Title: It Had To Be You

Author: CSM

Summary : AU Future Fic. They say first impressions stay with you forever, but when unfortunate circumstances force the two most unlikeliest persons together, they soon realize there is a fine line between love and hate.

AN: My first multichapter AU Finchel fic and its completely out of my comfort zone and I really hope you guys like it :). As always special thanks for my awesome beta and conspirator of all things Finchel, tiltingaxis for helping me with this and convincing me to write it.

It Had To Be You

Rachel scowls as she steps into the living room, glaring at the lump of a man that's currently residing on the sofa. His long legs are propped up onto the wooden table in front of him, dressed in only his flannel boxers along with a white tank top, a beer in his hand, as he rubs his stomach and releases yet another burp.

All Rachel wants to do is take her pointed heel and throw it at his head, or maybe his steel toed boots. She grins manically for a moment just thinking about finding his stupid boot and the small gratification she'd get from seeing it collide with his stupid head. She growls though, when the stupid rodeo music starts playing. Okay, it's not actual rodeo music. Finn's told her a thousand times what the name of the music is, but much like he insists on watching those ridiculous western movies day in and day out, she will continue to refer to that- noise, as rodeo music until he stops. She scowls at his stationary form in annoyance. For someone who constantly claims that he is not a cowboy, he sure does watch a lot of freaking western movies.

She's about ready to pull the television out of its socket and throw it right out the window, but she knows that would be more of a hindrance than anything, because then Finn would be up her butt more than he already is, and this stupid predicament they have found themselves in is already grating on her nerves as it is. When Finn releases a burp yet again, she scowls, about to seriously consider throwing her shoe at him, until she sees him raise his tank top to his face, wiping his mouth with it. She's no longer focusing on his disgusting habit, but more on the exposed bit of flesh of his taut abs staring back at her.

She feels her entire body heat up involuntarily, the now all too familiar stirring in her stomach starting again. She hates her body's reaction to this insufferable but yet too overtly sexy man, and she will continue to blame it on the closer quarters in which they are forced to reside in- along with the fact that he has been the only human contact she has been around for the past week - and purposely ignore the fact that she is even remotely attracted to him.

"See something you like, Princess?" his all too cocky voice rings out, bringing her out of her stupor, and reminding her all too much of why she cannot be attracted to such an asshole.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you about common decency? " She snaps, purposely passing between him and the wooden coffee table so that he had to lower his long limbs. She picks up his now empty beer can on the table and throws it at him. "Or to pick up after yourself?"

"I just finished that." He points out, "And if I catch you staring at me again, I'm going to have to start charging you to look."

Rachel scowls as she slaps away both of his feet that are on either side of her, effectively trapping her between his legs.

"You are an insufferable pain in my butt!" she yells, annoyed, as she slaps his bare legs repeatedly, even after he moves it. Just as she's about to retreat to the safe confines of her room, she feels his much larger hand grasp her own, stopping her.

"Sorry," he says sincerely, his callous fingers brushing lightly against the crease between her thumb and forefinger, that gentle movement alone gaining her full attention, as she looks back at him, "I think both of us are going a little crazy cooped up in here for so long."

She huffs in exaggeration as she plops down on the couch next to him, throwing her head against the back of the couch, "I am fed up of staring at these four walls! I want out! And I want out now!"

His only response is a tired sigh as she glares angrily at the coffee table in front of her, silently cursing the day she met him and got into this hellish situation in the first place.

Earlier that week.

Rachel looks at her watch and growls in frustration as she picks up her speed, gripping her handbag tightly as she makes her way down the deserted sidewalk. She warily eyes the homeless man slumped against a wall a few feet away, and grips her handbag firmly to her side. She hates the fact that her dentist had to move offices and that he's now located in one of the crummiest part of town. If her best friend Aaron even knew she still decided to go, he'd have her neck. But the thing is, she's very particular when it comes to her mouth. Her smile, after all, is very important in her line of work, almost as much as her voice and she only trusts her dentist with her dental hygiene. Besides ,she grew up in the city, she's more than capable to take care of herself, despite her best friend's concerns .

