Ann's decision

Chapter 1

I saw "Time Tunnel, as a very young girl, and I liked the show very much. When I bought the DVD Collection, the muse struck me;-). So I try to write a story. And because I like the Character of "Dr. Ann MacGregor" especially well and think she was neglected, so she will more prominent in this tale. I also thought from the first episode on, that Doug Phillips and Ann MacGregor have a hidden romance. So I will write not only a Time-Tunnel Adventure but also a Romance. I must add that English isn't my native language, so please be patient if I make spelling or grammatical errors. They are mine alone ;-)

I hope to find some Time Tunnel fans here who will enjoy this story and wait for feedback from you.

Dr. Ann MacGregor woke from a worried sleep. She had dreamed, like so often, of her colleagues and an uncertain feeling told her that they were in danger. She scolded herself a fool, certainly it was only the reaction to her dream and the fact that yesterday they had failed again to bring Doug and Tony back. Thoughtfully she sank back in her cushions.

Before the transfer brought Doug and Tony back into the time vortex, they had difficulties to maintain the visual connection. Only for a few times they had managed to speak with their friends. The voice connection absorbed too much energy. And yet Ann wished for nothing more than to talk with Doug. He would know a solution; nevertheless, he always knew what had to be done. Neither Dr. Swain nor General Kirk was ready to adopt her view of things. She had found out on account of her calculation that the effect of the radiation bath, through which the time travelers automatically went by entry into the activated tunnel, decreased. Ann was of the opinion that, if they couldn't fetch back her colleagues to them, they should try to send radio beacons, which could be placed under the skin. Kirk hadn't reacted to her argumentation at all and Dr. Swain was of the opinion, that she was wrong, the effect of the radiation bath couldn't decrease.

If only Doug was here, the thought pursued her, since he was away, all the more, since she herself was kidnapped by an Alien to a distant future, where she had met Doug and Tony. So nightmarish this experience might have been, she was so very happy to be again close to Doug at last. The feelings between her and the tall, dark-haired scientist were more than a working relationship. They had never spoken much about it. It was there, simply, for both noticeably, but nothing they could or would talk about. In their everyday working routine, they were so close to each other that words seemed unnecessary. When Phillips followed his young friend and co-worker trough the time tunnel, something broke deep inside her. She didn't know whether Doug felt the same, but this wasn't important at the moment. She had to do something, not only because she longed to be united with Phillips again. The danger to loose both scientists was always a great possibility in her own point of view. And if Swain and Kirk refused to listen to her, then she just had to act on her own initiative. She remembered what Doug had said when he said goodbye to Swain: Take not unnecessary risks, but if you must, than go for it.

About ten years ago the American government had decided to begin project "Tic Toc". The scientist Dr. Douglas Phillips had made his adventurous idea logically intelligible for the scientific experts. After the Okay by government and the military was given, he selected a group of qualified specialists round himself, who were sworn to the strictest secrecy. It takes five years to build the Complex, which applied for miles under the desert of Arizona. It was like an underground town, with lodgings, leisure facilities, labs and of course the heart of the enterprise, the Control-Center that holds also the gigantic helices of the time machine.

Everybody who worked and lived here, was put to strict secrecy, nobody was allowed lose a word about his occupation. Meanwhile fifty years old Dr. Raymond Swain and the responsible military person, General Haywood Kirk, who's friends called him "Woody", belonged to the team of the first hours. Shortly after the first attempts with the time tunnel had begun, Dr. Ann MacGregor joined the team, an electro-nuclear biochemist, with knowledge about history, who turned out to be a great enrichment. She also had studied a few semesters quantum mechanics, what came in handy. Finallythree years later, Dr. Anthony Newman, a young, promising scientist who brought new energy to the project with his temperament and his enthusiasm, joined forces.

Phillips and his people proved, that it was possible to travel in time, they sent only animals on the way, but till then, they failed to bring back one of their guinea pigs. The government became impatient. Now in view of the huge money which was necessary for the preservation of this experiment they wanted to see useful results. When Senator Clark appeared for a visit and announced that he would shorten the budget, or maybe even the project would be called off, Newman went himself by the tunnel to prove that a person could travel in time and survive it. He landed on the "Titanic" shortly before the ship was sinking. To save him, Dr. Doug Phillips followed him. Since that time both men were prisoners in the streams of time, every attempt to bring them back failed so far.

The oval screen of the time tunnel was switched off and only the black / to white spiral bends of the device was visible when Dr. MacGregor took the place at her control panel.

Jerry, did something important happen tonight? "

The young scientist who had taken over the night shift, smiled tiredly.

No, Dr. MacGregor, everything was quiet. "

Thank you, Jerry. Sleep well. "

With an inaudible sigh, Ann went over to the computer, pressed a few keys and went with the printed out results again to her writing desk. Besides, she saw that Dr. Swain and General Kirk stepped from the lift and came over to her working place.

Good morning, Ann. Could you sleep? "

Good morning. Yes, I have slept even rather well. ", she held out the computer calculations to both men.

Yesterday I operated again a program where the present conditions from Doug and Tony were simulated. And the result is the same like a few days ago. It is possible that we lose the contact to them because the effect of the radiation decreases. "

Swain looked doubtfully.

It is possible! But it is not proven. "

Ann sighed audible.

Should we wait until we have proof? Until we receive no more life signs? You can't be serious! "

Now the general interfered.

What do you suggest exactly, Ann? "

We need these implants which can be pushed under the skin. In my report I've already mentioned it. "

I have read it, but you certainly know that this technology had been tested only recent and not very thoroughly. More so, these things are quite costly. "

Then what the life of both is worth? Less than a piece of a new, not extensively experienced technology? "

Ann's voice was more than sarcastic.

Both men shared a look. They weren't used to it that the controlled, quiet scientist took such an aggressive position.

Dr. Swain tried to mediate.

We can talk about it. But even if we request these implants, how could we get them to Phillips and Newman? "

If we have contact to them again, we send them by the tunnel, with exact instructions what they should do with it. "

Kirk shook his head.

We have already sent something a few times by the tunnel, but mostly with difficulties, as you remember? "

We must wait for a suitable time or somebody has to go to the time stream. "

As from a mouth said Kirk and Swain:

You can forget this immediately. I won't approve it. "

Before Ann could answer, it crackled and hissed from the tunnel spirals.

With one step all three were at the control desks and saw fascinated on the screen that had activated itself.