Chapter 3


The bell jingled as someone entered to alert every one of their presence in the shop. The five out of six workers who were working that day looked over to see a pretty Latina with dark skin walk up to the newest employee that has only been at the shop for about a week. She chatted with him then waited at the counter as he went into the back then come out again, changed out of his work shirt and walking with the Latina to the front of the store then followed her outside. Now three of the five wondered what just happened and how the new guy could get off so quickly, but the other two knew and just let it go as they went back to what they were doing, one of them barking at the other three to get back to work.

Des slipped into Viv's 1998 Corolla that was painted black, but had dark purple over it with hints of blue and red mixed in a form of whipping waves of the wind. He shook his head and saw Viv smirking as she remembered showing her baby off to him just last week after saying that she'd drive him when he was running a little late.

'Show off'
was all he said at the time as the doors flipped up and the car's stereo started to boom some rhythmic Latin music, all done with a click of a button. Viv laughed as she lowered her sun glasses down and slid effortlessly into the driver's seat. He later learned that she came up with the idea of the two details being done and a friend of hers did the work, though she paid a chuck of her saving to get it done, she said it was worth it.

Now as he sat in the comfortable seats and the car speeding down the highway with a speed of 80mph and gaining, the scenery of the city whipping past them in blurs, Des found himself smiling as all the windows were down and ruffling his and Viv's hair and sending chills through him with the air slapping him, it reminded him of flying on his broom back at Hogwarts when he was still carefree and ignorant of the world around, back when the worst thing he had to worry about was Draco's constant rivalry with him and Severus' point deduction and masking his face in public.

God how much he missed those two, sure they had several rows over the years, but they were constants that kept him level and didn't treat him differently with his title and he came to care and respect those two men as his friends and possibly family. Des thought he should try and meet with them, but were they even still in Britain? After the incident with Nagini both had disappeared, though he knew they were still alive because he got a monthly letter from both of them telling them that they were alright an for him not to worry. He sighed and tried not to think about them, they were alright; if anything bad happened he'd be the first to know as Hedwig would be waiting for him, he remembered insisting that they take her with them to make sure that their letters found him, no other owl found him as easily as his faithful companion.

Viv pulled up onto a wide street and slipping down to a reasonable speed before twisting into a side parking lot and parking in a spot that had a sign that simply said 'VIV'S!' on it then turn the purring piece of machinery off. They both slipped out of it and Des noticed that despite the whipping that the air caused to her hair, it stayed in impressive waves that didn't show a single strand out of place. Des blinked and looked at Viv with a blank look. They were eating at a diner? A diner that didn't even look that impressive on the outside, but Viv gave him the benefit of the doubt as she said it had amazing food, besides the tuna, and it was owned by her closest friends. So they walked over to the diner and Viv rushed to the other side of the counter and hugged a shot raven girl while her back was turned.

"Mia! It's so good to see you!" Viv practically squealed, "It's been too long since we've last seen each other" she said before letting her go, taking a small notice that someone was in the back room, and smiling at the short raven haired girl that was giving her an evil eye.

"We saw each other yesterday when you came here and the day before that and the day before that, I see you every day!" the girl, Mia Des reminded himself, spoke before taking a sip of water out of a small cup that sat next to a grill.

"Details, details, anyway I brought someone with me, come look!" Viv said excitedly while dragging the girl away from her work station.

"Mia this is Verdes "Des" Lopez, Des this is Mia Toretto" Viv introduced each other. Mia blinked as she saw a short black haired and tan man that didn't look twenty even and had the most beautiful green eyes she saw. He wore a small set of glasses that made him look sophisticated and cool at the same time and he looked delectable with the pair of denim short and tight fitting short sleeved green shirt that brought his eyes out even more.

"Mia" Mia said her name again while holding out her hand. Des looked at it then took it, Mia noted it was just a tad bigger than her own and had a few more callous' as well.

