I don't own Vampire Diaries or any affiliated characters. In honor of As I Lay Dying tomorrow night, I had to write this.

So this is it…

The ritual has begun.

I take some comfort that Klaus has decided to kill me first, maybe it will give Jenna a chance to get away somehow.

Klaus continues his transformation as Greta chants some strange words; I don't try to understand her… I feel myself fading.

He is draining my life away from me slowly.

The chanting has stopped abruptly and so has Klaus, he's thrown from me … I hear more voices I can't quite place.

It takes me a moment to come to myself.

When I do, I see Damon on top of Klaus draining blood from his throat.

I wonder how Damon is managing to keep Klaus down.

I am surprised to see both Bonnie and Greta focusing on restraining Klaus to the ground.

When Damon is done draining every drop from Klaus, I see him stab the Original with a familiar type of wooden dagger.

Damon looks at me,

"You came for me."

"Of course Elena, you knew I would."

My attention is torn away from him when Bonnie asks, "Elena, are you alright?"

I hug her and say, "I'm fine now, I missed you so much."

I ask, "Bonnie how did you get Greta to help you?"

"She was under a spell Elena, her father and the spirits of all those witches who died gave me the power to release her mind."

Greta adds, "I'm finally free, I wish my father and brother were here too but Bonnie showed me everything.
Thank you all for helping me."

I smile at her.

I go to Jenna, not sure how to tell her what she is becoming.

I try to explain, "Jenna I'm so sorry about this. Klaus he… I didn't know he would…"

"Klaus attacked me… I was dead. I think I know what this means. We'll get through it Elena. All that matters is you're alive."

I hug Jenna tightly.

I notice Damon is strangely quiet with his back turned to the rest of us; I would have thought he'd begin his gloating by now.

I walk over to where he is standing and ask, "Where'd you get that dagger? I thought Elijah destroyed the last one."

Damon replies, "I beat the crap out of John for it. Apparently he had another one he stowed away for self protection."

"Damon I don't know how to …"

He interrupts me before I can finish, "Elena I need to show you something."

"Okay Damon." I reply puzzled.

I walk with Damon towards a more private area away from everyone else; we go a little further into the trees surrounding us.

We stop.

Damon turns to look at me and I start, "Damon let me say this. You are amazing. You saved Jenna, you saved me.
You saved us all. You risked your life."

Damon replies stoically, "Elena that's what I need to tell you. I didn't risk that much. Honestly, I had nothing to lose."

"What are you talking about?" I question.

Damon rolls up his sleeve and I see it. I recognize that wound. I remember Rose with that mark. I start to shake.

Damon puts his hands on my shoulders, to comfort me, to try and steady me.

Damon explains, "Tyler bit me Elena. I freed him and Caroline, but the moon was already rising."

I start to cry.

"There must be something we can do. We'll find a way." I say weakly, trying to convince myself.

Damon states simply, "There's nothing."

I'm sobbing now, almost screaming as I say, "NO DAMON NO! YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THIS! I WON'T LOSE YOU NOW!

I notice his eyes have started to water. Just like that night. It pains me to see tears in his ice blue orbs.

Damon pulls me closer to him. He holds me and says, "Shh. I know Elena, I'm so sorry. God I'm sorry. You know I don't want to leave you. I'd do anything to stay with you forever."

I whisper against his chest the only thing I can think to say, the truth I've kept from him and myself until this very moment, "I love you, Damon."

In spite of his supernatural powers, I'm not sure he's even heard me until he replies, "I love you too Elena. You know I do. I'll love you every moment I have left."