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_Chapter 7_

*still earlier that year*


As I walked out of the plane, I saw Pavel waiting for me behind the protective fence the guardians had put up. All around us alchemists were at work taking care of the dead Strigoi bodies that were left behind. Fortunately no Moroi or Dhampirs were hurt today.

"Glad to see you're still alive," Pavel grinned and hugged me as I walked over to him and the other guardians. He had bags under his eyes since missions kept us awake day and night.

"Awww, come on Pavel? You didn't think I could take on a few Strigoi?" I teased him while slipping my backpack back up. Since our mission was now considered, "accomplished," we were headed back the headquarters to help Vikki with the newbies again.

I hitched the pack up onto my shoulders and quickened my pace to match Pavel's. "Haha of course Rose," he responded while shaking his head at my over confidence.

We walked underneath our private plane and watched as the ladder tumbled down to earth from the plane. I grabbed onto it and started scrambling up with Pavel right behind me. Both of us had nailed the ladder course at the training lessons and were one of the best guardians the fraternity had.

I threw my backpack down on a seat and plopped down on another. I kicked my legs up onto the table and exhaled sharply. Pavel chuckled at me and tossed me a wet towel, "Tired are we Rose?"

"In your dreams, I could take down another few hundred Strigoi if I had to!"

"Good, because Viktoria just called me and wants us to help with the newbies first training session." He smirked knowing a eruption was coming.

My expression drained from confidence into a look of horror, "She expects us to help after the whole mission!" I whipped my head up from the magazine I was reading to give Pavel a bewildered look.

"Yup," he responded popping the P while stretching out his muscles. I inwardly groaned and slowly stood up to go do some stretches with him.

"So who am I assigned to test?" I tilted my head sideways and looked at him through the corner of my eye while doing my usual pushups.

"You were assigned to Guardian Belikov," he shot me an apologetic look and continued what he was doing. I abruptly stopped mid-pushup and felt my stomach plop down to the floor.

"What?" I glared at Pavel, pulling myself up and rubbed my sore stomach, "and whose absolutely brilliant idea was that?"

"Guardian Belikov was the one who requested it." Pavel shrugged offhandedly and went to go check with Nick when we would be arriving.

I sat down on the stiff couch and tried to sort all my thoughts. So I was going to go train my ex-mentor on the guardian skills which he had taught me only a few years ago…perfect. I was so not ready for this.

Pavel called me on the headset and told me that we had arrived back and to clean up and meet him back in the gym for the training as fast as I could. I picked up my mission bags and walked back to my room. I quickly threw of my black clothes and dressed into a tank top and sweatpants.

I sprinted around the corner to the gym to find everyone waiting for me. "Damn! How do you guys get here so fast?" I took my spot in line behind Pavel who was shaking his head at me along with a couple of other older guardians.

Vikki started rattling of names of newbies on her list and paired them with guardians from the fraternity. "Pavel you're with Tasha Ozera." I watched as Pavel stood up and walked over to Tasha, leading her into one of the many training rooms.

"Rose you're with Dimka," she briefly glanced at me before going back to her list. Nervous, I stood up and walked over to where Dimitri was waiting for me.

I had decided to start off with the mandatory introduction. Without making any eye contact I began, "Welcome to the fraternity, my name is Guardian Rose Hathaway and I'll…"

Dimitri cut me off by saying, "I know who you are Rose…" I looked up to see him smiling at me. Embarrassed, I decided to take this the Rose way, "Geez, kay in that case just follow me Comrade."

I led him into an empty training room and sat down on the chair. Dimitri stood in the corner just watching me as I fiddled with the papers I was holding in my hand. We sat in uncomfortable silence for a while before Dimitri spoke, "so you weren't dead this whole time?"

I glanced up at him and shrugged, "nope I was here with Vikki." He nodded and turned to stare out the window.

"You should have known how worried I was when…"

This time it was me who cut him off, "No I shouldn't of, I was going to be executed and… I saw him wince and decided a subject change was very necessary, "whatever…that was before and this is now. We should start the training test."

I began both began our stretches when I heard him mutter under his breath, "funny how our roles are reversed."

It took me a while to figure out what he meant by that. "I'm not your mentor, I'm just you umm….trainer?" I winced at myself when I heard how defensive I sounded.

Fortunately Dimitri just decided to raise a brow which I pretended to not notice. We both finished of stretches and did some cooling exercises before I suggested that we spar first.

I set up the mat and drew the boundary lines before meeting Dimitri who was waiting for me in the middle. "Ready?" I asked and he nodded.

I threw a punch at him and he blocked me without much effort. I decided to show him some of my newly learned moves and we slowly picked up the pace in fighting. Surprising, Dimitri was just as strong as I thought he was.

After a few minutes, I finally got him down and "staked" him right over the heart. Tired and with both of us breathing heavily, I helped him back up.

"Wow Rose, you've gotten really good!" Dimitri commented with a ton of pride shining through his eyes.

"Thanks." I picked my grading paper up and checked of a bunch of boxes here and there.

"So what did I get?"

"Apparently you're good enough for the Strigoi killing part of the Fraternity." I grinned at him while he rolled his eyes at me.

"Oh and by the way Rose, sorry about your brother." His voice grew smaller and he tried avoiding my eye as he spoke.

I lost my grip on the pen and, my hand skidded across the paper leaving a blue line run across the whole checklist. "Wha…what?" I managed to stutter out, "Who told you about him?"


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