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"So... I can become stronger?" Naruto Uzumaki asked. Here he was, a seven year old child being asked if he wanted to become strong. He was talking to a man in a mask who had been helping him the last couple of weeks. If Naruto ran out of ramen or wanted some free ramen, the masked man made sure he got some. Yes, the secret plan of Danzo Shimura to gain Naruto as a part of Root was through ramen. Fu himself couldn't believe that his Master was using Ramen to gain the trust of the young jinchuriki, but whatever worked was accepted in Root and so far, it was working.

"Will you teach me really cool ninja techniques? Can you show me how to shoot fire and have lightning strike from my hands! Can you? Can you?" Naruto was extremely excited that someone would teach him how to be a very cool ninja. Now he would show Sasuke who was boss. No more would he be the class dobe. Now people would have to look up to him. He would be acknowledged.

Fu could only shake his head at the pure excitement the young boy was giving off. He wondered if his Master knew what he would be getting into with the young jinchuriki. He said, "Yes, Naruto, my Master and I will make sure you learn all kinds of cool ninjutsu. We will also make sure you can have ramen whenever you want. It can even be from Ichiraku's."

At the word Ichiraku, Naruto's eyes got huge. Fu knew that he had him now. "Follow me, Naruto, and I will introduce you to my Master. He will make sure you become strong enough to defeat anyone you want." Naruto's eyes were steadily growing larger. Not only free ramen but also training! Man someone sure loves me.

Fu lead young Naruto through the streets of Konoha. The evening was fast fading and the moon was just now starting to be seen from behind Hokage Mountain. This truly is a great place to protect, Fu thought ideally. Now we will finally have our king piece that will protect this village for years to come. Naruto Uzumaki will show the world the power of Konoha!

The two walked for ten minutes passing many shops and homes before they finally reached their goals. Fu had cast a mind-altering genjutsu half-way through the walk which made many of the people on the streets look away from them. This was just one of the techniques in Root's ranks to help keep the Hokage and powerful jounin from growing suspicious of them. Their ending point turned out to be a hidden entrance in a forest clearing that led down into the ground via stairs.

Naruto was so excited that he would finally learn how to do the cool ninja tricks. There was even a secret base! Yep, excited really didn't even begin to describe the feelings of euphoria running through the blonde's system at that moment. Fu just looked on in bemusement as the jinchuriki bounced around.

They descended down into the darkness. Besides the feeling of slight fear, Naruto was very happy with his position. He was about to get training from some sort of super secret ninjas. The two arrived in front of a door, and Fu knocked on it with a certain pattern to alert the ones inside of his return. The door opened and Naruto with Fu went inside.

Naruto looked around. He saw that he was in an underground cavern or something of the sort. He saw a few branching hallways that went even farther underground on both sides of the cavern. The cave was lit by a few flickering torches that left a lot of things in shadow. Naruto then looked into the middle of the room, and he saw who he guessed was his new teacher. It wasn't a very impressive sight. He stood leaning on a cane with half his body covered in bandages.

"Hello, Mr. This nice cat dude told me that you would teach me how to be an awesome ninja!" Fu almost snorted. This kids bubbly attitude was probably going to start getting on Master's nerves very fast, but you got to respect a kid that can keep that attitude in front of Master. Danzo's eyebrow gave the slightest twitch at the young boy's speech. He quickly controlled himself and got himself ready for business.

"Naruto Uzumaki. My name is Danzo Shimura. I have brought you here to... give you some options. You can either stay weak and be called the dobe for the rest of your life or you can become strong under my training. If you choose to stay weak then I Konoha will be weak. If you choose my way, then Konoha will prosper. I tell you this because you will be a very important person in Konoha one day. I am giving you the opportunity to be the best you could possibly be. Which will you choose?" Danzo delivered all of this in a calm voice that seemed to send shivers through Naruto.

"Um... Danzo-jiji, I want to become strong! I want people to acknowledge me! Then one day, I will become Hokage and the whole village will look up to me! Believe it!" Naruto finally found someone who would give him a chance. This Danzo person seemed to think that he was special. Finally, someone who sees that I can be great. I will be great!

Danzo's eye started twitching at being called Danzo-jiji, but he figured he would wait until the boy had gone through some... conditioning before he started being harsh to him. It wouldn't do to run off the potentially most powerful weapon he had ever had. He gave a tiny nod to Fu to make sure he knew the role he was going to play. At his nod, Danzo proceeded with his plan. He remembered his talk with his subordinate earlier. Everything was going to plan.

