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Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight

Chapter One

Kurt's mind was reeling. And not in a good way – not with images of Blaine, not with song lyrics or New Directions or the Warblers or even Wicked.

It was Jeremiah. He was ugly. There was a tiny, decent streak in Kurt that struck out at this shallow, more dominant part of the young soprano. But he pushed the thought aside, although the image of Jeremiah remained unwavering. He was messy, unappreciative and so completely wrong for Blaine in more ways than Kurt could count.

Of course, Kurt wasn't exactly the best judge of that. When he'd first transferred to Dalton, he'd given it a month before he and Blaine had gotten together. They'd come so close, but somehow they kept missing each other. And now there was a pang that struck Kurt with the thought that maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. They had stuck it out in limbo long enough, and clearly Blaine had moved on.

Or maybe he'd never held interest in the first place. Or at least, not the right kind of interest.

Now that Kurt truly contemplated it, the rosy pink sunglasses of love removed, throwing everything into an obvious kind of clarity, he could see how stupid he'd been.

Blaine was friendly. He was friendly to everyone. Kurt had never been friends with a guy before, at least, not in the way he was with Blaine. He'd misread the signs, right from the very beginning. The whole relationship must have been a figment of his glitter-dusted imagination.

But the glitter was gone now. Everything was clear. Blaine had serenaded Jeremiah, not him. That meant something; that meant more than the chaste looks the pair had shared or the hugs or even the lingering touches which had fallen into common practise between the two of them.

It meant it was time to move on.

Right. So…how the fuck was he supposed to do that?

Blaine sat alone, although he found the silence to be no comfort. There was an awful gap where Kurt was supposed to be, singing, laughing, gossiping, anything.

Blaine knew he'd messed up. Big time.

He'd held no regard for Kurt's feelings, although he'd been aware of them for a while, and apparently so had Kurt. His confession had been so heartbreakingly honest in that coffee shop, and it made perfect sense. It would have been so easy to kiss the younger man and say Jeremiah didn't matter; it was Kurt he truly wanted. He would have almost been telling the truth. He certainly felt something for Kurt, of that there was no question. He just hadn't decided what yet, and he was enough of a gentleman to figure out his feelings before he imposed them on someone else. He couldn't stand the thought of Kurt's heart in jeopardy, especially not because of him; the younger man was worth so much more than him. Kurt was so fragile; Blaine couldn't break him. He'd never forgive himself.

He'd put his feelings aside, because there was so much more on the line than his pride or dignity – Kurt. Kurt was on the line, and Blaine couldn't imagine losing him. He couldn't let himself lose him.

So, instead, he flipped out his phone and prepared himself for a string of text messages with Kurt, leading nowhere but somehow, he felt closer to Kurt and that warmed his heart slightly.

Blaine found himself struggling between kisses – was 3 too much? But one seemed so vague, so placid, so…nonchalant. Like he couldn't be bothered. The older man shook himself, suddenly, realising his stupidity, pressed down on the x key 3 times, and sent the text before he could erase and re-type them anymore.

The reply was instantaneous.

Three kisses? How presumptuous of you, Mr Anderson. K xx

His laughter drowned out any indecision of what to say to Kurt; had he forgotten how easy the young soprano was to talk to? They were friends; they talked for hours and never ran out of conversation. They hugged, they shared things, they were never forced or awkward, they just…fitted.

So why was he so nervous to say the wrong thing? He pushed the thought aside, and tried to think of a suitable comeback, though he knew he could never rival one of Kurt's, as he was the King – rather, Queen – of bitchy remarks.

He was willing to try, regardless, even if it was just to be shot down by Kurt. That was almost the best part.

Presumptuous? What the hell was I thinking? Kurt flung his phone down on the bed, angry at his own stupidity. After a few seconds of regarding his beloved gadget, he picked it up quickly and stroked the screen gently with his long, pianist fingers. "I'm sorry, baby. Daddy didn't mean it."

Whoa, Kurt tried to grab hold of reality and used it to steady himself. He needed to get a grip. His "baby" buzzed suddenly, tugging him from the realms of daydream Kurt found himself slipping into.

Presumptuous? Never really considered it. Dashing, noble and drop dead gorgeous seem more fitting… B xx

Kurt didn't even pause to think before his fingers flew across the QWERTY keyboard he was so familiar with.

You left out modest. K x

It was a predictable response, but considering Kurt was one of the most unpredictable people in the world, he felt that every once in a while he could afford to act a little more…human.

It's not like Blaine would mind. And what did Kurt care if he did? He was moving on. No more over-analysing or planning responses to make Blaine smile or laugh. He had to stop creating this fantasy, because it would only come crashing down around him.

He couldn't help thinking, as he settled his phone on his dressing table and moved away from it, noticing that his instant replies to texts seemed a little desperate, that it was worth it, just to be with Blaine, even if it was only within the confinements of his mind.

A reply buzzed its way through Kurt's phone.

You love it. B xxx

All Kurt could do was sigh in admission.

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