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Also, for the pairings in this story, in case people are wondering, will be of course InuyashaxKagome, CloudxTifa, all that canon stuff. Of course, romance here will be EXTREMELY light because this is going to be more of an action fanfiction. Won't give out too much information, I don't wanna spoil, you know? Just hope you enjoy!

Inuyasha x Final Fantasy VII Crossover

The Swords of the Four Warriors

Chapter 0: -Prologue-

A long time ago, two blades were forged by an elderly and also a legendary blacksmith named Totosai. Totosai forged the two blades from the fangs of his old friend, The Inu no Taisho (The Great Dog Demon) who was a powerful demon lord who was known throughout ancient Japan. Out of the two blades he forged, one was called Tessaiga and the second was Tenseiga. Tessaiga was known as the sword of death or sometimes the sword of the earth and it was rumored it could slay 100 demons with one swing. Tenseiga was known as the sword of light or sword of the heaven, though it had a special property, it couldn't be used to harm any living beings. However, it allowed the wielder to see and slay demons from the underworld and was rumored to bring 100 beings back to life in one swing, the complete opposite of Tessaiga. The two blades were then given to the two sons of The Inu no Taisho. Tenseiga was bestowed upon Sesshomaru, the successor to the Great Dog Demon, while Tessaiga was bestowed upon Inuyasha, a half-human and half-demon, the younger brother of Sesshomaru.

In another time and world, two other legendary blades have spread across a planet known as Gaia. One was known as the Masamune, a long sword that can only be wielded by its owner. No one knows of its exact origins, except that it can be created by the owner's force of will and was owned by a powerful 1st Class SOLIDER named Sephiroth. The second blade was known as the Buster Sword, a huge gigantic sword. The Buster Sword was once wielded by three former SOLIDERS: Angeal Hewley, Zack Fair, and Cloud Strife. Although after the Jenova Battle, the Buster Sword was soon left behind in a church of flowers as it was a memento and was replaced by the Fusion Sword, six-swords with the power to fuse into one, becoming the new 'Buster Sword' for Cloud Strife.

These swords soon represented the four warriors and although these swords are used differently by their owners, the question is, how will they be used when all four are brought together? Will they be used for protection, justice, and bring forth peace? Or will they all be used against one another and bring forth chaos and destruction? Time will tell as the four swordsmen are the only ones to decide on how they will use their blades and as well shape the future of their worlds…

A huge gigantic silver-colored ship was sailing in the twilight sky. This airship was known as, The Shera. The Shera was built by unknown builders long ago and was left buried, abandoned by an unknown ancient civilization, possibly by the Cetra. The Cetra, sometimes known as The Ancients, were the humans of the past except they had deep spiritual powers. However, the Cetra soon became extinct and their history soon became forgotten by the humans today. When The Shera was discovered, it was reconstructed into an airship and was used in a war against a secret underground army known as Deepground. It was badly damaged during the war, but was reconstructed to its full-self.

Inside the airship were soldiers who were part of the WRO, the World Regenesis Organization. The WRO is a volunteer organization that's purpose is to help protect their planet and also serve as a government and military organization. The WRO soldiers were busy working, checking their radars, writing reports, and notifying each other that everything was running smoothly and there were no problems to detect.

"Someone take control for a while! I'm just going to take a break!" yelled a man as he was piloting the airship.

The man had short blond hair, wore goggles around his forehead, a blue t-shirt, black gloves, green cargo pants and brown combat boots. His name was Cid Highwind, a legendary pilot who fought during the Jenova Battle and also against Deepground. As a solider came up to him and took control of the wheel, Cid headed out of the control room and towards the dining room. As he walked in, he saw a small group of people he recognized and a red fur lion-like beast resting next to table where the group of people were at. A huge dark-skinned male with a silver metallic right arm wore a puffy off-white vest with a fish-net shirt underneath it, green pants, and brown boots, playing cards with a tan-colored skin man who had long black hair, a beard, and wore a long blue robe that almost reached the ground. Watching the two males' playing cards next to them, while standing up was a third male. He had crimson eyes and long black hair, wearing a red band over his head with his fringe emerging over it, a tattered red cape held in place over his shoulders and lower face by several buckles. Underneath his cape, his entire attire was black with several straps and more buckles on him. He had a gun holster against his right leg which was holding his weapon, golden pointed metallic boots, and a golden gauntlet on his left arm. Overall you can pretty much mistake him as vampire. The dark-skinned male slammed his fists against the table, obviously furious that he lost while the blue robed man only laughed at him.

"Haha, looks like I win again Barret," laughed the blue robed man.

"Ah shut it Reeve! I think you're cheatin'!" yelled Barret as he pointed his finger towards the male.