Flashback 9 days ago:

"Are you sure about this Danzo-sama? I mean won't the Hokage be watching Naruto very closely. He seems to treat him to ramen a couple times a month at the least. If Sarutobi finds out that Naruto has been invited into Root, he will flip." Danzo gave a small chuckle at his subordinates concerns.

"That is why he will never find out. I admit that I won't be able to give Naruto the full Root training. Most likely some if not many emotions will remain because he will not be able to be in the compound all the time. This is unfortunate, but the time I do have with him will shape him into the greatest weapon that Konoha possesses. If I can get him to control the Fox, then Konoha's perceived power will rise. It is as simple as that." Danzo chuckled at the coup he was going to pull over dear Sarutobi. The funny thing was that he would never find out how Danzo got his pseudo-grandson from right before his nose.

"Make sure you offer the boy ramen and training. Those two alone will bring the boy right into our fold." Danzo chuckled at the irony. Ramen was going to bring the potentially strongest jinchuriki into his hands. It was quite funny. "Soon the Fox will be in my hands, and when it is he will be trained. By the time he is eleven, I want him able to do assassination missions. It depends on his affinity on who will teach him. I might even instruct him myself if he has the rare wind affinity." Fu could tell that the last statement was more musing on Danzo's part than anything else. Fu knew his Master had never taken an apprentice. He always overlooked some of his more prized agents training though. In this way, he was the Master of most of Root as well as being their Master.

"Now, begin the operation, and make sure everything is in place. All the fuss going on about that issue should allow us the perfect opportunity to contact the boy while Sarutobi's attention is elsewhere. This opportunity might not come again. Don't screw it up." Fu bowed and then shunshined away. It was time for the plan to start.

End flashback

Now, Naruto Uzumaki is before me. It is time to mould him into what he should always have been. Danzo looked at the little blonde boy in front of him. He was wearing orange was the first thing that crossed his mind. How Sarutobi allowed him to wear orange he would never know, but that would be the first thing to go. Danzo had also seen a report on the kid's progress at the Academy. It was poor to say the least. I have my work cut out for me, but by the time I am through, this child will be my secret weapon.

"Naruto Uzumaki, it is time for your training to begin." Naruto, after hearing this, started jumping for joy. He would finally be able to get strong enough were people would recognize him. He knew this because he was in a cave with secret ninja. They had to be super strong was his thought process. Naruto then saw the old man, Danzo, walking away. He was about to run after him when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Naruto turned around and saw the masked guy that had introduced himself as Fu those two weeks ago.

"Thank you so much, masked guy. If not for you, I would never have had this opportunity to grow stronger! Thanks!" Fu looked on bemusedly. This bubbly kid was going to be transformed into the perfect weapon? Maybe if he was immersed in the teachings of Root, but Master had already said that wouldn't be possible. Fu ideally wondered if any conditioning would break young Naruto from his bubbly personality. It was worth a shot at any rate.

"Follow me and your training will begin. We have about a month before you have to leave again. That month will be used to train you mainly in chakra control and in the physical arts." Naruto got a weird look on his face when he heard that he would be leaving in a month. When did he decide on that?

"Fu... sensei? Why am I going to be here a month? Is that only how long you are going to train me?" Naruto really didn't understand all this strange talk. Fu looked on his new disciple with a satisfied look. Maybe the kid was not as stupid as he first came off as. He could hope.

"The Hokage has something he will be doing for the next month. This means that you will be able to stay down here exclusively. When the Hokage gets back from his business, you will have to go live back in your apartment. When you are there, your training will be curtailed, but you will still find the time to come here and you will be trained. Any questions?" After Naruto's head shake, Fu signaled the boy to follow him, and they started walking to one of the branching pathways leading out of the large cavern.

"Why can't Hokage-jiji be here when I get trained?" Naruto asked. He really didn't understand why Jiji couldn't know he was training. Maybe its because right when training is over, I will be taking his hat. So the whole thing has to be a surprise. Thats got to be it! Not only is this super ninja training, it is super secret ninja training designed to place the hat right on my head. Naruto nodded sagely at his thoughts. He then looked at his new sensei with stars in his eyes.

Fu was getting kind of puzzled over the kid's amazed look. He seemed to be going through a couple of emotions a second. Fu sighed at the trouble the kid was sure to make happen.

They finally reached the room Fu was leading them to. He opened it and showed Naruto the inside. It was a small bedroom with a wash-closet set off to the side. On the table in the room was a steaming bowl of ramen. Fu knew he had to keep the ramen front up. Thats why the kid was going to get delicious ramen for most meals. Of course vital vitamins were placed into the ramen that would ensure Naruto would not miss out on any nutrients. Thats how he would be able to eat ramen almost everyday and not be a stunted dwarf.

