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Chapter 4: -A Pack of Wolves-

The battle between Cloud and the mysterious Koga had begun and Koga's men merely stood at the sideline watching. Koga had incredible speed and Cloud could barely keep up with movements, having a hard time reading his attacks. The wolf demon threw his hand at the blond male, trying to claw him, but Cloud used his blade to counter it. Koga, impressed, couldn't believe that a mere human kept up with his speed, but then something caught the wolf demon's attention. There was a glowing purple light coming from the bracelet and Koga couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was a jewel shard in his grasp and the only thing blocking him was this man he was facing. However, something else caught his attention. He looked at Cloud's pauldron and saw a pendant that represented a wolf with a ring in its mouth. Cloud pushed Koga away with incredible force, making the wolf demon fly into the air, but Koga simply performed a flip in the air and harmlessly landed on the ground.

As Koga landed on the ground, he went into his fighting stance, but before he let fight continue, he spoke to Cloud, "Before we begin, tell me something, what is your name human?"

"Cloud Strife," replied Cloud as he introduced his name, "And if I'm not mistaken, you called yourself Koga?"

"Heh, that's right. Before we begin out match I have two questions I must ask," Koga said. He stared Cloud's bracelet with a keen expression and then back to him, "First I must ask where you found that jewel shard."

"Jewel shard? What is a jewel shard?" asked Cloud in confusion. He had no idea what Koga was talking about. Perhaps it was this purple shard he had taken from that demon back at Hiro's village.

Koga showed a frustrated expression on his face as he heard Cloud's response, "Don't play stupid with me! How can a human like you not know what a jewel shard is?! You carry it with you in that bracelet of yours!"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," replied Cloud calmly, "I merely found this shard from a fiend I fought, but have no idea what its purpose is."

"Ha! I find it strange that a human like you would have no idea what a jewel shard is! I carry two of the same shard you hold on my two legs," explained Koga, showing to Cloud a similar glow from the shards in his legs, "For my second question, that pendant on your shoulder, what is it?"

"The pendant on my shoulder represents Fenrir, a wolf. It acted as a reminder to make sure that I would never forget all the failures I have achieved, the sins I have committed, and to remind me that I could never be 'his' living legacy. I acted like a lone wolf," answered Cloud. He soon after became silent, remembering his past, feeling the darkness in his head. But even in the darkest depths of his heart, he could see the light. He looked at Koga with a new expression, his Mako eyes filled with determination, "In the end, I was really the one convincing myself that I was powerless, that I was a burden. 'They' never thought such a thing about me, not even once. He and everyone else reminded me I was never alone and that I never will be. It was because of all of them, I found a new reason to fight!"

Koga merely responded with a laugh and shook his head, "I have no idea what you are talking about. I was merely asking what that symbol was on your shoulder. I never asked for your life story. Though I do find it hilarious that a human like you would think he is a wolf. This will be my strangest fight I have ever faced. A human who acts like he is a wolf is fighting against a wolf demon. Fine then! Let me test your strength and if you can beat me, I might let you join my pack!"

Koga dashed towards Cloud with an incredible speed, nearly catching him off guard. Cloud barely had enough time to react, using his sword as a shield to block the incoming attack. The impact was so strong that Cloud got pushed away, even though his feet were firmly pressed on the ground. Koga pushed away to give himself enough distance away from Cloud to plan his next attack. His comrades were cheering behind him, acting as if he had already won the fight. Enough was enough for Cloud. This fight was dragging for too long and it was about time he ended it. Cloud raised his left arm to show a green orb, which begun to give out a glow.

"Haste!" yelled out Cloud as he casted a spell.

A gold aura enveloped Cloud and he dashed at Koga with an equal speed. Koga got caught off guard and dodged to the side, evading Cloud's sword at the very last second. The wolf demon couldn't believe what he was witnessing. A human was somehow catching up to his speed, but how was that even possible? Koga could only dodge Cloud's attacks, having no time to counterattack. Koga saw his only opportunity to strike when Cloud slammed the edge of his blade at the ground. He swung his sharp claws towards Cloud's neck, but Cloud pulled out a second blade from his sword which caught Koga off guard and stopped his attack midway. The two were at a stalemate, Koga's sharp claws right at Cloud's neck while Cloud had his small blade right underneath Koga's chin. The two warriors merely stared at each other, wondering who was going to strike. Koga's men were about to jump into the fight, but the leader quickly stopped them from proceeding any further.

Koga smirked at Cloud, knowing the outcome for this fight, "You're pretty good for a human who thinks he is a wolf."

He pulled his fingers away from Cloud and raised both of his hands up in the air to show his surrender. Cloud had doubts, but fused his second miniature sword back to his main blade, and placed it aside. The gold aura that was shrouding Cloud disappeared and Koga offered his hand to him, shocking his men.

