The fast, the furious and the magical.

Summary: The war ended and Harry leaves as he's tired of being a figurehead for the people of the Wizarding World. He sets for the States and finds himself in L.A. There he meets Viv and is introduced to the life of Street Racing and one of the best out in the racing business, Dom Toretto.

Pairing: DomxHarry(Des)

Chapter 1

Harry stood outside The Racers Edge as he contemplated on going in. He had been in California for about five days and he was starting to look suspicious to the people in his apartment complex for simply showing up, getting an apartment, then not showing his face for two days as he recuperated from multiple apparitions in just a span of a few hours. What Harry had done was not fully planned or expected, more of a spur of the moment kind of thing, and he just decided that he had enough of England and war right after he finished Voldemort for the final time.

Harry had gone from the battle field of Hogwarts to Surrey to get the Dursleys' away from Chasers, Ministry workers, Order members, and rouge Death Eaters out from his head; why he did this was beyond him, but he thought it was because they were still his blood even if he was treated like shit when he lived there. He then went to the Burrow when everyone else was at Hogwarts; still with looking for survivors and injured spell-casters or creatures, he left a note for the Weasley family and Hermione so they wouldn't think he was dead as he really didn't want that as he wanted some kind of contact when he needed it, then to the Goblins of the bank to sort out a deal for him to get away and then to the States on the west side of it in California, L.A. to be exact.

When he had arrived he quickly acquired an apartment that was fully replenished, thanks to the owner being a Muggle-born witch that left the U.K. before Voldemort's second upraise and Harry's name being plastered everywhere, and promptly crashed on the queen sized bed, not even wanting to think about finding a job at the moment, as he really didn't want to contact the goblins unless it was absolutely necessary. When he woke up two days later, Harry was visited by the owner who gave her name to him, Viviana "Viv" Ruiz, a nice half Latino Muggle-Born that lived in Britain when she was six with her father until she was twenty-three, which is what Harry learned in a span of twenty minutes as she made him breakfast that was a rival to Mrs. Weasely's cooking. From just the impression Viv gave him in a grand total of thirty minutes he officially knew her, Harry thought that he made a good choice in leaving the darkness of England.

"So Harry" Viv said as her thick Latino accent came out as she spoke, "What do you think you're gonna do now? From what I've heard, you have experience with battles, wars, house work and general things, but you lack in human aspects and communication. Here in L.A. you need those last two to be able to live properly, I can help you from being socially retarded and what not, but it seems to me that you need to know the other side of life here. It's not all sunshine and roses here; it also has a darker side just like back in the U.K." Viv told him as she placed another helping of eggs on Harry's plate, having already formed a well thought out plan on getting Harry to be the sexy boy he is and have a good appetite to go with his sexiness, she really didn't like him being thin, but she could tell that he was eating well, just wasn't that big.

"And what is the other side, Viv?" Harry asked as he looked slightly disturbed at the pile of eggs on his plate, really he had eaten an overflowing spoonful already wasn't that enough?

"Ah, ah, ah, eat it or you won't leave until it's gone!" she started as she saw Harry trying to get up, "As for the question, that depends on who you're talking to, there's the drug rings, fight rings, moving people across the border, prostitute rings, illegal selling of certain mechanical products, street racing, gangs, mafia, Chinese mafia, undercover work and so on so forth, you need to be in one of those things in order to survive here, doing one day job isn't gonna cut it Hun" she said as she placed leftovers into containers and put them into the fridge.

"Um...they all sound..." Harry couldn't find the word to describe it.

"Frightening? Out there? Dangerous?" Viv offered a few words.

"Like busts" Harry said as he found what he was looking for, "No offence, but until I see one in action I can't take your word for it, Viv" Harry said. He jumped when Viv laughed loudly from his statement.

"Ah, I've not laughed that good in a while" she said and sat on the counter, her dark black hair spilled over her shoulders and nearly mixed with her dark complexion, "No, I understand what you mean, I was the same until a friend of mine got me in on one of those things." she grinned.

"And that would be?" Harry asked interested.

"Street Racing" she said with a sparkle in her dark hazel eyes, "Now, Harry, I know how the streets work, I've done this for the last eighteen years so trust me, if you wanna get in on it you need three things. Money. Looks. And a Car" she said while tacking them off with her fingers, "Now you have the right look, you can easily get some money from a place I know that's hiring, and I can get you a car, one I don't need any more and want to get rid of anyway, so you're set and you are lucky enough to get the start so easily" Viv told him as she got a piece of paper and started writing something down on it.

"Here, go to this place Monday and ask for Harry, I know it's gonna be weird which is why we also need to change your name and get you a fake I.D. So you will fit in, easily fixed, my cousin can do it later in the week, but right now you need a new name, Harry Potter is too British and won't work around here so we need a new name for you" she stated while handing him the paper with 'The Riders Edge' written on the top.

That was yesterday and Viv had given him a nickname since Harry would still need his real one when dealing with U.K. business, so she came up with Verdes, Spanish for green, and Des for short. So Harry or Des as he was going by while in L.A., found himself in front of the shop that Viv told him to go to. The nineteen year old was shaking slightly with excitement as he decided to go in. A bell rang as he opened the door, making his presence known. Hundreds of different car parts were scattered across the store ranging from Toyota to Suzuki to Ford and Des headed to the register where a blonde man stood.

"What can I do for you?" the blonde asked, Des saw that his shirt read 'Brian' in red stitching on his arm.

"I'm looking for Harry, tell him Viv sent me" Des said smoothly, thanks to Viv's prepping. Brian nodded and headed to the back while calling out for the head man. Soon a balding man came forward and walked up to where Des was standing.

"Harry's the name. Brian said that you were sent by Viv?" Harry said to Des.

"That's right, names Des. I'm new to this area and I'm living at Viv's complex. She sent me here saying you were hiring" Des said smoothly, choking his accent down slightly so he sounded American at least. Harry looked at Des and blinked before grabbing something and tossing it to Des.

"Whatever you're getting into with Viv, don't bring it here unless it's in a car form. Be here tomorrow at opening Des, see how ya do on your first day" Harry said before heading to the back again. Des looked at what was tossed at him and saw that it was a shirt, same one both Harry and Brian wore. He grinned and left, tossing a small wave to his new coworker and boss at the same time. If it was this easy to do things, he might have a shot at living here.


Me: So yeah, new story, gotten into a crossover craze and saw that there are BARELY any FAFHP crossovers! So I've decided to go and make some of my own, going with the movies and adding my own twists to them :3. Anyway this is going to be a regular update, I'm not gonna laze around this one, hopefully..., and keep this one coming 'cause I like Vin Diesel movies, especially the FAF ones and HP is still one of my fav series of books so yeah I'm doing this! So tell me what you think!