So, what with Yami's past being revealed and magical hunters on the run about it looks like nothing good can happen.


Chapter 11-Spirit cavern

Yugi stood deep in thought; as much as he tried forcing himself to stop he always teased the monster inside him by thinking about how great Heba was, what made him more better than Yugi, but the most annoying thought was what he looked like being in Yami's arms and being very close.

'Heads up Yug!'

Yugi broke out of his thoughts and looked up right as a football hit him in the chest and he was knocked over, he then remembered that he was back in school playing football with the other boys in his class for sports. Joey jogged over to Yugi and took the ball out of his chest before pulling his friend up.

'You okay?' Joey asked.

'Y-Yeah' Yugi mumbled and brushed his clothes off.

'Okay' Joey turned to the others as they urged him to give the ball back, Joey grinned before dropping the ball and giving it a kick and racing off with the others.

Yugi sighed and rubbed his shoulder lightly "I hate sports" Yugi thought to himself.

Yugi walked home on his own that day, though he didn't particularly mind as he tortured himself some more and he felt like he was on the verge of crying, so he was glad Joey didn't bug him to come around otherwise his best friend would've been panicking.


Yugi stopped and looked around, before realising it was none other than Yami and looked up to see Yami sitting on the roof casually as he waved at Yugi. The teen sighed and put his hands on his hips to look scolding.

'What are you doing up there?' Yugi questioned.

'Waiting for you of course' Yami replied with a smile 'I have something to show you, can you come with me?'

'If it's another party I can't do it, I have homework-'

'It's not a party' Yami reassured 'I won't tell you, you'll have to find out for yourself, okay?'

Yugi raised his brow 'If this is a trick…'

'It's not I can assure you. There's just something I want to show you, please?'

Yugi sighed and nodded 'Okay, let me get changed and tell grandpa something'.

Yami grinned as Yugi walked into the game shop and waited for the small teen to return. After ten minutes Yugi walked out of the game shop wearing some casually jeans and shirt before walking off, Yami took no time in jumping off the roof and following Yugi down the street.

'So where're we going?' Yugi asked curiously.

'You'll see when we get there' Yami chuckled.

Yugi sighed 'Very well…but anything creepy I'm going to hit you'.


They seemed to walk through the town as the sun started to set on the horizon, Yugi idly looked around at the shops and other people who surrounded the streets while he stuck by Yami's side at all times. Soon though, they went off the concrete pavement and into the woods; the dark bottom mist sent shivers through Yugi's body, especially when he heard something snap or rustling in the leaves.

Yugi was about to ask Yami what was so important that it was in the woods but then he froze before hugging Yami's back 'Y-Ya-Yami! G-Gh-Ghost!'

'Hmm?' Yami looked up to see a small glowing blue ball, it could've been mistaken as a firefly but Yugi was sure they weren't blue like that colour. Yami simply chuckled and patted Yugi's head 'Not a ghost, this is what I wanted to show you Yugi'.

Yugi looked up at Yami confused 'Huh?'

Another chuckle from Yami 'You've seen a lot of the damned recently, I thought you might like to see something on the good side' Yami turned to the glowing ball as it hovered closer to him before poking it and making it burst to reveal a tiny fairy-or at least that's what Yugi presumed she was-inside it holding a blue flower in her hands.

'So…is this…a good spirit then?' Yugi wondered.

'Not just her'.

Yugi blinked before looking around as the ground lit up and more glowing blue balls lifted from the grass and circled around them, Yugi watched as they seemed to inspect the two before the balls started floating in one direction. Yami smiled and tugged Yugi along like a small child following his mother.

'Come on Yugi, they're allowing us to go further' Yami explained.

'F-Further?' Yugi repeated 'To where?'

Yami only smiled leaving the small teen puzzled and confused about their whereabouts. They followed the little lights deeper into the woods, Yugi watched them dance around until a large group of them stopped and seemed to collide into one another, Yugi halted to see what was happening and watched carefully. They wriggled together before it burst again and in front of Yugi stood a perfect copy of himself-apart from his copy was see-through and was a light shade of blue.

Yami glanced at the copy and chuckled before patting Yugi on the head 'I think they like you' He commented before pulling Yugi away.