She scans the sparse number of cars on the street, about to raise her hand to hail a cab when she spots a stationery yellow cab on the other side of the road. Sighing in relief, she quickly sprints towards the car, praying that it won't drive off. She grins in triumph when she reaches it, but as she grabs the handle, a deep and unfamiliar voice brings her out of her small victory.

"Excuse me ma'am. I got this cab first."

Rachel looks over the roof of the car, her hand still holding the handle firmly. She sees a tall man with messy brown hair, the barest hint of freckles scattered over his face and his light brown eyes boring into her, flashing a dimpled smile. But she can't even appreciate his obvious good looks because she still can't wrap her mind around the audacity of his statement. Clearly, he's not from around here. If he truly believed he had gotten to the cab first, he would have jumped in long before she had the time to even open the door. She looks across at him pointedly, voicing exactly this.

"You're not from around here are you, sir?" She slips in the sir purposely, because she is twenty three years old, she's decades away from being referred to as ma'am and she refuses let this man whom, she guesses is just a little older than she is, call her that, "Well let me teach you a little bit about New York. Obtaining a cab is not like how you may settle a dispute over who gets the last cheesecake in your house. It's about first come first serve, and I clearly had been here first, because if it weren't the case, you would have already been inside this cab and be driven off to your destination. The mere fact that we are even standing here discussing this, is because you saw me approach the car and I'm assuming you saw that I was a small young woman, and you thought that if you showed me your dimpled face that I'd fall for it and let you have the cab. But you are sadly mistaken. Just because I'm casually dressed, does not mean that your business is more important than my own and furthermore-"

"Dude, chill." Her unwanted companion interrupted, holding up his hands in mock defence, "You just said a whole lot of words I couldn't process fast enough if I even cared. First off , I thought it was just common courtesy to tell you I got the cab first. Or at least, that's what my mother taught me. Also? Smiling is just a form of being polite, but I can understand if you people don't know what that is. So just so you know? This is my cab."

With that said, he yanks open his side of the car door, completely ignoring Rachel's outraged spluttering. But she notices that the cab driver is yet to drive off, and she quickly follows suit, clutching her large handbag as she slips in. The look on the guy's face is almost comical, if he isn't muttering under his breath darkly.

"Of course. My first day in the city and I run into the craziest of them all. This is what I get for not letting Kurt pick me up. I should have just gone to his stupid fashion show."

She looks at him, appalled, and about to give him a piece of her mind, when a deep, hard voice startles them both, "Who the fuck are you?"

Rachel freezes in surprise as she turns towards the front of the cab only to see dark, black, piercingeyes staring back at her. She can only see his face which is hard, a few fading scars along one cheek bone simply adding to his persona. She feels the hair at the back of her neck stand involuntarily at the look he's sending them. She can only see the back of the cab driver's head but an uneasy feeling settles in the pit of her stomach and when she looks to her left, she sees that her new companion is also looking at them in alarm.

"I was talking to you, bitch." the man sneers at her, and Rachel's grip on her handbag tightens as her heart begins to thump wildly against her rib cage. She wonders if the other man can hear it. She opens her mouth, but for the first time everin her life, she just can't seem to find any words. That is, until her companion clears his throat and speaks in a slow and even voice to the other guy, who is shooting daggers at them.

"Sorry man, didn't realize someone already got the cab. The misses and I were just having a bit of an argument. You know how it is."

Rachel's eyes widen in surprise at the man's words, snapping her head back in his direction. When she glances at him, she realizes too late that her surprised expression completely gave them away. She gasps in shock when the man in front slams his fist against the window between the front and back seat.

"Who the fuck do you take me for boy?" he sneers.

"Dino, let the good people go." the cab driver finally speaks, his voice trembling. Rachel still can't see his face, but just from the way his voice wavers, she knows this is nota good thing.

