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WARNING: This chapter and the following chapters will contain intimate interaction with a minor, if that makes you squeamish then scram. Then again you couldn't have gotten this far if that stuff does repulse you XD

A few seconds passed before Russia finally let go of Antarctic. The large country got up and sat down at his laptop, he stared at the screen for a bit before releasing a small sigh.

"What? What is wrong?" Antarctica asked, he looked over Russia's shoulder and saw that Belarus was now in Russia's kitchen looking through his cabinets and smashing his plates.

"Why does she think you'd be in there?" the boy asked.

Russia shrugged, "When it comes to Natalia, it is best not to question logic."

Antarctica made a small grunt and looked at his watch, "Say, I really have to go back home. Too bad this visit sucked so much, maybe next time we can have it at my h-YAAA!."

The small boy had tried to open the door but Russia jerked his arm back and practically dislocated his shoulder, "Nyet, she's still out there! Do you want to die?" he asked fearfully.

Although Russia was concerned for Antarctica's well being, he was mainly doing this for himself. In all of Belarus's sudden visits, Russia had been all alone in this room. Not even the Baltics would be with him because Latvia would be out of a window in a flash, Estonia would quietly slink away back into his room, and Lithuania would foolishly approach Belarus and try to make conversation with her. It was nice to finally have someone keep him company in this room. If Antarctica left then he would feel even lonelier than ever.

"Russia, I cannot stay-"

The face Russia made looked very much like the baby seals Antarctica took care of back in his home. He couldn't deny anyone of anything when they made a face that like.

The Antarctica heaved a defeated groan and scratched his eyepatch, "Fine, I'll stay with you until she leaves." he conceded.

"R-Really? Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Russia gushed but was careful to keep his voice down, tears of happiness almost fell as he gave Antarctica a crushing hug.

Octavius blushed and squirmed wildly, "Lemme go, you...you oaf!" he said through gritted teeth.

The Russian giggled but let go of him, "Since we'll be here for quite a while, you must want something to eat, da?" he asked as he shrugged his coat off and went into the kitchenette.

Antarctica nodded, "Uh, yeah, thanks." he settled on a chair in a straddled position and watched Russia prepare dinner.

The elder of the two rummaged through the refrigerator and took out beets, beef, carrots, onions, cabbage, a can of tomato sauce...

"Oh, I see you're going to make that Russian stew, uh...borscht, non?" Antarctica asked.

Russia smiled a little sadly, "Da, though it's originally Ukrainian." his voice was slightly muffled due to still having his head inside the fridge. He turned around to face Antarctica to say something but the words had died on his tongue. The boy was wearing tight jeans already and with his legs spread wide on that chair...

"...Wh..." Antarctic started but then noticed where Russia's eyes were looking, "Y-you perverse animal!" he stuttered and sat properly in his chair

Russia chuckled, "Isn't that the pot calling that kettle black? After all, I wasn't the one sitting in such a shameful position."

Octavius was going to protest but then begrudgingly realized that the Russian was right. Instead he decided to change the subject, "Let me help you." he offered.

Much to Octavius's surprise, the Russian boomed with laughter, "W-with England as your father? I think it is safer to stick with what I know, little one."

Octavius had to admit that he liked Russia's laugh. It was different from the shallow giggles he gave, it was deeper and richer yet it still had Russia's typical childlike quality. Still nobody made fun of his father's food, because in his opinion, it was good when England himself didn't cook it.

His thick eyebrows knitted together as he jutted his chin out proudly, "For your information, British cuisine is delicious...Pater England himself is just shit at cooking and needs a little help, is all."

Russia now clutched his stomach as he doubled over in laughter which made Antarctica's face redden.

"J-Just remember that France is also my father and he taught me how to cook. I can make Sunday roast that will make you kill for just a bite, and my eclairs are filled with the richest and sweetest of cream." he pouted.

Ivan smiled at Antarctica through half-lidded eyes, "I'm not too interested in your Sunday roast but I'd love to have a taste of your eclair."

Antarctica choked on air and looked at the Russian incredulously, "Y-you pervert! Filthy, disgusting pervert!" he rambled in order to keep the atmosphere humorous, though in all honesty he wasn't exactly disgusted but...something else.

Russia put his hand on the boy's head and ruffled his faded golden hair, "I was only kidding, Tavy. You take things too seriously. Ufu~" he said with a giggle.

Octavius smacked his large hand away and looked at him curiously, "Tavy?"

"Da, Tavy, it's your nickname. Ocky doesn't sound cute at all so I gave you my own." Russia said.

Antarctica bristled in anger, "E-eh? We're not even on first names terms and now you want to give me a nickname?" he yelled.

Ivan giggled and put his hand on Antarctica's head again, "If you're embarrassed, you can call me Vanya if you want. That's what my sisters call me."

