I'm Still the Same

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(Translation in order:


Only if you say something in Spanish.

Quinn, my beautiful, you are so sexy… so sexy and gorgeous…

Touch me. Touch me and kiss me and don't stop.

I only want you… only).


"The only thing I'm sorry for is that it took me this long to get to be here with you", he murmured, kissing the top of her head and holding her closely in her arms as though they had all the time in the world.

And maybe they actually did.

Part 3

She moved her head away from his chest, missing having the jumping beat of his heart in her ear, and he didn't delay in kissing her open lips soundly.

His lips were so soft and pliant against hers, so giving, promising her things she thought she'd never find.

Things that she had never dared to believe she could ever find for her own.

He groaned against her lips as she pushed exploring fingertips beneath his now-untucked shirt, pushing her hands flat against his sculpted muscles as he slanted his mouth over hers to deepen their kiss.

Her fingertips rubbed small circles and her mouth formed his name at the way this caused his muscles to dance beneath them.

He moved sweet kisses over her cheekbone to tug at her earlobe with his teeth, and a writhing heat was coiling inside her already, and she was still fully clothed and his hands had come to rest modestly on her hips.

"Shall we perhaps move this to the bedroom?", he purred, darting out his tongue to round the shell of her ear.

Before she could reply, he discovered that she was highly sensitive behind her ear, and suckled there again once he had elicited an out of character anamilistic moan from his first attempt.

The journey that lay between them and the bedroom would have to wait.

She removed her hands from their fast becoming favourite place to reside, to work at this shirt buttons, dropping down to place light, experimental kisses to the warm skin as she exposed it.

He gripped her shoulders and she wanted to push him to places he'd never been before.

She wanted to pleasure him in every possible way, in ways that had never been so appealing to her as they were then, with him standing there, his beautiful body humming with need and his face twisted with the attempt to maintain control.

She straightened up, and he caught her face in his hands, kissing her deeply, inspiring her imagination at the way he plunged his tongue into her mouth.

Together they rid him of the offending shirt, him shaking his shoulders, jostling his hardness against her thigh pushed between his legs and biting her bottom lip at the friction.

He soothed the area with his tongue, as she pulled on his tie to maintain the sensual pressure of his mouth on hers.

His kisses became harsher as she began to rub her thigh against him, her hands everywhere on his bare chest, through the light spattering of hair, scraping her fingers over his nipples and rounding his shoulders to press her whole body against him fully once more.

He broke off, their bruised lips popping apart.

Needing more of him, needing to feel her charged skin against his, she turned around in his grasp.

Shaking fingers found the zipper of her dress, and he mumbled apologies against her shoulder as he struggled to gain concentration for long enough to unzip it.

Powerful surges of lust shot straight to her already aching core, as the pads of his fingers, roughened with callouses from playing the guitar and the ukulele, ghosted across her upper back as he carefully folded down her dress.

His magical fingers were joined with his divine mouth, kissing wetly and suckling at her skin, marking her at the angle of her neck, and she rewarded him with a rather guttural sound.

She liked the idea of being branded as his, for all the world to see.

He slowly pulled the dress right down, dropping it as he eased the material over her hips, letting it pool at her feet.

He kissed all the way down her spine, nibbling gently at intervals, laying a barely-there kiss on the top of the waistband of her underwear before standing up again and twisting her around.

She met his eyes, darkened with pure desire and his name slipped wantonly from her lips.

"I'm yours", he replied, his voice heavy with want.

"Finally", she breathed.

He kissed her once, reverently, his hands sliding up her sides.

He paused as he reached the boundary of her bra, though his hooded eyes were already drinking in the sight of the pale globes of her breasts.

He raked his gaze up to her eyes, lingering on her lips.

"Don't stop", she choked out, stepping out of and kicking her dress away, standing before him in high heels and black underwear and feeling more beautiful than she ever had done in her whole life by the intensity of his gaze.

"Don't ever stop", she expanded, pulling impatiently at the waistband of his pants.

He leaned into her, kissing her with long, unrelenting kisses, lighting more and more raging fires inside her with every movement of his fingers on her skin.

He unclasped her bra and threw it to the side, cupping and massaging her breasts in reverent hands.

His thighs clenched around hers, and she became aware of his faint rocking motion to seek some intimate pressure on her thigh, his hard length throbbing on contact.

She pushed roughly at his hips to allow space for his pants to slip down his legs, and he stumbled unsteadily, grabbing at her shoulders.

She stared at him, starting with his gorgeous passion-clouded eyes, his full lips, that chin dimple she quickly noted for a kissing spot…

He stopped her before she could get any further, lifting up her chin to look her straight in the eyes.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked, in a strained voice that gave away his arousal.

"Do I want this?" she asked, slight amusement in her voice.