"Please, accept my invitation in joining my tribe, Cloud Strife. A wolf should never travel alone," smiled Koga. Cloud looked at the hand Koga was offering and seemed skeptical, but decided to give him a chance and took it without hesitation. The two shook hands and soon broke apart. Koga pointed his finger to a direction and spoke once again, "The rest of my tribe is over there. You're welcome to come, if you think you can keep up that is."

Cloud wasn't sure of what to do, however it was getting dark and perhaps it wouldn't be wise to travel at night in an area he was not familiar with. Cloud walked up to his motorcycle and unlocked a hatch at the side of his vehicle, sliding his sword inside, and closing it. The demon wolves dashed off and Cloud quickly turned on his engine, following them to their den.

Cloud and Koga arrived at their destination and saw a large amount of these demon wolves gathered outside a cave entrance. They were all celebrating Koga's arrival, but as they focused their attention to Cloud, they could only stare in complete silence. Cloud was feel the atmosphere around him was tense and saw a murderous look the demon wolves were giving him, but before Cloud could pull out his sword from his motorcycle, Koga quickly spoke up.

"Everyone! Gather around and listen! I have arrived with a new brother! His name is Cloud Strife and I expect you all to welcome him into our home!" announced Koga as he introduced Cloud, "If I see anyone give our new brother a hard time, I will personally kill you!"

The demon wolves stared Koga with fear and kept their distance from the blond male. Cloud stared at Koga and saw him signaling to follow him inside the cave. Cloud turned off the engine and got out of his motorcycle, dragging it inside to the cave. The cave was very large and very spacious, seemingly enough to fit a large amount of people inside. There were three fireplaces scattered inside the cave, two by the entrance and one way far back against the cave wall. Koga was heading towards the fireplace that was close to the cave wall and Cloud simply followed him. Koga sat down and crossed his legs with his three comrades doing the same. Koga grabbed a stick and was moving the twigs in the fireplace, hoping to get it started.

"Hey! Someone start a fire here!" ordered Koga angrily.

"Step back a little," suggested Cloud as he walked up to the fireplace. He aimed his left hand and called out a spell, "Fire 1!"

A small fire appeared at the fireplace out of nowhere and slowly begun to flicker wildly as it stared to grow. Koga and his men were wide-eyed as they stared at the fire, amazed at what they saw. Koga couldn't help himself but show a huge grin on his face as he stared at Cloud.

"That's amazing! How in the world can you do that?" asked Koga in excitement.

Cloud rolled up his long sleeve and showed him three different colored orbs to Koga that were inside his bracelet and began his explanation, "These small marble shaped objects are known as Materia. The green Materia allows me to cast a spell, the yellow orb is an Enemy Skill Materia which allows me to use certain moves that I copied from some enemies, and the red orb is a Summons Materia, allowing me to call forth monsters. These Materia allows the user to call upon the wisdom of the Lifestream which can manipulate nature itself and there are some that can even enhance the user's abilities. In order to use a Materia's power, a shock triggered by the user's mind waves is required. As a result, the user's mind is weakened and frequent use of Materia without rest taxes their stamina."

"I have no idea what you just said," announced Koga as he stared at Cloud with a blank expression, "And what do you mean 'wisdom of the Lifestream'? What the hell is a Lifestream anyways?"

"The Lifestream is what we call the river of life that circles our planet, giving life to the world and everything in it," explained Cloud.

"I still don't get it," replied Koga as he rubbed his head, still confused about Cloud's explanation, "Well, pushing your explanation aside, I would like to know more about you Cloud. In exchange, I'll tell you whatever you want to know to the best of my ability."

Koga's comrades began circling Cloud, curious to hear his story. Cloud was somewhat anxious, never having these many eyes focused on him before, but simply took a breath to calm down and focused back to Koga, "So what would you like to know?"

"I would like to know about those eyes of yours. I've never seen a human with those kinds of eyes before," said Koga as he seemed interested in them.

Cloud nodded and began to explain, "These eyes mark someone in SOLDIER. SOLDIERs are an elite fighting force with superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Although the SOLDIERs are enhanced, they are still human. They undergo a special surgery infused with Mako, liquid form of the Lifestream."

"I see, but I've yet to hear anything about you," said Koga as he crossed his arms.

"My past is long. Perhaps I'll tell it another time," replied Cloud, not really feeling explaining his entire tale.

"Heh, so you going to stay a mystery to us huh? Fine, I won't force you. I would like to know what kind of demon that is you were riding though. I've never seen that before," said Koga as he seemed fixated on what was behind him.

Cloud gave a confused look and turned to the direction he was facing at. A couple of demon wolves were gathering around Cloud's motorcycle, inspecting it. One placed his hand on the hood of the vehicle and jumped back as he felt something burn his palm. He gave out a growl and called out Koga.

"Koga! This demon burnt my hand!"

"Probably because it doesn't like anyone going near it," laughed Koga.

"That is no demon. It's called a motorcycle and the reason your hand got burnt was because you touched the hood where the engine is. The engine is probably still hot when it was running," explained Cloud to the demon.

