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Find the Light

Normal POV

The driver looked back at the pink-haired girl.

"You okay? You didn't talk this whole ride." He said with a concerned face.

She didn't reply but instead, simply stared at her foot. The driver shuddered at the creepy doll-like girl and said,

"Well, we're here. Welcome to your new foster home. I'm sure this time it's the one. She's taken many children in your place and healed them. You'll be up and looking at the warm sun in no time."

No response. He sighed and helped her out. Her face was expressionless. A young woman, in her mid-30's walked out and smiled.

"There's Amu! Nice to meet you! I'm Midori." She said cheerfully.

When Amu made no response, she sighed, "That's okay, we'll take it slow." The woman thanked the driver and led Amu into the house.

Just as Midori had settled Amu down on the couch, the doorbell rang. She got up and opened it.

"Ah, Ikuto. I'm Midori. Come in, come in."

When the navy haired boy made no movement, Midori led him in, guiding him onto the couch a few feet from Amu. Midori stood in front the two motionless figures. Amu had shoulder length messy pink hair with honey eyes and Ikuto had navy-blue hair with midnight-blue eyes. There was an awkward silence.

"Well you two get along while I make dinner. Then I could show you to your rooms. Everyone happy?"

No response. Just more staring into space. Midori sighed and walked into the kitchen.

Midori POV

I set the plates in front of the lifeless figures. A motion caught my eye. Ikuto and Amu both picked up their forks and ate, but like robots. I was surprised. After dinner, I took both of them and led them upstairs. I showed them their rooms and settled them in. I closed their doors after tucking them both in bed and went to sleep myself.


Violent nightmares haunted me that night. Thinking of my previous home, which I was raped in by my foster brother. I shuddered and brought the blankets closer.


It was the beginning of first grade. My family and I went out to celebrate. Dad, Mom, and I, all happy, perfect as can be. I spotted a man with balloons on the other side of the street. Mom was walking slowly with Dad as they held hands and laughed.

I didn't want to ruin their moment so I yelled back, "I'm gonna be right back, Mommy and Daddy!"

They nodded and I ran to the balloon man. Bang. I stopped in my tracks and turned. I screamed. Two people dressed in black held the limp bodies of my bleeding parents.

"M-m-mama? P-p-papa?" I stuttered. The two men pointed their guns at me and I fled, crying.

The street was wild with people trying to run. I bumped into a police man. He held me while I sobbed. I told him about the two people and he cradled me. "It's okay, I'm here for you." I nodded and huddled against him.

::End of Flashback::

Ikuto POV

I thought about the world. The cruel world. I was placed in many promised loving foster homes and what did I get? Molested.


I shuddered against the cold winds of the night as I cradled myself on the roof, trying to hide from serial killer. That horrible man was still looking for me. I could hear the bangs and crashed going in the house as he literally flipped the house over, looking for me. A silence. Then a scream. No, he already found her. Mom. I squeezed my eyes shut and the blood pounded in my ears. Why, why me? Out of all people? Maybe he was just targeting my family. Did he know us? I kept thinking.

"G-get a-away from me, Naifun!" A jagged scream rang.

Then, a gun shot.

The words echoed though my ears. She had known him. Naifun. I heard my bedroom door slam. I knew I had to go. Now. I had nothing. He robbed my feelings, and left me numb and emotionless, he robbed my house, he robbed my sanity, and the worst, he robbed my mom's life.

::End of Flashback::

I woke up in sweats. I suddenly thought of the girl who was also placed in this home. Whimpers were heard next door. I got up and decided to look. The pink-haired girl was crouched in a corner with her blanket. Shudders shook her body every time she took a breath. She spotted me with wide eyes and she tried to shove herself closer to the wall.

"P-please s-stay a-away from m-me." She gasped between sobs.


I decided to stay in the corner of the room with my blanket that my mom made me when I was young. I huddled and began sobbing. Sobbing for my family, sobbing for myself, and sobbing for what's left of my ruined, black and white life. The door creaked open and the blue-haired from earlier walked in. Memories of past foster bothers flashed through my mind. I froze in shock.

"P-please s-stay a-away from m-me." I gasped through my sobs.

Please don't touch me. I thought to myself as I hugged my legs and gathered the blankets around me.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I know what it's like to be in your position. I'm also afraid. Can I stay with you?" He said calmly, but I could sense wavers in his voice.

He came closer and I shrank back a bit more. He sat next to me and I decided to trust him. He smelled just like my daddy. Lost in my thoughts, I cuddled next to him. He smelled like my daddy and my blanket smelled like my mom. I felt as if my parents were with me, right here, right now.

