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Rita woke up to the sun shining down onto her face. Damn, she wasn't planning on falling asleep but at least she managed to produce something useful. Something definitely worth spending the night over. She sat up and stretched her arms before realizing that she was on the bed. Weird, she could've sworn she was spending the whole night at the desk. After all, how can she even think about going to bed when Yuri happened to be lying on it? Where is that devil anyway?

Thinking that he must've went out on his own, Rita simply got off the bed and decided to question him later. She had things she had to do like a normal person after all. And so, she went to the bathroom, open the door and would've fainted if she weren't still half asleep.

"You could've just asked, you know?" Yuri's sarcastic tone echoed in her ears along with the sound of water.

Pretty much self-explanatory.

Rita gave a loud yelp and quickly slammed the door shut before turning around and leaned against it. WHY IS HE IN THE SHOWERS THIS EARLY? Rita thought angrily while feeling like sinking down beneath land. That well trained body, well toned skin, water droplets clinging onto them that created much more effect on the mage. After waiting for only a minute of two, Yuri emerged from the bathroom with a simply towel wrapped around his waist.

He looked down at the blushing Rita and raised an eyebrow. "Waiting for me? You shouldn't have…" He said in a pretty smug tone.

Rita glared up at him, "Shut it! I wouldn't be this scarred if you had remembered to lock the door!"

"The door has a lock?"


"The only lock this room has is the main door. This is a room for a single person after all." He simply pointed out and went to his clothes which were lying conveniently at the floor. He turned her head and glanced at her, "Do you really want to see me getting changed that badly?"

Rita's response was rushing into the bathroom and slammed in shut. "AS IF."

Yuri shook his head and chuckled, starting to get changed in his regular clothes. Why was Rita's reaction so cute and enraged anyway? He was only trying to tease him. He could've sworn he saw some tears coming out from her eyes. Being an isolated researcher must be pretty innocent and tough, huh. Not that she was going to stay that way if she were to be with him everyday.

"Perverted, ridiculous, idiotic, absurd…" The list just went on and on from the bathroom.

He had to admit teasing Rita could be more interesting than getting their own reactions out of the group. Except for Karol who would probably let out a girly scream before falling onto the ground in shock. It's as if they were TRYING to be innocent. Soon, Rita emerged from the bathroom wearing her usual robe.

"Not going to shower?" Yuri inquired.

"I was going to until I found out that there is no freaking lock on the door." Rita shot back, "I'll just have to take it at Estelle's place."

"It's not like I'm going to peek, you know. I'm not you."

Rita's face flushed at the memory and started to punch him with her little fists. "I WASN'T PEEKING! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT YOU WOULD TAKE A BLOODY SHOWER IN THE MORNING! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WAS BEING A CREEP!"

Yuri held out his hands in defense, not really affected by her punches. "Okay, okay, it was my fault, okay?" He chuckled lightly.

Rita huffed and panted, glaring up at him. "You should've realized that earlier."

"Hmm," Yuri shrugged, "I was the victim in case you haven't noticed."

"You mean MY EYES were the victims." Rita folded her arms across her chest and narrowed her eyes at him. "Please, anyone who sees you naked would've screamed and run ten miles away from you." Maybe because they couldn't take it… Rita thought as a small blush spread across her cheeks again before shaking that thought out of her head.

Yuri raised an eyebrow, "So I assume that you liked it seeing that you were waiting for me outside the bathroom?"

"I was too horrified to even move!" Rita lied.

Yuri rolled his eyes and nodded lightly, "Uh huh. And I believe everything you say. But just an advice, you'd look more believable if you weren't blushing now." He grinned, knowing full well that Rita was more embarrassed than angry.

"GAH! That's it! We're going to Estelle's place NOW." She growled and stomped out of the room.

"Yes, ma'am." He replied casually, gathering his equipments and items.

The breakfast at Estelle's was really awkward and tense. The source being Rita who was glaring at Yuri with all her might, Karol who was sitting beside her became kind of nervous at her facial expression, Estelle who was trying to figure out why was Rita mad, Flynn who was looking at Yuri as if he did something wrong AGAIN and Judith who held a very knowing look. Raven and Patty just ate as usual, not being affected by such tense atmosphere being either too young or too old.

"Did something happen between the both of you?" Estelle asked curiously.

Rita suddenly spluttered, "Nothing. Nothing happened. Yeah."

"It sure doesn't sound like nothing." Karol pointed out, regaining his composure after Rita dropped her glare.

"I said it's nothing!"

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Yuri inquired, chewing on his food while looking at Flynn from the corner of his eyes. "For your information, I was the victim this time. In the morning, Rita-" His words were cut off when Rita slapped a hand over his mouth, making him choke on his food.

Rita glared at the others, "He said NOTHING."

Flynn nodded hesitantly, knowing that Rita was hell bent on not revealing anything. Plus, Yuri was kind of on the brink of death right now. "Alright, we shall not pursue this matter but… I don't think Yuri can last very long." He pointed out.

"Oh." Rita removed her hand. After all, it's not good to kill someone in a noble's house.

"Gee, thanks a lot. I thought I would be happy to see my parents up there." Yuri said sarcastically after he had recovered. "And here I thought I was being nice to you after I carried you onto the bed when you were asleep."

Estelle blinked, "The both of you were in the same room?"

"Don't you remember, Estelle? Yuri declined your invitation because he wanted to live in his old place." Judith reminded.