"You're just a sore loser Barret…relax," said the red caped male calmly as he stared at his dark-skinned companion.

"Even Vincent is with me on this," laughed Reeve.

"Red! You know that Reeve cheated right?" asked Barret as he looked down towards the red wolf-like creature that was resting peacefully.

"Don't bother me. I'm resting," mumbled Red as he continued relaxing.

"Blah! You're a cheater and that's that!" yelled Barret as he slammed his fist again against the table.

"What you ladies up to?" laughed Cid as he walked towards the group of males and taking a seat next to them.

"Yo!" yelled Barret as he looked towards the blond male, finally calming down.

"Nothing much. Playing a simple and friendly gamble," laughed Reeve.

"Where is the rest of the girl scouts?" grinned Cid as he pulled out a cigarette and lighting it as he placed it in his mouth.

"Not too sure. I know Yuffie is probably in the bathroom spitting out her stomach," said Barret.

"I hate flying! I hate flying! I hate flying!" yelled a young girl.

"Speak of the devil," grinned Cid.

Everyone turned to see the girl holding her stomach as she came into the dining room, lying against the wall. She wore a navy blue tank-top with a white Hawaiian flowered design underneath a sleeveless dark-gray vest that stopped just below the rib-cage, revealing her midriff, wore khaki shorts over a belted hip-pack, dark-gray in color that rests across her right hip, wore a black and white bandana over her forehead, a white wristband on her right arm and a black cloth that starts from below her elbow and partially covers her left hand. She also wore laced knee-high boots with black socks that have two white stripes at the top.

"I just spit out my breakfast and lunch in the bathroom," cried the ninja girl as she stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"Too much information Yuffie," sighed Cid as she blew out smoke from his cigarette, "And stop complaining. I can't make this ship into paradise you know!"

"Oh gawd! I think I'm about to barf up my food from yesterday… -ERK! I gotta go!" cried Yuffie as she covered her mouth and was holding her stomach as she ran out the door and quickly back into the bathroom.

"That girl never fails to amuse me," laughed Cid, "Anyways? Where is Tifa and Cloud?"

A young spiky blond hair man was outside and standing on the balcony of the airship, staring into the horizon and watching the sunset. He wore a high collar black shirt with no sleeves, black pants and boots, a black cloth covering his left leg and arm, and his chest covered by two straps, held in place by a badge representing some kind of wolf.

"It's quiet…I hate quiet," whispered the spiky blond male to himself.

"Well, what do you expect from saving the world, at least three times in a row," giggled a female from behind him.

The female had long black hair that reached down to her lower back and had brownish-red eyes. She wore a white shirt under a black zip-up vest with black shorts that fold at the waist, a short duster at the back of her pants that extended down to her heels, black gloves, and black sneakers.

"Tifa…what are you doing here?" asked the blond male as he turned his head slightly behind him, looking over his shoulder towards the female.

"I could be asking you the same thing Cloud," smiled Tifa as she walked up towards Cloud, wrapping her arms around his left arm and resting her head on his shoulder, starring at the sunset with him, "Isn't beautiful?"

Cloud looked down towards Tifa and gave a small laugh that could barely be heard and looked back towards the horizon, "I suppose…don't really care."

"Hm...you're always like that," whispered Tifa smiling softly at him as she continued staring towards the sun.

"You know me," shrugged Cloud.

Tifa gave a warm smile as she stared at him and closed her eyes, letting her head rest on Cloud's shoulder once more, "There's something I always wanted to tell you, you know."

"What is it?" asked Cloud as he stared back towards Tifa.

"Cloud…I lo-"

Before Tifa could finish her sentence, The Shera began shaking rapidly. Inside the airship, everyone was falling onto the floor and sliding all over the place. The soldiers were doing their best to hold onto something to give them support, but soon they all saw a huge thunderstorm that was in their path. Back outside the airship, Tifa nearly fell, but Cloud quickly grabbed onto her and took her back inside where it was safe.

Cid and the others were dashing into the control room and went back on top to grab hold of the wheel. He saw the thunderstorm and tried his best to avoid it; however he was getting no response from the airship when he was trying to turn it.

"Where in the hell did this storm come from and how we get into it?" yelled Cid.

"Sir! The thunderstorm is taking out our radar system!" yelled out a soldier, "Systems are beginning to shut down! We are losing power! We have no control over the airship!"

"What the hell! This is bull! Well what are you waiting for? Start up the emergency power!" yelled Cid as he was still trying to turn the airship around.

"Something is happening," answered Vincent calmly.

"Like what?" yelled Barret.

"Stop this shaking! You're making my stomach even more upset! I'm barfing up my food from a week ago now!" yelled Yuffie as she came into the control room with the others.