He gulped, and she hooked her thumbs around the waistband of his dark grey boxer shorts, smiling innocently up at him through her eyelashes.

"Are you sure we aren't just- carried away by the moment?" he tried again.

"If that's so then I don't ever intend on the moment ending", she returned playfully, inwardly congratulating herself on forming an intelligent sentence under his hungry gaze.


It was the easiest thing to say.

She'd grown up with this man, her soon to be lover.

She trusted him more than any other person.

She needed him even more than that.

"Don't ever stop", she repeated thickly, pushing down his boxers and automatically licking her lips at the sight she was treated to.

"I won't", he promised, scooping her up easily, her legs instinctively wrapping around him. "Oh god I won't".

He carried her into his bedroom, falling onto the bed with her in his arms, and immediately rolling on top of her to lavish her with greedy kisses.

She arched from the bed against him, and he hissed and screwed his eyes shut.


He opened them suddenly, and she braced her hands on his chest to the sensation of falling, rapidly falling…

"You are the most beautiful woman", he said, accenting his point with a hot kiss to her pulse point, sucking on it briefly before moving his kisses to the dip in her collar bone, licking a line down to the swell of her left breast and lightly nipping at her peaked nipple, before applying the same attention to the other.

"Will… please… please…"

He grinned devilishly at her, dipping his head again to continue his path of kisses down towards her navel, and slowing as her neared his destination, his thumbs rubbing on the insides of her thighs.

She gave a sound that was a mixture between a gasp and a moan, in anticipation, and in reaction to his shoulder muscles bunching as he moved to kneel between her legs, pulling off and discarding her underwear somewhere on the floor.

She spread her legs wider for him, and all coherent thought left her mind as he breathed scorching breath onto her wetness.

All she could manage was a helpless "Oh", as he sucked and licked at her with unfaltering enthusiasm, and it was his noises of appreciation that had her flying over the edge and grabbing at the bed sheets and hearing her own voice in the distance gasping his name

Will watched her fall apart, continuing to please her with his fingers, the combination of her gorgeous expressions and noises as she rode out her orgasm, along with the taste of her on his lips was making him impossibly harder and it took all his effort not to spill his load right there.

He thought desperately of that commercial for the athlete's foot treatment...

He kissed the soft skin of her stomach, then claiming her mouth with unbridled passion, his exploring hand loving every inch of her body.

Their kisses became messier as her muscles clenched round his fingers and she came for the second time, begging his name with ever increasing volume.

He withdrew his fingers, trailing them lazily between the valley of her breasts and following with his tongue, stopping as he reached the hollow of neck and smiling down at her wild expression.

"That has never happened to me before", she whispered hoarsely.

He was incapable of a response, only whimpered softly as her eyes longingly traced down his quivering body as he hovered over her.

"Can I..?"

Her fingertips caressed the sensitive skin below his hipbones, and he stuttered something incomprehensible.

She pushed at his chest with her other hand, urging him to roll onto his back, and straddling his thighs, she took his length in her hand.

He made a high pitched, strangled sound at the feel of her gentle fingers curling around his shaft, and he unconsciously bucked into her hand.

"I can't…" he grimaced. "I want to…"

He wanted so many things, but all of them were her.

She kissed his pouted lips, and he couldn't hold on much longer.

"Let go", she demanded, in a low, sultry voice.

She pumped him twice more, and he moved with her, groaning and biting at her collar bone.

Her body was so eager above him, delighting in making him squirm as much as he had in her.

"Will…" She hummed, finding his lips with wet kisses.

"I'm gunna…" He gasped, holding out now for as long as he could, overwhelmed by the incredible tightness, but well aware that he would cover her chest and stomach.

This only edged him closer to his climax.

"Cum", she supplied, in a harsh demand.

At this, and a final jerk, he did as he was told, shuddering beneath her and stumbling out her name.

She kissed him gently, and his eyelids fluttered.

"God Quinn", he murmured.

She smiled against his lips kissing him again and again with lazy thoroughness.

The silence of their embrace was wonderfully serene.

Eventually Quinn spoke up, aware of the mess but even more aware of a naked Will's physical closeness.

"I think I need to take a shower… before…"


She raised her eyebrow and he laughed warmly, vibrating through her body, which was responding to his hands rubbing on her sides with a fierce longing that was only meant for him.

"You're so distracting", she chided, tasting his mouth.

He looped his hands around her middle and squashed her right up against her, kissing her possessively, switching to suck hard on the side of her neck.

"I need you here", he argued.

"Come with me", she suggested between full, hard kisses, with a wicked smile and a glint in her eye that had his cock twitching again already.

"In the shower?" He questioned, pushing himself up off the bed with difficulty, so that he was sitting upright and Quinn was sitting facing him on his lap.

She smoothed his dishevelled curls, and cupped his face in her warm hands.