"Shut up Babbaro. You don't think you've done enough?"

"I told you, I don't have your money!" The cab driver spits out, "And you can tell Marcelo he can go fuck himself."

Rachel shivers at the look Dino gives the cab driver. A loud bang startles her, and she freezes on the spot at the sound of the gunshot. Someone is screaming loud enough for her ears to ring. She realizes that it's her when she feels the burn in her throat. A large arm wraps around her waist, and she finds herself yanked out of the car by her ridiculously tall and unwanted companion. He places her on her feet, his hands now firmly grasping her arm as he tugs. Hard. She stares up at him, still in a daze.

"Run." He hisses.

She feels her feet lift up into the air as he once again yanks her arm. They take down the street.

Rachel vaguely hears 'Dino' yelling at them, but her heart is thumping hard against her chest, her blood rushing through her ears, as she tries to keep up with the guy who's name she still doesn't know. She glances to her left to see that he's practically dressed like a cowboy, with brown leather boots, faded blue jeans complete with a matching leather belt and a plaid shirt, a handkerchief tucked into the back pocket of his jeans. She is startled out of her observation when they both hear another shot ring out . She lets out another involuntary scream as they pick up their pace, the few people that were lining the street also beginning to scatter in terror. She feels her companion grip her arm even tighter as he pulls her down a narrow alleyway. She wonders briefly if he knows where he's going 'cause she surely does not know this side of town.

They continue to run, neither of them looking backwards to see if Dino is still following them, but Rachel's feet are objecting greatly, and she can't help but protest , "Can we please stop? These heels are not meant for marathon running."

"Are you kidding me?" he asks breathlessly as they slow down, but continue to sprint through the semi empty street, "I'm sorry, princess. The next time a freaking criminal decides to kill us, I'll try and remember to tell you to pack your Nikes instead of those stupid shoes."

Rachel scowls at him, yanking on his arm and pulling them into a corner in the middle of two buildings. She glares up at him, now noticing for the first time, how ridiculously tall he truly is, "I'll have you know Mister..."

"Hudson. Finn Hudson," he supplies, smirking down at her.

"Well Mr. Hudson. These are not shoes, they are Jimmy Choos and I'm pretty sure they are worth more than your house and I can tell you, that I did not set out today to be run down by some psycho killer-"

As she utters those last two words, the severity of the situation finally hits her and she freezes in shock, her hands immediately going to her mouth, "Oh. My. God. I was almost killed by a mad man with a gun. Who tried to kill me and then ran me down in the streets of New York. Oh No! I'm too young to die, I still have so much to live for. I haven't achieved half of my goals. I can kiss all my future Tonys goodbye. Marie, Fanny, Maureen... you have all just been wonderful figments of my imagination, I-"

"Dear god woman, don't you breathe?" Finn asks, literally shaking her out of her mini breakdown. She shrugs his hands away and glares up angrily at him.

"Well I'm sorry Mister Hudson, but not all of us are capable of lacking human emotions," Rachel snaps, about to stalk off, when he grabs her hand.

"Unhand me!" She demands, shaking off his hand and glowering at him. She scowls when he looks at her in surprise, before he starts to laugh a full belly laugh. Rachel stomps her foot angrily at his amusement, her hands on her hips.

"I am not amused. I am not here for your stupid entertainment."

Finn holds up his hands in mock surrender, trying and failing terribly, at holding in his laughter, "Sorry Princess. My humblest apologizes at my inability to have human emotions."

"I have a name!" Rachel snaps, getting tired of his stupid nickname, and stands a little straighter as she continues, "I'm Rachel Berry."

She looks at him expectantly as he looks back, his face blank.

"Am I supposed to react to that?" he asks, looking at her in confusion. She gasps dramatically.

"The revival of Beauty and the Beast? Mary Poppins?"