"Des" he spoke softly, Mia heard a small hint of a foreign accent touching his vocals and noticed that he was trying to hide it by making his voice slightly deeper than it naturally was.

"So, Mia I'd like the usual" Viv said after they had taken a small introduction on themselves despite her doing it for them, and sat down next to the wall.

"Fine, anything you want Des?" Mia asked as she slipped a menu to him before heading back to her workstation. Des sat next to Viv and looked at the menu before ordering a small burger and fries. Viv gave him a look that said 'You really need to eat more', but he ignored her in favor of looking around the diner. Soon his eyes caught the sight of a figure in the back of the diner in a small room, he couldn't see them clearly, but he could tell that it was a dude as he had a body full of muscles, not overly bulky, but enough to make you see him easily in a crowd if needed, and a shave head. Des stopped looking as he heard a truck pull up and Mia groan as she caught sight of it while giving him the burger and fries.

"He's still giving you trouble?" Viv asked as she munched on her own set of fries and looked over to the parking lot across the street.

"Yes, though he never comes here when you're here for some reason" Mia said before sighing and turning to face the ass that comes back every day when they're open after Viv leaves. Des wondered who they were talking about, but he didn't care as he munched on his burger and sipped on the water Mia got him.

"'Ello" Des heard a familiar voice and he turned around.

"Brian?" He said as he caught sight of the blonde he worked with and sometimes got rides from.

"Hey Des!" Brian said with a goofy smile. Mia turned to him and gave him a look.

"I only worked with him for a week, honest!" Des whispered before Brian sat down and pulled out one of the menus. Mia gave him a look that could only say that he would be in pain if he was lying.

"Tuna with no crust?" Mia asked with a flat voice.

"How's the tuna?" Brian decided to be funny.

"Same as yesterday, shit" Mia said and shot a look to Viv and then a small glare to Des as if this was his fault. Des gave her a look that said 'What did I do? I'm not best buds with him!' and she narrowed her eyes back to Brian after seeing that there was no real relationship between them and he was just as surprised to see Brian as Brian was to see him.

"I'll take the tuna, no crust" Brian said with a smile. Over to his right, Des face palmed and lowered his head to the counter while begging to a higher being to get Brian out of here before he made an even bigger idiot of himself. For once, it seemed as if a higher being was listening to his prayer as four cars rolled up to the outside of the diner.

"Talk to me, Jesse. This ain't working, brother." a tall scruffy dude told the driver of the white car as they got out of their cars.

"It's your fuel map. It's got a nasty hole." a smaller white dude, with a severe case of what looked like ADHD, told his friend. "That's why you're unloading in third."

"Told you." said a half black dude as if he had explained it a million times before.

"I lengthen the injector pulse a millisecond. Just tune…" ADHD, as Des was gonna associate him with because he didn't hear what Scruffy called him, started to explain, but Des tuned the rest out as he saw a small Latina stepped out of her Eclipse and lean against it while the guys chatted up what was going on with Scruffy's car.

"I was wondering when they'd show up" Viv said before leaning back and watching the group from where she sat. Mia smiled as the group came inside the diner.

"What's up, guys?" Mia greeted them smiling.

"How you doing, Mia?" half-black dude greeted her back.

"How you living, girl?" Latina said while walking past her.

"Hey, Dom. You want something to drink." Latina asked the guy in the back. Des looked to the guy in the back, Dom, and saw him raise a can he had in his hand. Latina sighed and went to sit down before she caught site of Viv and went over to her and started catching up with her. Des noted the shy little looks Latina gave Viv and noted that Viv gave the same, both danced around each other while waited for one to break the wall first. He then noticed that Scruffy sat next to Brian while glaring at him. Brian looked back at him and didn't seemed to be bothered at all, though Des saw a hint of annoyance and something else that he couldn't put his finger on.

"He's beautiful." ADHD said and Des snorted as he saw mock dreamy eyes on Brian then real ones as ADHD turned towards him, which caused Des to shut up.