"Does it matter?"

There would be time to make love later. He would make time to ensure that he had worshipped every inch of her body like she had never been before.

Like he had never done before.

He nudged his hips towards hers.

"Say something in French", he said, his voice almost a growl.


His palms flat on her back, he somehow managed to shuffle over to the edge of the bed and stand up, and she clung tightly to him kissing across to his ear.

"Que si vous dites quelque chose en Espagnol", she bargained, and he assailed her lips with brutal kisses, stumbling straight over to the wall, and pushing her strongly up against it to force his tongue into her mouth.

"…So sexy", he managed, forced to take in air. "You- you're so sexy".

"In Spanish", she reminded him, tugging on his earlobe with her teeth, her hot breath in her ear and her fingers digging into his neck muscles meaning that he was glad of the support of the wall for both their weights.

"Quinn, mi bella, eres tan sexy ... tan sexy y hermosa ..."

He vowed at that moment to look up a whole host of Spanish words and phrases.

Words and phrases that weren't to be found in the Spanish books he owned.

She shivered and whimpered at the low rumbling of his velvety voice as his mouth skimmed the silken skin across her shoulders and dipped to tease her breasts.

"Me toucher. Me touche et embrasse-moi et ne s'arrêtent pas", she said urgently, and he only knew simple French, but the look in her eyes of unadulterated lust filled in all the gaps for him.

He found an inner strength and lifted her again, heading blindly for the bathroom and by some miracle making it there, despite being joined indefinitely at the lips.

He kicked the shower door open, and stubbed his toe on the metal bar of the doorframe, and he could not feel the pain, so overwhelmed was his body by pleasure.

Quinn reached out to turn on the shower, and Will struggled to extract his lips from hers.

"I should go get…"

She silenced him with a chaste kiss, which seemed out of place in their current situation.

"I'm on the pill", she reassured him, and she was going to be bruised on her back from being continually pushed against walls.

This side of Will excited her beyond reason, the side that had made a raw grunt, his biceps bulging as he raised her up, positioning her above him.

The side that she felt privileged to have finally met.

And she wasn't going to share any of him.

His fiery eyes sought permission in hers.

Their foreheads met, and the water beat on his back, and their scruffy breathing was louder than even the fiercest jet of the shower.

"I que vous voulez ... seulement…"

He placed a shaking wet kiss on her lips, his whole body quivering with the effort of holding her and the uncontrollable yearning he had for this woman wet and naked before him.

"Seulement…" He repeated, his voice low and tainted with desire. "Only?"

"It's always only been you", she replied, smiling sadly, because it had taken her this long to work it out.

He kissed her again, and she respond with fervent urgency, and his gripping fingers burned the skin on her sides as she slipped in his grasp.

As though that was his cue, he stepped forward, squashing her hard against the steamy glass of the shower, his hands finding purchase around her thighs, all the while kissing her firmly as he began to push into her.

She thrust her hips downwards, driving him to completely fill her, and groaning at the combination of the sensational angle, and the fact that it was him soaking wet and repeating her name over and over.

And the fact that it felt so good.

"Don't hold back", she gasped, knowing full well what it felt like to have this tidal wave of craving that was currently pulsing through her with every raced beat of her heart.

She loved the knowledge that she was completely at his mercy, and it was all she could do to meet his hard and deep thrusts by jacking her body off the wall into him.

His searing mouth assailed her own, and her neck and her jumping breasts, all the while muttering nonsense in Spanish and English and sometimes a mixture between the two.

The water began to run cold, but neither noticed, the heat from their bodies alone filling the bathroom with steam.

His rhythm unrelenting, she felt herself building up to an orgasm, and detecting this, he drove ever deeper, with erratic kisses to accompany the degradation of regularity.

They came together, Will's legs giving way beneath him, and him twisting violently to have his back on the tiled side of the shower cubicle and sliding them both down to collapse at the bottom, a tangled heap of boneless satisfaction.

Quinn got her breath back first, lifting herself off him and sitting sideways on his lap, snuggling close into his heaving chest.

He kissed her damp forehead and there was a beautiful contented silence.

"The water's cold", she commented, waving her hand in the direction of the shower controls. "Ergh… can't reach".

He laughed breathlessly.

"Worst way to get clean ever", he murmured, running his fingers over where a rivlet of spray was cascading over a mark he had made on her shoulder.

"Best shower ever", she returned, and she felt young again in his arms, and his playful energy was as contagious as his eager reciprocation.

He flashed her a boyish grin.

"Would you mind passing the shower gloop?" He asked, with a charming politeness that gave her a sudden heady rush.

He was no longer a far off fantasy.

And if she had anything to do with it (and by the way he was clutching her tight to him, she thought she probably did), at the official McKinley reunion next year they would arrive hand in hand.