"Are we naming our favourite Disney movies?" Finn asks truthfully, "I've always had a soft spot for Lion King. My best friend and I always identified with Timon and Pumba."

"Lovely," Rachel says dryly, not at all surprised by his revelation, "But I was referring to Broadway."

When Finn continues to look at her blankly, she gasps, "You don't know about Broadway?"

Finn shrugs nonchalantly, "Does RENT count?"

Rachel shakes her head in disbelief, "I'm not all that surprised. I shouldn't expect someone like you to know about such things."

"Sorry if my life was not surrounded by people dancing and singing around about flowers and love or whatever. I had real issues to deal with," Finn retorts angrily. He leans his head out from their hiding place and looks around, before turning back to her with a sigh. "Come on, Princess. We have to go report this to the police."

"My name is Rachel!" She hisses out, following him with a huff, "And I don't appreciate your blatant disregard towards Broadway."

Three hours later, and Rachel is looking at the captain of the NYPD along with the two FBI Agents in utter disbelief. They have explained the entire situation to her and Finn twice already, but yet, she still cannot grasp the concept. And she's taking Finn's silence to believe that he is also in a state of shock. Rachel leans forward to look at the three men in front of her.

"I'm sorry. I don't think I am quite grasping this concept. Are you telling me, that because Mr. Hudson and I were witnesses to a shooting, that suddenly our life is in danger and we have to go into protective custody? We had nothing to do with the shooting! I hardly think those men will want either of us."

With each word of protest, the severity of the situation is slowly sinking in and the panic is rising. She twists her fingers nervously, glancing at Finn who seems to be rigid in his seat except for his long fingers, which are tapping against his jean clad thigh repeatedly. Since being escorted into this room, the two of them have exchanged few heated words, but other than that, have only addressed the agents and various NYPD officers that have been in and out of the room, giving them various paperwork to fill out. It seems as though the entire situation is getting from bad to worse. Rachel huffs in exasperation, smoothing out her bright yellow dress against her thighs and looking pointedly at the two men dressed in dark navy blue suits.

"Ms. Berry, I understand that this is very difficult to comprehend, but we assure you, we would not be enforcing this if we didn't think it was of utter importance." Agent Kelly, the taller of the two Agents -who happened to be speaking with her and Finn for the past hour, asking them to recount the incident numerous times- says.

" Unfortunately for the both of you, this is one of those instances where you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Agent Anderson continues, "The Calzavara Family is not known for being sloppy. They don't let anyone get in their way. And from what the two of you have told us, you were witnesses to a very important deal that we have been following for the past five months, something we know they have been planning for months now. They are going to come after you next, we are almost 100 percent positive about that. Which is why we need to take the two of you into protective custody for your own safety."

Rachel sighs as a million of things run through her mind -all the things she needs to get done, people to inform of her whereabouts- as she stands, "Thank you, gentlemen, for making my safety your priority. You have my number so whenever you are ready for me you can call me. But right now, I have rehearsals that I must attend, as well as inform my producer-"

"Princess, I think the Agents are trying to tell you that we need to go with them now," Finn says dryly. But despite his off-handed tone, she can see the worry written all over his face, "Besides, I think your little play can survive without you for a few nights."

Rachel gasps, as she looks at him through narrowed eyes, at the audacity of his statement, "Little play? Little? I will have you know, that I am currently in one of the most pivotal Disney classics to ever exist. Furthermore-"

"Really? Are you in Cinderella?" Finn asks curiously, and for a moment Rachel thinks he's genuinely interested, until he smirks," Do you play one of the evil step-sisters? That role must be like second nature to you-"

"Why you foul, incorrigible man!" Rachel hisses out, proud to see Finn recoil at her tone, "You know nothing about me, or how much I worked to get to where I am! So I'd appreciate it if you do not belittle my job, when we both know you know nothing about it! And for your information, I'm currently starring in Beauty and the Beast and I play Belle. I'm sure even someone like you, who has probably never stepped foot inside a theatre, knows what an important role that is. And we both know, that this is you, simply displacing your feelings about the fact that you clearly do not have anyone to call besides your animals on the farm."