Naruto shouted in glee when he saw the ramen. He rushed over to make sure he got some. He grabbed the chopsticks and started digging in. It was delicious. Whoever made it sure knew their stuff. After two minutes of fierce eating, Naruto finished. Fu was still at the doorway just watching the newest member to Root with something close to horror. Of course it wasn't horror, but it was close to it. That kid sure has bad manners were his despairing thoughts.

"Ok, now that you are done. It is time to begin the training. Follow me to the dojo were we will determine just were you are right now." After saying this, he walked away. Naruto followed right behind him. After passing about five doors, Fu led Naruto in a door on the left side of the hallway. When they entered, Naruto was amazed at the size of the room they were in. The whole room was covered in white, paper doors, the floors were solid concrete, and he could see some training dummies against one of the back walls. It truly was a dojo.

"Your goal is to attack me until I say stop. You can use any jutsu in your arsenal. You also don't have to worry about destroying the place because Danzo-sama has made sure that there are seals protecting anything from getting damaged. Just know that if you fall, its going to hurt. You will find that the best lessons are dealt with pain, so while you are training here, you will experience pain. Prepare yourself for it!" Fu finished his speech with an attack on Naruto. Naruto gulped in fear during Fu-sensei's speech. He then ducked quickly as his sensei attacked.

When Naruto ducked, Fu kicked out at him. The kick landed right in his stomach. Naruto's eyes got wide in pain as he was sent flying across the room. "Come on, attack me! Are you this weak as to not even put up a fight!" Fu berated. It had not been a good showing so far, but he was only seven. Even though people who had been adopted by Root were usually around genin level by seven or eight. Naruto had some catching up to do.

Naruto rushed his sensei with all the reckless abandon only a seven year old has. Fu shook his head at the stupidity of the kid. Shouldn't he be able to realize that a straight up attack will never work. I am much too fast. He should fight like a ninja! Fu jumped out of the way of the attack and slammed Naruto's head into the ground. Blood went flying.

Naruto couldn't believe the pain he was in. His sensei had just nailed him! Naruto got up slowly and wiped the blood from his nose. Well that didn't work. Next plan. The problem was that Naruto didn't have another plan. They only thing he knew how to do was rush straight at an opponent and hope for the best. He had only just unlocked his chakra a few months ago. Naruto really wasn't feeling the love at that moment.

Fu rushed in and started a full-out attack on the young child. This attack ended up putting Naruto on the concrete again and again. The only thing that really impressed Fu was that the kid just kept getting back up. Otherwise he would have considered him a waste of space. Fu decided to end the exercise when he thought he heard something pop.

"Ok, Naruto... there are some definite problems, but with training those problems will disappear. Lets try a different test now. I want you to place the leaf on your forehead. You must keep it there with your chakra. Begin!" Naruto was astonished at the rapid pace everything was happening. Just seconds ago he was getting his butt handed to him, and now he was using chakra to put a leaf on his head? Naruto decided to just go with it for now. He placed the leaf on his head and tried to make it stick. The problem was that it wouldn't stick. He tried time after time, but no matter what he did, the leaf would not stick.

Sighing in frustration, Fu decided that the only training that would get done in the next month would be physical training and chakra control. Master wanted the boy to start learning how to use the Fox's chakra too. Thats going to have to wait until the boy can at least do something ninja related by himself. Fu started coaching Naruto through the exercise step by step.

This set-up continued for the whole month. Fu would beat Naruto until he started getting things right. Then Fu would have Naruto work on kata and physical conditioning: such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and weights. Every day gave new bruises to the young boy, but he suffered them gladly because after his training was done he would be getting the hat and he would kick Sasuke's butt. Fu also had Naruto learning chakra control for at least four hours a day. Most days went even longer than that. Naruto eventually got the hang of it.

The only thing that bothered Naruto about the whole training thing was that Fu-sensei kept telling him to not show his emotions. Naruto was usually a happy boy that would scream his feelings to the world, and Fu-sensei would just tell him to stop. That was a fact that really didn't sit well with him, but he usually forgot about this fact when he got all he could eat ramen at the end of every day. Ramen truly makes the world go round were Naruto's last thoughts before he fell asleep for the night. The next day he would be going back to his apartment, Fu-sensei had told him. He was kinda sad that he would not be able to train the day away anymore. But he figured that he would still be able to because he had another month until the Academy was back in session. This summer vacation is turning out to be the best yet; well it is the first but thats beside the point.