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Ever since Brave Vesperia had defeated Duke, the group went their separate ways. Yuri, Karol and Judith, the original members of Brave Vesperia, moved to Dahngrest and were constantly receiving requests from their loyal customers. Patty and Raven sometimes went along to assist them. It was saddening for the people of the Lower quarter to see Yuri go but the inn manager had promised to keep his room vacant as long as he is alive. Although Yuri would never admit it, he was somewhat touched by them.

On the other hand, Flynn and Estelle remained in Zaphias. Rita was also invited by Estelle to live with her at the castle and since Aspio had been destroyed by Tarqaron, she has nowhere else to go if you don't count her destroyed research laboratory which she hadn't been bothered to fix it up. While Estelle and Flynn were busy at the castle, Rita sometimes set out on a mini lone adventure to the nearest ruins she could find, hoping to research more about the newly developed mana believing that it could be of use just as much or if not more than aer.

Of course, Brave Vesperia had visited them occasionally when they were taking day offs from their work but Rita had been out frequently that she didn't even get a chance to catch a glimpse of them, merely grumbled that they should've stayed longer if they wanted to see her. But Estelle knew better. Rita had missed them just as much as she does. And now three years later, their official reunion will take place at the Lower quarter's bar.

"Are you sure that she is going to come?" Karol asked, a little unbelieving.

"Of course she would. I'm sure she missed all of you just as much as I do." Estelle tried to convince. Even though they don't talk very frequently but occasionally, she had already knew how Rita was like. "And she promised that she would be back right after she is finished with her business."

"Business, huh. Looks like she's even busier than us." Yuri said, amused and curious as to what Rita had been up to. After all, if Rita is deeply involved into something, that must have been a really damn interesting business she is taking care of.

Judith laughed softly, "I don't expect Rita to just sit still at one place."

"Ya might be right. Sittin' still and actin' like a good kid just ain't Rita's style." Raven mused.

"I assure you that she had changed a lot." Flynn pointed out, "You will know once you see her."

"Why? Does she has a boyfriend?" Patty grinned but it became into a painful squeal when someone smacked the back of her head.

"Please, who would waste time finding boyfriends when you have so much thing to learn."

Everyone looked up in confusion at the voice except for Estelle and Flynn who simply smiled at the newcomer. She has light brown hair which is up till below her chest and her bangs long enough to cover half her eyes. The costume she wore is a dead giveaway though.

Karol took a look at her before raising an eyebrow and spoke in a meek and careful tone. "Who are you?"

"Rita Mordio, you squirt." Rita hissed and smacked the back of his head.


"Oh Rita." Judith stood up and laughed, motioning her to Rita's seat beside her. "You changed so much… well, not really after you smacked Karol and Patty over their heads. But you do look different." Judith mused.

Rita plopped onto her chair. "All of you have the same idiotic faces on you though."

"Still as mean as ever, eh? Ya had just crushed the old man's hope of you becomin' more like an adult." Raven joked.

"What was that, old man? Did I just hear someone say that they want to die?" Rita held out her fist with a vein popping on her forehead.

"But I'm surprised! You actually looked like a girl!" Karol exclaimed.

Rita glared at him, "I'm surprised YOU haven't changed a bit, squirt."

"Go easy on the boss, will you? After all, Brave Vesperia wouldn't be so successful if it weren't for him." Yuri chuckled as Karol puffed out his chest in pride.

Rita snorted, "Yeah right. The day Karol actually does something tremendously helpful to the guild is the day I believe that he saved the world alone."

"Ouch, that got to hurt boss."

Karol huffed, "You're still as prickly as a cactus."

"Do you want me to set your hair on fire?" Rita threatened, holding out her fist.

Estelle cocked her head in confusion. "Fire? Rita, did you forget that we gave up our blastia three years ago and none of us could use any form of magic?" She asked in case Rita had forgotten that fact. It had happened quite often the first few months Rita first stayed with them.

Rita rolled her eyes, "Of course I remember. But the thing is, I just found out how to use mana the same way as we use aer. Only it would require more effort."

"I see the genius mage has been doing her homework." Yuri grinned.

"So tell us, how do ya do it?" Raven asked, leaning over the table in interest.

Rita frowned and bopped his head, "Not now and not here, old man. I plan to keep this confidential and only share with the rest of you before I can fully confirm what I had just found out. I still haven't gave it a test yet…" Rita trailed off, shifting her gaze towards Karol.

Karol backed away at her stare, "H-Hey, you're not planning to use me, are you?"

"I doubt a squirt like you can hold out anyway." Rita shook her head.

"What are you planning to do?" Flynn asked instead.

"I'll work on it tonight so in the meantime, don't tell anyone and that includes the people in the castle and his highness. Who knows what kind of strange ideas might pop up in their heads." Rita answered offhandedly.

Flynn chuckled and nodded.

"I never knew Flynn could actually keep a secret from Ioder." Yuri pointed out.

Flynn frowned slightly at the casual usage of his highness's name but decided not to comment on that. "It should be fine as long as Lady Estellise is aware of the plan. Rightfully, I'm more of Lady Estellise's bodyguard."

Estelle nodded, "I'm sure Flynn won't tell anyone."

"Is it me or has the atmosphere between the both of you became much more lovin'?" Raven grinned, wriggling his eyebrows making the two of them blush.

"The both of you're dating?" Patty pushed.