She kissed him softly on his chest over his heart, before stretching out for the bottle.

She flicked open the cap to the pleasant aroma of vanilla.

He took the bottle from her, squirting a generous dollop into his hand.

"I don't think I can get up yet", she informed him, and the boiler must have kicked in because the water was gradually warming up again, streaming down her back.

"Nor can I", he admitted, using his free hand to push himself to sit more upright.

A contented sigh escaped her lips as his fingers tangled in her hair, and he began massaging her scalp, the vanilla scent hanging in the air.

She leaned back into his touch, letting out a soft moan.

She had a feeling that this was just the first of many firsts they would experience together.

He seemed to sense it, he was so good at reading her, already the 4 year gap was beginning to feel shorter.

"Has no one ever done this before for you?"

There was an obvious smugness in his voice, and her mouth twitched into a smile.

"You're the first", she replied.

His talented fingers stilled, and he cleared his throat with a scratchy cough.

"Do you like it?"

His low voice enveloped her, and she suddenly felt so exposed to him, all her insecurities and mistakes and regrets and nowhere to hide from him.

But she found she didn't want to hide from him, and it wasn't as terrifying as it should be to feel so vulnerable, because this was a guy who would finally take care of her.

With him she didn't need to pretend.

"I like it very very much", she returned, in an equally seductive timbre.

And he gulped, audible even above the driving force of the shower.

"Do you think we can get up now?" he asked, darting a peck of a kiss to the curve of her neck. "I need to reach the rest of your body".

"Only because that means I can reach all of yours", she smiled, bracing her hands on his strong thighs to push herself up.

His hooded eyes surveyed her thoroughly, standing bare before him, and a wash of fresh devotion overcame her.

"You're insatiable", she teased, her heart beating faster again despite herself.

She reached out her hand and he took it, slowly rising as he pressed a kiss to its back.

"I'm sorry", he said, his eyes wide and innocent but the glint in them showing he was anything but.

His lips kissed tenderly at the inside of her wrist, his tongue flicking over her fluttering pulse, and he pulled her closer into him to continue a line of butterfly kisses right up her arm, pleasantly surprising her by switching quickly to lay one on her lips.

"I'm not really", he admitted, clicking the bottle top open again behind her back, and working a lather between her shoulder blades with his free hand.

She held her hands out and he squeezed the thick gel into them, kissing her forehead before reaching out for her soft skin again.

She grinned wickedly spreading it quickly over his chest, the bubbles catching on the light hairs.

Catching onto the competitive edge to her expression, he smoothed his hands down her to knead her butt.

He kissed her neck, guiding her backwards into the edge of the warm spray.

She took his hands and lifted them to her hair, laughing as he pouted.

"The quicker you wash the shampoo out of my hair", she began, sucking on his protruding bottom lip. "The quicker we can... well…"

She drew caressing non-sensical patterns across his dancing muscles.

"The quicker we can…" he prompted, pulling her hips flush with his.

"Will", she murmured.

He claimed her lips heatedly, moaning into her mouth as she rolled gently against him.

"The quicker we can lay out on your bed and make love until we can't remember our middle names".

He stuttered her name, attacking her with frantic kisses, his fingers willing the bubbles out of her hair more quickly than was physically possible.

She woke up in his bed the next morning, a cold panic gripping her because she had a car full of her belongings and not much else to her name.

But then a very warm (and even better, very naked) Will stirred with a sleepy mumbling and pulled her tense body tight against him.

She was sore all over and regretted nothing.

"Are you alright?" He yawned.

She fitted exactly into the contours of his body like the missing jigsaw piece.

When she didn't say anything, she felt his stubble-rough chin scratch at her neck and set a lazy kiss there.

"I was so worried I'd wake up and this would all just be a dream", he whispered softly, his voice gravelly with sleep.

A lump formed in her throat because she had nothing, but now she had everything, and everything's name was Will Schuester.

"I'm still the same", she said timidly, "I do everything wrong- I mess everything up".

He shifted and somehow enveloped her more closely with his muscular form.

"How about we make a deal?" He asked, his voice hot in her ear.

She shivered and a soft little moan caught in his throat.

She pushed her hips back against him and he dropped his head heavily onto her shoulder with a breathy gasp.

"How about we do everything wrong and mess everything up together from now on?"

There was a sudden 'this is your life' moment and he'd been her teacher, he'd been a friend she should never have taken for granted, and now he was practically promising to be her everything else for the future.

"Besides", he added, and his fingers dug deeper into their grip on her hips as she moved against him again. "Besides… it's you. I've been waiting for youQuinn…"

He broke off as she guided one of his hands to the inside of her thigh and peppered a few butterfly kisses across his bicep.

And maybe they were both still the same, complete with their emotional baggage and their imperfections and their big dreams that had never been accomplished.

But nothing would ever be the same again.

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