Midori POV

I rubbed my eyes as I walked to Amu's room. I opened the door and my eyes widened. I rubbed my eyes again trying to see if my eyes were just playing tricks on me or what.

"A-amu? I-ikuto?" I said, bewildered.

They were huddled together in the corner, both with peaceful looks on their faces instead of the usual pained one. I smiled and walked out, quietly closing the door behind me. My eyes sparkled. I just might of found a way to crack their shells. They needed each other. They needed to help each other, too.

Normal POV

Ikuto woke up and looked at Amu. A little smile crept on his face. She looked peaceful. He began to get up, trying his best not to disturb the sleeping figure. A hand grabbed him. He looked back and his eyes met lonely eyes.

"Please don't go, Papa." She said, nearly in tears. "You just got here, don't leave me again."

Ikuto looked away and quietly said, "I'm not your dad."

She frowned. "You smell just like my papa and you have the same kind face."

Ikuto looked back at the pink-haired girl and smiled a bit. "I'm sorry but I'm not him. I'm Ikuto."

The girl looked down and let her hand fall to the floor. "Oh, I'm sorry." And with that, she hugged herself tighter and squeezed her eyes close. "They were here, I swear." She whispered.

Ikuto POV

She thought I was her dad. I looked away in shame. Despite my usual no emotion state, a wave of sadness hit me. I felt I had broken her. There she was, huddled in a corner, crying to herself, telling herself they were there. Her parents. I carefully pried the blankets, much to her resistance, and pulled her up. She looked away. I didn't know what to do so I left to my room.

Midori POV

I smiled and hummed to myself. I needed to tell Nagihiko and Rima. Rime was abused by her mom because of all the stress that was building up on her ever since her divorce, until the neighbors next door heard glass breaking and screams coming from Rima's house and they decided to call the police. When they finally arrived at Rima's house, Rima was crouched in a corner sobbing for help with her mom above her with a broken jug. Rima was badly hurt from her mom smashing the jug on her head. Soon after her mom was arrested and Rima was put in a foster home, she stopped talking and barely ate at all. I took her in and with a kind boy named Nagihiko, we finally cracked her shell. Rima and Nagihiko are currently dating. They should be able to help Amu and Ikuto like Nagihiko helped Rima. I called them up. They said they would be happy to come. Right after I hung up the phone, Ikuto came downstairs.

Where was Amu?I thought to myself and decided to check in on her.

She was in the same corner as before but now she was shaking from tears. I ran over and tried to comfort her. She immediately stiffened, got up, and locked herself in the bathroom. I sighed and went back downstairs. She probably needed time on her own. The doorbell rang.

They're here! I thought excitedly to myself.

I opened the door to a pair of smiling faces.

"Rima! Nagihiko! Come in!" I welcomed.

They thanked me and walked in.

I pointed to Ikuto. "This is Ikuto and Amu is upstairs. She might not be down for a while."

They nodded and sat down on the couch. A minute later, the doorbell rang again. I opened the door, confused but brightened up when I saw Kukai and Utau.

"Hey! Didn't think we'd miss this, did ya?" Kukai exclaimed. I laughed. Utau's case was similar to Rima's and Nagihiko's. Kukai was the one who brightened her. They were currently dating and Utau was a singer and Kukai was the captain of his school's soccer team. I was still amazed. Utau went from being the small shy girl into a bold famous singer.

I looked at Kukai and said, "Hey guys! Long time no see, come in!"

Kukai jumped in and landed on the couch. Utau just rolled her eyes and walked in calmly.

"Ahhh, good to be home!" Kukai sighed spreading himself all over the couch.

Utau pick one of his legs with two finders at arm's length like it was Kukai's gym sock (which by the way, you DO NOT want to smell...) and dropped it on the floor, seating herself on that spot. Kukai whined but Utau just told him to shut up.

"Jeesh, you guys are like an old married couple or something." I said, shaking my head.

Two glaring heads slowly turned towards me.

"Y-you k-know I-I was just k-kidding, r-right g-guys?" I chuckled nervously.

Utau stuck her nose in the air and Kukai just put his legs on the coffee table. I sighed. Kukai suddenly turned to Ikuto and gave him a noogie.

"Hey Ikuto, wanna be buds?" He asked cheerfully.

I winced. "Uh, Kukai, Ikuto doesn't talk, at least not to us, only to Amu. You know Utau's state? Yea, they're worse than that."

Kukai looked at Utau who was looking shocked.

"Wait, worse than Utau? 'Cause Utau's was pretty bad..." Kukai trailed off.

I nodded. "Yea...Ikut-"

I stopped when pink caught my eye. Amu. But her face was emotionless and her eyes were dark pits.

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