"YUFFIE! THIS ISN'T THE TIME!" yelled Cid as he was struggling to keep The Shera under control.

As the soldiers were doing their best holding onto something to prevent them from flying all over the place and finding a solution to the problem they were in, The Shera began shaking even more violently, turning from side to side. Cloud heard a cry outside of where he and Tifa were at earlier and saw a female solider with a container on top of her leg.

"Someone! Anyone! Help me please!" cried the female soldier as she tried to lift the container off of her but with no success.

"Tifa! Hold onto the rail! I'm going back!" yelled Cloud.

"What? Cloud wait!" yelled Tifa as she turned her head around towards Cloud in fear.

Cloud had already left and quickly went towards the female solider and tried to remove the container off of the woman's leg. Cloud was having no luck until two more soldiers showed up and was helping him lift up the container and throwing it aside. The two soldiers picked up the woman and gave a whispered gratitude towards Cloud as she wiped a tear away as they took her away to safety. Just then, Cloud saw a huge nearby black container, it's cables ripping off, and flying off the airship and into the dark clouds below them.

'Damn. This storm is too dangerous. We need to get out of here,' thought Cloud to himself.

As Cloud quickly turned around to head back inside the airship, a lightning bolt struck the floor in front of him, blinding him. Cloud's body was acting on his own, using his arms to block off the light to prevent it from blinding him more, but that was a big mistake to do. With nothing to hold onto, he had lost his balance and soon fell off out of the ship and falling towards the dark clouds below him. Tifa cried out towards Cloud in fear and tried to go after him, but was blocked off by soldiers to preventing her from falling into the storm. Tifa had tears running down her cheeks as she saw a small a glimpse of Cloud falling, soon disappearing into nothing and out of sight. Soon after, The Shera was engulfed by the dark clouds and soon disappeared out of sight into thin air, like as if it was never there...

"I'm telling you, we won't find anything if we keep going this direction," yelled a tall long white hair male wearing a baggy red kimono as he was walking barefooted, had long fingernails, short white dog ears coming out of the top of his hair and sword hanging on the hip of his kimono.

"Oh stop complaining Inuyasha!" yelled a young girl, scolding the white hair male. She had long wavy black hair, brown eyes, wearing a green school uniform with a red ribbon tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse.

"You should listen to Kagome, Inuyasha. I hate to see your mouth filled with dirt again," laughed another male. He wore a blue two-piece robe that represented a Buddhist monks robe, but appeared extravagant and expensive to be one.

"Oh shut up Miroku!" yelled Inuyasha as he grabbed hold of the necklace that was around him and showed it towards the monk, "I like to see you wear this around your neck!"

"Now, now you too. Calm down," smiled the second female wearing a long Kimono outfit, carrying a huge boomerang against her back. On her shoulder was a small yellow furred kitten-like creature with two tails. Sango was gently scratching under the small creature's neck, hearing it respond with a purr, "Isn't that right Kirara?"

"I don't need to listen to you Sango! I keep telling you all, if we continue to follow this trail, I bound will find any Jewel Shards!" yelled Inuyasha.

"What makes you say that? It's not like you can sense any Inuyasha," laughed a small brown-haired boy as he appeared from Kagome's shoulder. This boy wasn't ordinary however. He appeared as young boy, but he had certain fox-like features: his legs, feet, ears, and tail. He mostly wore a blue outfit with a yellow vest over it with a matching blue bow on his head.

"Good point Shippo," giggled Kagome.

"I don't know why everyone is going against me," groaned Inuyasha as he was getting annoyed that all of his comrades were ganging up on him.

As the party continued walking, a dark storm appeared over their heads and started to rain hard. Everyone was getting wet and were surprised, wondering where this storm came from. Just not too long ago it was bright and sunny, not a single cloud in the sky, but this was unexpected, almost as if it wasn't naturally…

"We should get out of this rain!" cried Sango as she tried to protect herself from the falling rain-drops.

"I think there is a cave up ahead! We can use it for shelter!" said Kagome as she pointed her finger ahead.

Everyone nodded in agreement and hurried off towards the direction Kagome was pointing at. As they started sprint in full speed, Miroku stopped in his tracks and turned his head around, staring at the storm above him.

'Something tells me…this is no ordinary storm,' thought Miroku as he continued staring at the dark clouds.

"Hurry up Miroku!" yelled Inuyasha as he saw the monk behind.

Miroku shook his head, quickly snapping out of his thoughts and hurried to catch up with his friends. No one in the party realized a dark portal that was opening above them with a huge gigantic silver-like ship crashing down towards the ground…

End of Prologue

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