"That's not the problem! We barely know each other so don't give me weird names!"

"But Tavyshka-" Russia crooned.

"Stop making my name unnecessarily Russian!"

Russia smiled, "Fine, how about I settle for Tavy then?"

"Tch, it is not a compromise if that's the name I hated in the fir-" he groaned and scratched his eye-patch, "You know what, fine. Just let me help out, I'm bored."

"It's cute that you want to help but, please, you're the guest and in a way it is my fault that you're here." Russia said.

Antarctica snorted, "I am not cute-"

"Japan thinks otherwise."

"Shut up, don't mention that! And just so you know, where I come from, it is good etiquette for the guest to help their host." Antarctica insisted.

Ivan looked at the boy for a while before nodding, "Okay, you can wash the dishes, we'll need things to eat with."

Antarctica rolled his eye, "How degrading." he said as he got up and turned the sink faucet on.

"Oh hush, you said you wanted to help." Russia teased, he began filling the pot with water and boiled it.

About five minutes had passed and Antarctica had finished washing a set of tableware for himself and Russia.

"Here, you can cut these onions but careful, that knife is very sharp." Ivan said and busied himself by adding the beets, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots into the pan.

Antarctica snorted, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." he said and worked on his task without another word.

Russia took this moment to quietly observe the Antarctic boy. Every so often Antarctica would stop cutting the onions and would hastily wipe his teary eye.

"He looks best with tears." Yurii commented.

"Da..." Russia agreed but then shook his head, "N-Nyet! Don't put these ideas in my head, Yurii."

The voice chuckled maliciously, "You really softened up too much while I was away, Ivan. What happened to the powerful Russia I used to know? Democracy has spoiled you."

Russia frowned but didn't respond. That wasn't true. While democracy didn't let him be as ruthless as he used to be, it made his people much happier than communism ever did.

"Remember the good times we had, Ivan, when we dominated Prussia? Remember having Japan at the mercy of your curses? Remember the great USSR? Remember the trembling of the Baltics' bodies under yours and how they screamed?" Yurii prodded.

"I remember, yes, those were good times but those days are over. Now I'm left to deal with the aftermath and loneliness of those actions...I also remember how you ruined the relationship between Katya and I." Russia thought bitterly.

Yurii seemed to falter with his words before saying, "Those days don't have to be over. I admit that I did steer you wrong at times but lessons have been learned. We bit more than we could chew before but this little country, we can certainly deal with him easily, yes?"

Russia seemed intrigued, "I suppose so...but I couldn't do that to Antarktida-kun, he's one of the very few who doesn't hate me, or at least isn't afraid of me."

"Who said we needed to ambush him? Nyet, that would cause trouble since he is close with so many strong countries. Besides there are more peaceful and entertaining ways to make him yours."

Although he didn't have much interest in romance, Russia knew what Yurii was implying, "I never thought of seducing another country, especially one so young..."

"Ai!" Antarctica cried out, breaking Russia out of his daze.

The boy held his three bleeding fingers protectively and whimpered as a few tears managed to fall from his eye. Russia left the stove and went to Antarctica's side, "Here, let me see." he murmured.

Octavius obediently held out his bloody hand and used his good one to wipe his tears, "T-This doesn't usually happen, you know..." he muttered.

"Well this isn't so bad." Ivan said and without warning bent down to lick the blood off of Antarctica's hand. The taste was one that he almost forgot.

Antarctica was absolutely mortified, he didn't dare move lest might Russia take it as a hint to stop. He knew he was blushing furiously but tried his best to keep a flippant attitude. The older country's tongue was swirling around his fingers in the most heavenly of ways and...and Deus, it should be a crime to feel so good just from someone sucking on your fingers.

Ivan pretended not to notice Octavius's face while he continued licking the blood of his fingers. The boy was trying in vain to make a stony front but his expression was clearly one of pleasure, it was absolutely shameless. Russia's head spun, the long missed taste of blood and the boy's reaction drove him near madness.

"He's clearly enjoying this." commented Yurii in a casual tone.

Russia only responded with a noncommittal grunt.

"I wonder..." the voice started "What it would be like if he returned the favor. Though I'm sure you would not be satisfied with him only sucking fingers."

The Russian's eyes widened and he pulled away from Antarctica's fingers with a loud pop. Antarctica gave a barely audible exhale. The two simply stared at one another in silence for what seemed to be forever. Antarctica finally broke contact and looked down at the ground, to his horror, there was a small but noticeable bulge in his already tight pants. He hoped to God that Russia wouldn't notice.

"You should go put a Band-Aid on that, I think there's some in the little bathroom." Russia said finally. He conveniently ignored the bulge in Antarctica's pants, not wanting to further embarrass the poor child. Antarctica dumbly nodded and scurried off to find the Band-Aids.

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