"A 'motorcycle'?" asked the demon wolf in confusion, never hearing that word before.

Cloud turned back his attention to Koga, "As you can see I am not from this world. By the looks of things, since this looks foreign to you, it is possible I traveled to the past, but I've never heard of any history of demon wolves roaming the planet before. I suppose you have no idea on how I can head back to my time do you?"

"I have no clue. Though if anyone could help you, it's most likely Lady Kaede," suggested Koga, "She is a strong and wise priestess, considering she is the younger sister of Lady Kikyo."

"Kaede? Kikyo?" questioned Cloud.

Koga nodded, "Before we get into that, is there anything you would like to know?"

"I would like to know more about this jewel shard you keep mentioning about," replied Cloud as he was examining the shard in his Materia bracelet.

"Ha, I figured as much. Alright, I'll tell you as much as I know," said Koga as he gave out a grin. He took a moment to think and it wasn't too long until he found a good place where to start, "Well, I am going to explain Lady Kikyo and Kaede so I might as well talk about the jewel shards. The jewel shards you and I own are pieces of a sacred jewel known as the 'Jewel of Four Souls'. It's a marble-sized jewel that grants the user immense power. However, when Lady Kikyo died, she and along with the jewel was burned, so no one else could use its power. Eventually Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation, appeared along with the jewel. Kagome can to sense jewel shards and with every jewel shard in possession, you become stronger. I tend to use the jewel shards to make myself and my tribe stronger, but honestly I want to use the sacred jewel to kill Naraku."


"A terrible demon. He killed my comrades so I began a journey to get my revenge and simply end him. If I can just find all the jewel shards, Naraku will be no match for me and no demon would dare try to challenge us! Am I right brothers?" Koga's tribe gave out a loud cheer to him, hoping to see the day Koga kills Naraku. Koga merely gave a smirk and eyed at Cloud, "So what do you plan to use the jewel shard for? Planning to become stronger?"

"I have no plans to use these objects for my own personal reasons," Cloud replied quickly.

"If you have no reason to use the jewel shard, than why do you have it?" said Koga, shocked to hear Cloud's response. He gave an awkward glance to Cloud, but shortly after gave a grin, "Why not give it to me? I'll put some use to it."

'Don't do it! Keep holding it just a little while longer…'

Cloud merely shook his head, "Sorry Koga. It's not like I don't want to give it to you, it just feels like I shouldn't give it up yet."

"You are a strange person Cloud," laughed Koga, "But I respect your decision. Anyways, like I said before, if anyone will help you, it would be Lady Kaede. I'll point you to the direction, but until then, why not rest and eat with us." Just as Koga mentioned about eating, two demons walked inside the cave carrying a large amount, "Well look what we have here. Ginta and Hakkaku arrived just in time with our food!"

"Koga! We caught a lot of fish today!" smiled Ginta happily. He saw Cloud and gave a curious look, "Who is he?"

"Our new brother! Well what are you waiting for! Hurry up and set everything up!" ordered Koga angrily, apparently waiting for the food to get ready.

Ginta and Hakkaku quickly became scared and started rushing to prepare their meal. Cloud couldn't help but show a small light smile on his face. Perhaps this place wouldn't be so bad and they all did seem trustworthy, especially Koga. Maybe because these pack of wolves reminded him of his own pack or maybe because since he viewed himself as a wolf and meeting Koga, he found it funny that he ended up literally being in a pack of wolves. Whatever the case, he wasn't alone and seemed to have made new friends in this world.

Day had arrived and Cloud was preparing to leave. Koga and his tribe merely watched as their new brother started to leave. Some were a bit sad that Cloud was already leaving them and wished he would stay longer, but Cloud had to leave to find his friends and find a way back home.

"I don't know how far the village is from here, but I know you'll eventually find it. If all else fails, perhaps Kagome will find you since you carry a jewel shard. She is my mate of mine so just tell her I sent you. I'm sure she'll be able to help you out since she likes to help others in need," explained Koga.

"Wait, if she is your mate, than why is she by herself? Aren't you supposed to be with her and protecting or something?" asked Cloud in confusion.

Koga was silent and the demons began laughing at Cloud's remark. Koga turned his head at his tribe and gave a murderous glare and they all quickly shut their mouths, remaining silent as they were afraid of making their leader furious.

"Tsk! Just shut up and go Cloud," glared Koga as he turned his attention back to Cloud. The blond wasn't sure how to respond so he just placed his goggles on and turned on his motorcycle to head off. Before Cloud could move, Koga quickly stopped him, "Cloud. Just remember this, if you ever need help, just howl and will come running."

Cloud was silent, but replied with a nod. The two shook hands once more and Cloud thank everyone for their gratitude as he dashed off. Cloud finally had a lead where to go and hoped he found find his friends. As Cloud was driving, he took a quick glance at his jewel shard and merely thought to himself.

'Zack. I wonder if you're watching…I found a new pack. Aerith was right. Everything's alright. I'm never alone even in a new world.'

End of Chapter 4

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