"And Rita had been spending her nights at Yuri's even before they came." Flynn added as Estelle nodded in understanding.

Raven grinned, "So… what happened between the two of you at a small confined room? Were you sleeping together after Yuri carried you to the bed?"

"Where else would I sleep?" Yuri asked.

"W-What? Y-You mean we were sharing the same bed?" Rita stuttered, the red color coming back onto her cheeks. Even it had sounded as thought it was a bad thing from her mouth, she was secretly hoping that it was true.

"B-But they can't share the same bed!" Karol exclaimed, earning odd looks from all of them making him slunk back onto his seat. "I-I mean, Rita is a girl and Yuri is a guy. What if something had happened?" Karol asked hesitantly.

Rita looked at him with a very strange look. "WHAT do you think would happen?"

"Please boss, Rita is only 18." Yuri pointed out uninterestedly.

"That makes it even wrong!" Karol exclaimed.

Rita slapped his hand over his head. "What are you talking about? There isn't even a chance that we would be even doing," Rita gagged for real this time. "THAT. I don't know how you even came to this conclusion but erase that off your mind this instance! That goes for all of you as well!"

Judith giggled, "My, is Rita nervous?"

"I'M NOT!"

"By the way, Rita walked in on me while I was showering."

Numerous gasps of shock, surprise and awe sounded across the dining hall. The only one who didn't even utter out anything was Rita who was both trying to control her temper and regain her composure. That creep just had to mention that very scene in front of everyone.

"How was it?" Judith asked first, "Any detailed information you would like to share?"

"Ju-Judith!" Estelle gasped, turning to Rita. "L-Let's not mention about this… Rita doesn't look very good."

Rita gave a cry of anger before stomping out of the dining hall. "Gah! Say whatever you want! I'm out of here!" She growled, slamming the door shut behind her. The whole group simply looked at the direction she headed off, an even more awkward atmosphere clouding above their heads.

"I think you made her mad." Karol pointed out hesitantly.

Flynn sighed, "Yuri, you should know that Rita isn't a person who… likes things like this to be revealed."

"Nah, it's fine." Yuri reassured, while trying to conjure up things that he could talk to her later. Mostly apologize of course. He had known that Rita was a very reserved person and telling out things that embarrasses her must've been a hard hit on her. "I'm done." Yuri declared and headed out of the door as well.


Outside, Rita was stomping slash pacing around angrily on the grass beneath her feet. For a reserved person like her, embarrassing information like this had to be kept top secret. Maybe she went a little too far but she couldn't control her emotions. She was sure that she was going to receive teasing then eventually leading her to accidentally admitting that she actually liked that ex-knight. That was something she wouldn't like to experience ever. It makes her heart race and she would go into a state of panic.

No one would probably understand anyway. She just became 18 and thought that it might be a step forward but for some reason, she just couldn't imagine them being together. Yuri should be around 24 or 25 by now and the age gap is huge. Plus, there were females like Estelle and Judith who she was sure would catch Yuri's attention more than he does with her. Patty isn't much of a problem since she had dropped her 'flirting' with Yuri. And even if Estelle were to like Flynn, Judith was way out of her league.

This whole thing is just a bunch of messed up plot!


"AH!" Rita jumped when Yuri suddenly came behind her. She quickly turned around and glared at him. "And what are you trying to do? Scare me to death after not being satisfied making fun of me in front of the group?" Rita hissed but the back of her mind was filled with guilt. She knew Yuri wasn't the kind who would do something like that if he knew it would hurt the other party.

"I'm afraid our genius would be hard to beat, much less kill." He chuckled before looking at her. "About that, I…"

Rita raised an eyebrow, urging him to continue. "What?"

"It's kind of difficult to say…"

"Why don't you just try spitting it out?" Rita retorted, tapping her foot against the ground impatiently.

Is she on her menses? Yuri thought before shaking his head and sighed. "I didn't know that it would hurt so well," Yuri glanced away, "Sorry I guess." Damn, he wasn't good at this sort of thing. Even Rita knew his apology didn't sound like an apology back when they had first met.

"I guess?" Rita repeated, already understood what he was trying to say. But it was nice to have him take his own medicine. "You mean you weren't even sure?"

Yuri rolled his eyes. Why are women such difficult creatures? "Fine, I'm sorry."

Rita glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, grinning on the inside. "You're sorry, eh? You don't sound very sorry to me."

She was surprised when Yuri suddenly pulled her body against her. Estelle taught him that a hug would be the best method to apologize, which isn't very true since people could name many much better ways to accomplish the task. It's either that or having her steaming mad whenever she sees me. Yuri thought. He became curious when Rita didn't response as her body grew stiff at the sudden show of affection. It wasn't as though Yuri was a very huggy person too. He just wanted to get this over with.

"Rita? You okay down there?" He asked.

Rita managed to stutter out a few words.

"Speak properly."

"W-Why did you h-hug me?" Rita's eyes were wide in shock as she looked up at him but not trying to break free.

"Well, Estelle said that it was the best method to apologize and I don't want you being all huffy whenever you see me. It's kind of painful having a short tempered genius like you on people's back." He joked while chuckling lightly.

Rita frowned, "I'm glad that you know I'm not that good to rile up."

"I figured." He grinned before lifting her up over his shoulder. "Let's get back to the others. Estelle must be worried sick about you."


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