-sama to take control of the heavens."

Naruto blinked, "Ok...if it's your blade and you're a god or deity or something, what's it doing in the hands of a nuke-nin from Kirigakure? Did you lose a bet or something?"

Kratos narrowed his eyes at the blonde, "You're asking for an ass whooping yourself."

"Aw, Lord Kratos," one of the girls said, coming up from behind the blonde, "He is but a child...he's only curious!"

Kratos narrowed his eyes at the girl while Naruto tried his hardest not to stare in amazement. The girl had nearly maroon hair and blood red eyes. She wore a blood red kimono with the image of a fox's kit on it. The kimono opened at the top to reveal a large amount of cleavage, causing the blonde to blush.

"How are you here, Kyu?" Kratos asked with narrowed eyes, "Kami-sama said you were sealed away within a child."

"Why else would I be here, father," the woman hissed, "This boy is the child in question."

Kratos looked from the redhead to the blonde and back before smirking, " weren't an absolute failure as a biju found my clan for me and one of them wields your power."

"Who are you?" Naruto asked. Kyu palmed herself in the face.

"You call me 'a pain in the ass fuzz ball', but everyone else knows me as Kyuubi no Kitsune no Yokai," Kyu deadpanned.

The gears seemed to turn in the blonde's head before he screamed out, "NANI? What are you doing here?"

"I am trying to get Lord Kratos over there," Kyu said, "To mark you as our warrior. With the strength of the God of War behind you, you will not remain the fool of a boy that you are."

"Hey!" Naruto shouted, insulted.

"She is right boy," Kratos said with a smirk, "As you are the descendant of me and the carrier of my biju, you could very well be a demi-god. If I so desire that is..."

Naruto blinked a few times before looking between the two. A god was going to bless him and the not-so-much-of-a-bastard fox was going to let him use her power. With that at his side, he could definitely make Hokage. He could prove the villagers all wrong and defend them until no end. He looked back at the bald guy, Kratos, and went to his knees before him.

"Lord Kratos..." Naruto said quietly and nervously. Kratos looked down at the blonde with an arched brow while Kyu smiled triumphantly, "I ask of you...make me your disciple."

Kratos exchanged a look with Kyu before looking at the blonde's bowed head and asked, "And if I do, what will you do with that power?"

Destroy, conquer, and kill all that oppose! A voice hissed in the back of the blonde's head. Naruto frowned and shook that thought from his head before looking up at the God of War. In as respectable of a voice he could manage, Naruto said, "So that I may protect my friends and my precious people. That way, I don't have to see another like Haku-san or Zabuza-san die."

Kratos' mouth turned up at the corner in the smallest hint of a smile and he placed his hand on the blonde's head, "I will bestow upon you the Chains of Wrath. The very chains I used to become the Ghost of Sparta. With them and the Orinpianburedo at your side, you will become one of the strongest men alive. I mark you with the Uzumaki warrior clan mark, this will allow you to control all Chakra elements and eventually master your clan techniques."

Two chains flowed from the ground and burned themselves onto Naruto's arms. The blonde screamed in pain as the chains welded to his body. The God of War then channeled his essence into the blonde's head, forcing a red spiral birthmark to appear on the face, back and left arm of Naruto. Naruto fell backwards from exhaustion and looked through blurry eyes at the two standing over him. Kyu smiled a feral grin at him while Kratos merely looked at him in acceptance.

"Do me proud boy," Kratos' voice echoed through the blonde's head before it went dark.

Nami no Kuni-Unnamed Unfinished Bridge

"AHH!" Naruto screamed as he shot up from his spot on the ground. His jacket burst into blue flames and vanished as the marks Kratos bestowed upon him appeared. He held his right hand out and opened it.

The Kubikiribocho flew to his open hand and glowed brightly before changing into a blade that resembled a long sword used in the east. The blade split down the middle and a bright blue flame emerged from it, covering the blade. Above the handle, the image of a bearded man with a scowl on his face appeared in bronze as the rest of the lower part of the blade changed into a bronze setting.