As soon as those words left her mouth, Rachel knew she had crossed a line. What is wrong with her? She doesn't even know this man. It doesn't matter that he gets under her skin, she has no right to speak to him like that. She opens her mouth, about to apologize, but Finn simply sends her an unreadable look before addressing the Agents.

"I need to call my brother. He's the reason I'm even in New York in the first place, and he panics easily. He thinks I can't `tough it out' in the streets," Finn remarks, sending Rachel a pointed look.

Rachel bites her lip guiltily, knowing she completely deserves that because she has no right to judge him anymore than he has to judge her, especially not if she added in the fact that he practically saved her life, seeing as he was the one to get her out of the car. With a shudder at that thought of what could have been, she looks to Finn apologetically. Before she can open her mouth, however, Finn holds up his hand.

"Forget it."

"But.." She begins to protest. The least he can do is let her apologize!

"I don't want to hear it," Finn says truthfully. "In a few short hours we'll be going on our separate ways, and we'll never have to see each other again, so why bother with formalities? We both know that neither of us is fond of the other, so why bother to try?"

Rachel's jaw drops open in surprise. This man really has some nerve. He may be telling the truth, but to openly voice it out, now that's just plain rude, and she's about to give him a few choice words again, when Agent Kelly clears his throat, gaining their attention. They both simultaneously turn their heads to look at the Agents. This is probably the fifth time for the afternoon that the Agents had to interrupt one of their heated discussions, and this time she doesn't even get any words in edge wise.

"I'm sorry, but Mr. Hudson, Ms Berry, you'll both be taken to our safe house momentarily." Agent Kelly tells them.

"Together?" both she and Finn practically screech, each immediately protesting loudly over the other. So much so, that their words are overlapping and both the Agents and the NYPD Chief are looking at them in alarm.

"The two of you do not understand the severity of the situation," Chief Michaels says solemnly, "You are both in grave danger. You don't know what these men are capable of."

"But they don't even know us!" Finn objects, "I'm not even from around here! Maybe they might know the Broadway princess here. But I'm from Boulder, Colorado. Who the fuck would want me?"

"Must you insist on using such foul language?" Rachel asks, scowling in disgust, "I understand that you cowboys have a certain persona to bring forth, but it's not necessary in civilized society."

"Fuck," he taunts again, leaning forward on his seat and looking her straight in the eyes. "Fuck. Fuck."

Rachel narrows her eyes at him. If she wasn't so against violence, she would have taken her handbag and thrown it at his head, but before she can retort Agent Kelly speaks.

"Mr. Hudson I really don't think that was called for," the man says, trying hard to hide his exasperation.

Rachel smirks at Finn, fighting her desire to stick her tongue out at him. What is it about this man that just makes her blood boil? But her satisfaction is short lived at Agent Kelly's next words.

"Okay first order of business, we're going to need all your electronic devices and anything you use to keep in contact with the world."

"Excuse me?" Rachel asks sharply, tugging on the strap of her bag unnecessarily, "What? Why? I need to call my producer and inform him. My family and roommate needs to know what's happening to me. Mr. Hudson needs to call his brother and whatever family I'm sure he has. Agent Kelly we both have lives. You can't expect us to drop everything without making a few phone calls."

She casts a glance at Finn to see him nod at her in appreciation, just as Agent Kelly speaks again, "Yes, and I'm sure that both of you would like to keep those lives. The point of you going into protective custody is that no one knows what it is going on. It's better if your loved ones and employers know nothing of your whereabouts. So that in case Calzavara decides to go after you, and thus get information from people closest to you, they won't have anything to give. It's safer this way, for both you and the people you are closest to."

"Agent Kelly, I don't think you understand. I'm the lead role in the revival of Beauty and the Beast. If I were to disappear without a word, people will notice."