They soon reached a tall tree and the lights and the copy Yugi lead them through a small hole through the tree, Yami then turned to Yugi 'Hope you don't mind crawling' He joked lightly before letting go of Yugi's hand and going through the hole.

Yugi bit his lip but got down on his knees and hands before crawling through as well, Yugi started to get confused as he followed the dim blue light through the hole, but it seemed to stretch on further then it looked on the outside. But after a while the tunnel came to the end and Yugi gave a small sigh as he crawled out and stood up to brush his clothes, he then looked around the scenery and gave a gasp.

It looked like a swamp; there was little land-and the biggest part was what Yugi and Yami stood on-and the rest was surrounded by deep black water, even the trees had begun to grow out of the water which helped them grow tall around them. There were small lilies floating over the water's surface and the glowing balls danced over the water so their reflection lit up the water. Yugi stared gawping at the surroundings before turning to Yami who only chuckled at his expression.

'You mustn't tell anyone about this, okay?'

Yugi gave a nod and looked around 'But…where are we?'

'Spirit hiding place' Yami answered with a shrug 'We have the hall while the spirits have here to hide out in'.

'I bet they don't hold any masquerade parties' Yami gave a laugh to which Yugi laughed lightly back before walking to the edge and peeking into the water 'It's so beautiful…'

'I'm pretty sure they'll let you come back if you like' Yami hinted to the see-through Yugi who was now walking over the water 'Just on your own though, they like their privacy'.

'Of course!' Yugi then smiled and turned to Yami 'Thank you…for bringing me here. It's so nice here'.

'I'd do anything for you' Yami reassured before leaning closer and placing a kiss on Yugi's lips.

Yugi's face crimsoned fast; Yami had never kissed him-except for the first time they had met-on the lips, his world began to spin but he managed to jump back from Yami's loving gesture 'W-What are you doing?' Yugi questioned as he covered his lips.

Yami chuckled 'Kissing you of course' Yami replied frankly.

'B-But you can't…'

Yami rolled his eyes 'Is this because Heba?'

Yugi froze then; he hadn't told Yami of the memories he found out, afraid that if he had mentioned Heba and his love for him that Yami would leave Yugi to go find him again.

'H-Heba? I don't know what you mean' Yugi mumbled.

'I asked Marik, and he told me everything' Yami gave a small smile 'About Heba, about why I was in that prison, and about how you love me'.

Yugi squeaked and turned bright crimson, his legs shaking as he shook his head furiously 'N-No I don't! Don't be stupid! W-Why would I l-l-lo-lov-'

Yami chuckled and walked closer to Yugi, stroking his hand over the teens cheek 'Marik said you felt jealous because I loved Heba before' Yami gave a soft smile, different from his others-as if he meant it 'But you forget, I have someone much more better to have as my own'.

'W-Who?' Yugi stuttered.

'You' Yami answered 'There isn't another person in the world who could replace you' Yami held Yugi's head in his hands 'So…am I allowed to kiss you know? Because if you say no I'm still going to kiss you'.

Yugi gave a faint smile but closed his eyes as Yami leaned closer before their lips met in a kiss. Yugi felt as if he was going to fall over from Yami's kiss, it felt so different, it made him feel more alive than ever before. Yugi held onto Yami's shoulders when his knees gave in, feeling stupid that he collapsed under their kiss, but Yami didn't seem to mind and held Yugi close so they could carry on kissing passionately. They broke for air and Yugi gave a small sigh when he no longer felt Yami's lips on his own which made Yami chuckle, he leaned closer so he breathed into Yugi's ear.

'I love you' Yami whispered.

Yugi blushed heavily but hugged Yami back tightly 'I-I love you too…'

'I know that' Yami chuckled and kissed Yugi's cheek 'I don't want to let go now'.

'M-Me too' Yugi agreed 'I-I'm afraid this is a dream'.

'Then it's a good dream' Yami held Yugi's face in his hands and kissed his lips again.

Yugi had no argument in kissing Yami again and wrapped his arms around the male tightly to kiss him deeply until they decided it was time to go back to the game shop.

*********************************End of chapter 11***************************

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