Naruto shoved the blade into the ground and slowly stood. His left hand covered his left eye and he panted a moment before removing it, revealing a dark red mark on his face. Wrapped around his arms tightly were silver chains and attached to the end were handles that seemed to be magnetically stuck to them. The blonde panted as he stood and looked to the villagers who all stared in awe at their 'hero'.

Kakashi stared at his student with wide eyes and thought, What happened to Naruto? He looks like sensei...Oh I'm so STUPID.

Sakura and Sasuke were thinking as well, but not positively.

The dobe did something to that blade...I need its power! I'll just make him give it to me, heh. I am an Uchiha after all, our favorite closet-hiding emo thought.

Wow...not as hot as Sasuke-kun, but Naruto sure can look it if he wants! But now that he looks like that and attract other girls, Sasuke will be all Mine! Shannaro! Our resident pink haired obsessive banshee thought.

"N-Naruto-nii-san?" Inari asked, taking a cautious step forward. The blonde looked down at the bucket hat wearing boy and smiled his trademark fox grin.

"I'm good, oututo!" the blonde said, lifting the blade in his hand with no issue. He looked down at his jacket and scowled, "Damn...that was my last one..."

"Three cheers for our hero!" Someone in the crowd shouted. Sasuke puffed his chest out a little bit, expecting them all to cheer his name.

"Hurrah for Naruto! Hurrah for Naruto! Hurrah for Naruto!"

The emo face faulted and glared at the blonde that was scratching the back of his head sheepishly. The crowd raced past the three shinobi and swarmed Naruto, lifting him and Inari in the air, cheering for their bravery and thanking them. Kakashi watched amused before he looked up at the snowing sky to see a cloud that looked familiar to him.

I'm keeping my promise Zabuza, The jonin thought, You can count on that.

Two days past and the bridge was nearly completed. Naruto couldn't go into town without being swarmed by villagers and eventually had to use a henge to hide himself when he went clothes shopping. Of course once he got to the store, the shop keeper, who happened to be a retired Kiri shinobi, demanded that he drop the henge. Once Naruto dropped the henge, it revealed him carrying the Orinpianburedo (formerly disguised as a bag of rice) and he scratched the back of his head. The shopkeeper smiled immediately and formally thanked him for saving their village.

"To think, the new owner of the Kubikiribocho is in my store!" the owner said with a smile. Naruto smiled back at the owner.

"It's actually the Orinpianburedo now," Naruto said, "Not to disrespect Zabuza-san, but I renamed it as a favor to someone close to me. Now, er..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Naruto-sama," the owner said, "My name is Maito. Can I help you?"

"Yes, um, do you have any shinobi wear? My clothes were...kind of burned when I had my incident," the blonde said, ignoring the honorific and pointing at the burns around his left sleeve, "I need new clothes and a holster for my blade."

"Of course! Only the best for the Hero of Wave!" Maito said as he hopped over the counter, "What are you looking for? Anything specific?"

"Actually yes," Naruto replied, "I'd like a blood red shirt, black sandals, a brown cloak, black shinobi pants, some muscle wrap, brown or maroon, and some light bronze shin guards if you have any."

"Are you sure about the shin guards?" Maito asked as he walked around the store to gather the requested objects, "I could give you ANBU style guards..."

"No, bronze is best," Naruto said with a sure face, "I have an unknown urge to wear bronze and maroon. It's weird."

"Ok then, well here's the items you asked for, I'll gather some more and you can change into these," Maito said, holding the clothes out. Naruto nodded his thanks and went to change. He was glad Tsunami-san told him about that store that had various articles of shinobi wear due to the fact most of Gato's men were nuke-nin and requested a LOT of different things. The blonde walked back out decked in his new attire and wrapping the brown muscle wrap around his hands. He looked in the mirror and a ghostly image of Kratos appeared behind him.

"Looking sharp, Boy," the god said with a grin, "As for your holster, ask for leather, and get a leather belt."

The image of what Kratos wanted Naruto to do appeared in the blonde's head and he nodded before turning around and seeing Maito waiting with two more sets of each article Naruto asked for earlier.

"Thank you Maito-san," Naruto said with a smile, "Could you get me a leather strap for my holster and a thick leather belt for me, something similar in width as an obi?"