"I like his haircut." Brian got this comment from half-black dude

"Vince!" Mia yelled at Scruffy or Vince as Mia called him, and made him look away from Brian.

"What?" he asked with a bored tone as he looked at Mia with a fiery passionate look in his eyes that Des saw inside it held a pure devotion to the woman.

"Can I get you anything?" Mia asked him, clearly not seeing the passion in his eyes.

'Ah, nativity. How much I miss you' Des thought to himself before grabbing fry and eating it, savoring the fluffy texture inside and mild heat mix with salt on the outside.

"You look good." he complimented Mia. It seemed as though Brian had enough and took out some money and placed it on the counter.

"Thanks a lot Mia. See you tomorrow." he said with a soft frown that looked as a bored look to the rest of the people, but Des saw a little hint of frustration beneath the surface.

"Tomorrow." Vince muttered hotly as he mocked Brian.

"I love this part." Des heard half-black dude muttered as he leaned against the wall.

"Try Fatburger from now on. Get yourself a Double Cheese with fries for $2.95, faggot." Vince yelled after him.

"I like the tuna here." Brian said, not turning around and continued out the diner's opened door.

"Bullshit. No one likes the tuna here." Vince practically shouted as he chased Brian out of the diner.

"Yeah, well, I do." Brain spoke with an indifferent vocalized tone. Vince seemed to be pumping with unused testosterone as Des saw him grabbed Brian and tried to hit him, key word being tried. Brian ducked out of the way and out of Vince's grip. Vince retaliated the movement with a well-aimed right hook that connected with Brian's jaw. Des watched them fight out their frustration and saw no one head out to stop them, though he did hear Mia after a few seconds of the fight being started.

"Jesus Christ, Dom! Would you get out there?" Mia said to the guy in the back, "I'm sick of this shit." He didn't move except to take a drink of his soda. "I'm not kidding, Dom. Get out there!" Mia shouted angrily. Dom slowly stood up and came out of the back to see the fighting duo. Des saw the displeasure written on his handsome face as he saw that Vince was getting his ass handed to him.

"What did you put in that sandwich?" he asked Mia gruffly with his deep and smooth voice; sort of like dark chocolate mixed with caramel, trying to be funny.

"That's really funny." Mia she hissed at his obvious sign of not wanting to get into it.

"Dom!" Latina said angrily from where she stood next to Viv, the woman in general getting up to head outside though Latina was holding her back.

"Alright." Dom sighed in defeat and headed outside. Des, getting tired of seeing his coworker fighting, got up also and headed out to do what he wanted. A few others followed as well, but Mia, Latina and Viv stayed inside. From what the group saw, Vince had gotten the upper hand at the moment, though it wouldn't stay that way for long. Brian moved in a twist and grabbed Vince before dumping his sorry ass on the ground, ready to kick him while he was down if it was needed, but it seemed that the higher being didn't want to grant Brian any favors today. Dom pulled him up and tossed him to the side, where Des caught him and held him in the same spot by the back of his shirt, even as going far as reaching up and grabbing the collar of his shirt on the taller male.

"Hey, man. He was in my face." Brian defended his actions. Des held tightly onto him as he tried to move and shot him a glare when he obtained eye contact to tell him to shut the hell up.

"I'm in your face." Dom threw back. It seemed as though Vince didn't want to stop as he tried to grab for Brian, only to have Dom hold him back, "Relax! Don't push it." Dom yelled at the hothead and tossed him to half-black dude and shot him a heated glare, "You embarrass me!" Des saw that Vince didn't care at the moment as he tried to get out of the hold he was currently in.

"Jesse, give me the wallet." Dom told ADHD, now known as Jesse, and the young man tossed the wrapped up piece of fabric, "Brian Earl Spilner." Dom read aloud from the card that was inside it.

"Sounds like a serial killer name. Is that what you are?" Dom asked.

"No, man." Brian said from his position in Des' hold.