Estelle's eyes widened, "I-I don't know what y-you're talking about! Fl-Flynn is just my very very good friend!" She defended.

"Is that so?" Yuri glanced at Flynn, smirking teasingly at the blushing Commandant.

"I swear the both of them gets so mushy that I have to take time off the castle." Rita complained while Flynn and Estelle both gave her horrified looks. "I'm kidding. Just look at them. Do they look like the type who would wise up and confess?"


Judith laughed, "It seems that the group has became even more lively."

"Yeah." Karol laughed as well before joining in with the others who were continuously teasing Flynn and Estelle throughout their meal.

Since Brave Vesperia is on leave, they were able to stay at Zaphias for a few days. Estelle had offered them to stay in her castle but only Karol, Raven, Judith and Patty accepted it while Yuri preferred to stay at the Lower quarter. He planned to sleep in the room that the innkeeper had promised to keep vacant for him. After all, he would feel bad if he were to stay somewhere else when the innkeeper had took the trouble to keep it free. Estelle felt like she had to said something but merely shook her head and told him to have a good night instead before heading in the castle with the rest.

"Man, this makes me owe the innkeeper the nth time." Yuri mumbled to himself and opened the door to his room with the key the innkeeper had been more than glad to hand it over to him. When he stepped in, he found himself almost get his head whacked out of his body by a flying book. "Just my luck. I already have a robber in my house." Yuri complained as he took the book off his face…

and saw Rita turning her head around to stare at him.

"First a thief and now a robber. Do I look like a person who would do such a worthless crime like you?" Rita retorted.

Yuri raised an eyebrow, "Well if it isn't the bundle of sunshine, what brings you here?"

"The mages in the castle has to use their own research laboratory and I wasn't particularly keen in staying in the same room as them, especially that green apple head who is obviously still holding a grudge." Rita shrugged, "I asked the innkeeper and she allowed me to use this room after I explained I knew you."

"And she just had to believe you." Yuri let out a fake groan.

Rita threw a book at him, "Be sad all you want but I'm claiming this spot of the room."

Yuri shrugged and sat down his things on the floor. "Hey, I'm not going to complain here. I'd rather have a girl I known for life," The last four words was sarcastic by the way, "than someone I barely knew. It's a good thing the innkeeper didn't let anyone I'm not familiar with in this room or else I might just take up Estelle's offer."

"Or you can just bum around under the bridge." Rita suggested.

"Do I really look like that sort of person to you?"

"Frankly, yes."

Yuri merely shook his head and plopped onto the bed. "I'm not even going to argue with you on that. I'm too tired." He grumbled while Rita snorted at his lack of energy before returning to her books. "What about you? Are you actually going to stay up the whole night?"

"Of course, this is too intriguing to ignore." Rita mumbled with her nose buried in her book.

"Wow." Yuri cheered sarcastically, "I can't wait to find out."

"I'm sure you can't." Rita shot back just as sarcastic. "The sooner I can figure this thing out, the sooner things could return the way things were when we had blastia and aer. I have to find some sort of instrument that could replace the blastia in absorbing the mana and capable of converting it into spells, shields and many more."

Yuri made some sort of noise from deep within his throat. "I'll leave the brains to you then, genius."

"Glad to know that you're so helpful."

"Always." Yuri waved his arm lazily and yawned.

"Lazy pig."

"Crazy scientist."

The both of them chuckled and laughed at their own behavior for a few moments. It's both strange and heartwarming that some things just never change. It's as though they're living in the past once again. Their antics, their reactions towards each other and their bonds. They still remained the same.

"Still as cocky as ever, I see." Rita huffed after clearing her throat while her face flushed with embarrassment after revealing her enjoyment in this whole thing.

Yuri shrugged, "I feel no need to change and I can say the same for you as well. Glad you're still the same. I worry for the world if Rita Mordio loses her feisty attitude." He smirked, propping his arm on the bed and rested his cheek on his palm, gazing at Rita with a face that could make anyone blush and Rita is no different.

"Sh-Shut up." Rita blushed and threw a book at his face.

"Ow! You're still as violent too. Even without a blastia." Yuri rubbed his nose while tossing the book on the table.

Rita simply huffed and turned away, pretending to be absorbed in her book again. "It's your fault for being an idiot." She mumbled.

"I really don't understand what I had said or done defines me as idiot." Yuri groaned, "Maybe it's just that you've bad judging."

"Don't question me." Rita waved the book in her hand threatening, as if ready to throw at Yuri's head if he were to make any more comments. "I'm trying to concentrate on my work here. Aren't you tired? Go to sleep and never wake up."

Yuri raised an eyebrow, "I'm hurt and weren't you the one who looked all over the place for me after I fell off Zaude?"

Rita blushed at the memory and stuttered a little in response. "I-I just want to pound some sense into you for making Estelle worry. Nothing more! Don't you dare go thinking that I actually like you or anything because I don't!"


"I'm serious!"

"Bet you're." Yuri grinned and turned over so that his back is facing her.

Rita huffed and threw another book lightly at his back. "Idiot." She mumbled, her face still flushed with pink as she returned to her book. Half of the night were focused on the book and the other half was focused on Yuri's sleeping face. Rita didn't know why but she found herself unable to pull her gaze from Yuri's face for quite some time. It is as though the emotions she felt for him during their travels before had came back only now she is actually legal.

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