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Story takes place after Last Sacrifice and Rose has escaped and found Lissa's sister, Jill. When she comes back to court, she was arrested again and sentenced to death. Abe paid one of his guardians to fake the execution and took Rose to Russia, where she became his guardian. Pavel (Abe's other guardian) and Rose started the "Fraternity," where they did other mobsters dirty work and in their free time wiped out Strigoi clans!

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_Chapter 1_

My breathing was labored as I sprinted away from the building. The wind whipped around me causing the strands of hair not in my ponytail to stick to my face. The breeze chilled my neck and hands which were still wet with blood.

I heard my pursuers footsteps get closer and louder. Stealing a glance over my shoulder I saw those piercing red eyes narrow in frustration as he had reached out to grab me but ended up grasping nothing but air.

I sped up looking forward again thanking god when I saw the light glistening ahead indicating that the wall of trees separating me from my freedom was thinning. I burst through the last row of oak trees, leaves that had fallen on the ground flew upward through the air as I ran with astonishing speed.

Pavel had informed me through the earpiece that he would have the helicopter waiting for me by the water. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the edge of the cliff of the island we were currently on. Taking a deep breath a pushed myself over the edge into the angry turning waters below. I hit the surface with a hard smack.

Propelling myself upward I broke water gasping for air. I shed my weapon bag and any other unnecessary clothing that would cause me to slow down.

Swimming against the strong current of the Atlantic was not easy but luckily while training at the fraternity we had, had lots of practice swimming. The HQ of the fraternity was located in a remote jungle in the Canary Islands west of Morocco. I swam for a little bit keeping close to the cliffs until I heard the sounds of propeller blades.

I stopped and listened, relief taking over my body. Treading water, I looked towards the sky and grinned when I saw that the helicopter was right above me. Someone lowered the step latter for me and I reached up and latched myself on as it lifted me up and out of the water.

As we flew away, I climbed up and flopped into the cabin. Breathing hard, I sat up and coughed up the salt water that I had mistakenly swallowed.

I saw a worried Pavel come into my line of vision. He gave a strained chuckle, "You look like a drowned cat." I glared at him from the top of my eyelashes.

"That," I said, my voice hoarse, "Is the LAST time I jump off a freaking cliff. Next time you can do it, thank you very much."

He grinned, a full smile, "Jesus Rose, I thought you were a goner." He attacked me with a hug.

"Pavel I'm going to get you all wet," I stated grinning and trying to squirm out of his tight grip.

He pulled back and yelled for the pilot to start flying back to our base in the main land of Africa. That base was just for emergency use. By tomorrow we would be on a plane to Russia to figure out how in the world they had infiltrated our system and attacked our headquarters.

Honestly I would be seriously upset if someone in my team, my family, had betrayed us and sold us out to the Strigoi. Nah, I would be more than upset…I would be pissed.

Closing my eyes I leaned my head back against the headrest of my chair. I was freezing cold and half of my body was already numb. "If I die of hypothermia, I will come back and haunt you until you die," I threatened Pavel through chattering teeth.

He just chuckled and I felt him start rubbing my upper arms creating some friction and warmth. I must have fallen asleep at some point because all of a sudden a green meadow started to form around of me.

"Oh no" I thought to myself looking around. This is not good, nope not good at all. "A…A…Adrian" I stuttered looking up trying to find out where he was. He came into my view looking as good as ever. His hair in its usually messy do, those bright green eyes which usually were kind and warm were filled with shock and disbelief.

"Rose…. It's not possible. You're dead," he exclaimed with a bewildered look on his face. With one last look at him, I forced myself out of the dream.

I bolted upright and looked around. Apparently we weren't on the plane anymore. Stretching I got up from the bed, and looked around some more. The room I was in was just plain. The walls were just white and a mirror hung from the west wall with a small tan dresser pressed up against the wall underneath it. The bed I was sleeping on was against the opposite wall. There was not much of anything else there.

I opened the door and peered out into the hallway. Looking left and right I didn't see anyone so I stepped out of the room. Walking down the hall I noticed the military style of the building.

We had obviously reached the base in Africa, now I only had to find out where Pavel was.

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