"Don't come around here again." Dom ordered while giving him his wallet and headed back to the diner.

"Hey, man. This is bullshit." Brian shouted and that got him a kick to the shin from Des, though it didn't deter Dom.

"You work for Harry, right?" Dom seemed to try and figure out where the guy worked.

"Yeah." Brian answered with a puzzled expression.

"You were just fired." Dom said with a matter-o-fact tone before turning on the ball of his foot and head back to his destination. Des saw the dismissal and dragged Brian to his Ford and practically threw him into the door, despite being short, Des was strong thanks to the war and the Dursleys. Brian tried to get out of Des' grip, but he stopped at the look he received.

"Brian, leave. Go back to work and pray you still got a job" Des told him as he slowly released the man's shirt.

"Des! You know it wasn't my fault!" Brian said to the shorter man. Des looked up at him.

"I know that and that guy, Dom, knows it as well. He's just protecting his own, as you saw, and he wants you gone so he can cool down that hothead so another fight doesn't start and get out of hand. I don't think he faults you for it, but he really isn't happy as his guy got hurt by an outsider" Des said with a small smirk to lift Brian's spirits. It seemed to work as the blonde smiled softly and nodded to him. Des stepped back and let Brian get in his Ford. With a wave and a roar of an engine, Brian left the diner and Des standing in the same spot.

Des sighed tiredly and headed back to the diner, not seeing several eyes on him as he chatted with Viv and got the keys so he could wait in the car for her, preferably lying down, after he paid Mia. Des then went over to Viv's Corolla and quickly got in it, the slide of the door showed that was inside it and the slight movement showed that he was hunkering down and not gonna move until Viv came over so they could leave.


Everyone watched Des walk away then turned to Viv, though Mia was getting some of their orders filled instead, and Dom decided to ask what was on his mind.

"That him?" he asked her with a quirk of an eyebrow. Viv nodded and lightly bit on her tongue as she waited on the others to respond.

"That's the newbie that Dom told us you took in?" Jesse asked as he crouched on one of the booths seats.

"Yeah, Des loves in the duplex with me. He arrived in a haggard condition and said he needed a place to stay, I offered him the upper room and soon he was dead asleep. Poor guy didn't wake up for two days and even afterwards he was a little slow until the fourth or fifth day he was here and headed over to Harry's shop to get a job. He's sweet and tough, even if he's thin, but he can handle himself and others as you saw" Viv said while trailing off to have the floor open for questions. Jesse took advantage of that.

"Where he from?" he asked while his knees shook from anticipation to learn about the newbie that Viv gave high regard for.

"Miami, but he's originally from England I learned" Viv said, keeping the details short and as little to the truth as possible. Jesse looked interested as he looked out the window and look at her baby.

"How good is he?" Leon asked from his position against the wall where he kept Vince on the floor. Vince himself was interested in learning about the guy who kept that pussy chaser in his place despite being vertically challenged.

"Harry told me that on the first day he worked, it was hectic as everyone was coming in to raid their shipment for the meet, Des acted like he did this for years instead of it being his first day" Viv said with a little shocking awe in her voice, "Harry also said that Des knew his parts like the rest of us, but Des told him that he has never worked on a car in a day of his life" she finished her little sepal and waited for the others to have a good impression of her self-claimed ward. That did the trick as the others were starting to spread their talking like a wildfire in a heavily wooded area. Viv sat back and saw that Dom was silent and looking over to her car, noticing a hint of something in his eyes as he was thinking. He turned to her and gave her a look that told her to bring him to the meet that was going to happen that night, to see him in action.

"Got it Dom" Viv said before leaning back and just listened to the others as Mia refilled her drink and sat another thing of fries down in front of her.

Me: Alright just to clear something up, Des doesn't know the other's names yet so he just goes by what he sees, not trying to be racist, if I was I would hate one race not hate everyone equally, so yeah he's not trying anything and I'm not trying to put something else out there…Next chapter has the race and the meet.