"If anyone other than you asked Naruto-sama, I'd say they were crazy," the man said with a grin before grabbing the two things requested. Naruto set the obi-like belt around his waist and cloak before he slid the upper part of the cloak off and allowed it to fall back to the middle of his calves. He took the holster and strapped it on diagonally like Zabuza before sliding the Orinpianburedo into the holster. It fit snugly before the blade glowed and intricate designs appeared on the leather holster. Maito whistled in amazement.

"That's amazing," the old store owner said. Naruto grinned and nodded before pulling his wallet, the one thing he kept, and paid the man twice what the clothes were originally priced.

"No, I could-" Maito started as Naruto put the spare clothes into his pack.

"I insist," Naruto said with a smile, "Gotta get the country back on its feet somehow, right?"

Maito smiled and bowed thankfully before the blonde left the store. The shop owner looked at the money placed before him and put it into the cashier.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" A voice cried frantically from the other side of Tazuna's home. Inari opened the door and a maroon blur ran in and hid behind Tsunami. The drunkard's daughter looked behind her to see the quivering Hero of Wave dressed in a new set of clothes and his pack at his feet. Inari slammed the door shut, earning the attention of the blonde's teammates.

"Dobe, what are you wearing?" Sasuke asked with a sneer at the look of Naruto's new attire. Kakashi blinked and rubbed his eye before dropping his book in shock.

"Looks just like...Naruto, come with me," Kakashi ordered. Naruto saw Kakashi head towards the door and clung to Tsunami. Fear was etched in his eyes.


Tsunami giggled at his exclamation while Inari made a sickened face. Kakashi looked at his student in confusion before looking out the window. Standing in front of Tsunami's house were a good portion of the females near Naruto's age holding signs that said, "Marry me!" "Bear my children!" and of course the old classic, "BE MY BABY DADDY!"

Kakashi looked out the back window and saw several girls sneaking around back and released the handle of the door, "On second thought, let's just stay here."

A week past and the bridge finished. The people of Nami no Kuni held a large going away party, which Naruto didn't personally attend, a clone did instead. Girls of various ages poked, prodded, cut hair off...well the girls did many a strange things and the blonde was in no hurry to see why. Instead, he said his farewells with the safety of his team before fleeing in a hurry. Inari had released tears as he watched his hero leave, and in the heat of the moment, he suggested they name the bridge "The Great Naruto Bridge."

Needless to say, the name was met with great approval.

A few miles outside of Konoha, Naruto was carrying his Orinpianburedo on his shoulder, occasionally slashing at a tree and taking several more out. The blonde's sensei shook his head in amazement before going back to his book while his teammate seethed.

Eventually, Sasuke had had enough and stopped in front of the blonde holding his hand out. Naruto arched a brow in confusion.

"Give me that sword, Dobe," Sasuke said with a smirk, "Obviously it needs to be held by a Uchiha elite, not some dead last loser."

Naruto blinked before suddenly laughing in Sasuke's face. He wiped the tear from his eye and patted Sasuke's shoulder before he resumed walking. Over his shoulder he said, "Oh, man...that was a good one Sasuke. Here I thought I was the comedy act for this team."

Sasuke seethed before he pulled a kunai out, "I said give me the sword Dobe!"

He leapt at the blonde only to stop in midair. He looked back to see Kakashi holding Sasuke by his collar and glaring at the Uchiha. Sasuke glared back before looking down to see the blade he wanted staring him in the face. Naruto had his eyes narrowed and a frown on his face.

"This is my blade, Sasuke," the blonde said, releasing a lot of KI, "Zabuza left it to me. Respect that. Let's go, I've got a few bowls of ramen waiting for me."

Sakura had a scared expression on her face as she watched the maroon clad boy walk away from their group. Even Kakashi, their sensei, didn't approve of how Sasuke acted. Sakura was lost, she thought Sasuke was right, but, having heard Zabuza left it to Naruto...It made her head spin in confusion.

Kakashi dropped Sasuke with a thump before he resumed following the blonde. He examined the boy from behind as he seemed to read his book and thought, If I'm right about who his parents are, there is going to be hell to pay.

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