She hears Finn snort next to her, but she can't be bothered with a zinging comeback, because they both know there's truth behind her words. She performs on stage 6 days a week, of course people will notice if she just disappeared. She's just stating the facts, and he knows it.

"We do know that. Which is why we are using this to our advantage."

As soon as the words are out of the Agent's mouth, Rachel closes her eyes and braces herself for what's to come, because she's about 90 percent certain she's not going to like what the other man has to say. And sure enough, as the Agent begins to tell them their plans, Rachel pales at the elaborate story they have concocted. She chances a glance at Finn and scowls when he is simply grinning at the other men, obviously trying to hold back his laughter.

"Excuse me?" she sputters when they finish. "I am a well respected Broadway performer, Agent Kelly." she hisses.

"You can't expect to concoct some harlot affair about me running away with my cowboy boyfriend, and expect me to show my face in this industry after this. No one will want to hire me. My name is currently in the talks of being in West Side Story . I have been wanting to play the role of Maria since I was 8 years old Agent Kelly. 8 years old. I don't expect any of you to understand the intricacies of Broadway, but I do expect you to respect my work."

"And I'm sorry, Ms. Berry. But your job is not our concern. Your safety is our top priority, and I would think it would be yours as well."

"Would this be for like, those tabloid magazines and shit? Don't you people feed off of those?" Finn asks curiously. Rachel scowls.

"Those are celebrities," she spits out disdainfully. "And actually most respected ones try and stay out of them. Besides, I'm just a Broadway actress."

Finn whistles softly, "Well. Never would have I guessed that the Rachel Berry had a humble bone in her tiny body."

"Shut up," she snaps, knowing that he's mocking her. She opens her mouth, about to retort, but is interrupted yet again.

"Okay, before the two of you start up again, how about I get your phones, laptops, iPods... any electric device you may have on you." Chief Michaels asks quickly.

Both Rachel and Finn sigh simultaneously, and Rachel slowly digs into her handbag and pulls out her pink encased iPhone from her bag, looking at it longingly. When she sees Chief Michaels looking at her in amusement, she scowls but begrudgingly hands over her phone. She's not one for electronics, so that's the only things she has, but when she looks across at Finn, she has to hold back her laughter at his crestfallen expression as he hands over his stuff. He had had his duffle bag with him, so she watches as he pulls out his laptop handing it over to the police, then followed by his phone and one of those tiny iPods and then finally, she watches as he clutches another small handheld device in his hand. He looks up at the chief of police almost pleadingly, and Rachel can't help but giggle at his crushed expression.

"Can I at least keep my PSP?" he pleads, his thumb softly caressing the corner of the device.

"Does it have access to the internet?" Agent Kelly asks in amusement.

Rachel watches as Finn sighs, not even answering the other man but silently handing it over. She actually feels sorry for him, his heartbroken expression tugging at her heartstrings slightly. In that moment he reminds her so much of an innocent child, upset at his favourite toy being taken away, and she can't help but smile at his antics.

"So are you telling me that I'm stuck in a house with Ms. Diva here for infinite amount of time with no source of entertainment?" Finn asks dryly, "You might as well just leave me for those mafia men. I'd probably be better off with them."

"I have a name!" Rachel hisses out, any semblance of heartwarming feelings she felt previously for Finn completely evaporating with his one comment, "And I will never be any kind of entertainment for you."

"Trust me princess, you're not my type," Finn drawls out, no doubt focusing on the innuendo behind her words, one she unfortunately did not realize she had said until after he spoke. She scowls at him,

"Whatever you say, you man-child!"

"Okay guys, How about, we head to the car. We have two Agents that will drive you to the safe house." Agent Kelly says loudly, interrupting them.

Rachel frowns, standing up and gripping her handbag as she stalks off. She can't believe she's stuck with this insufferable man, for god knows how long, "I'll wait outside for you gentlemen, and Mr. Hudson."

"This is going to be so much fun." Finn mutters, deadpanned.

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