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Ch 2 Growing Teens

Roxy, though not very quietly, scribbled away at her homework. I was quietly reading my book while she made primitive noises coinciding with an occasional mutter or outburst of anger. Something I was sure she got from Dad because I have never seen momma angry.

Probably why it was best Momma woke us up instead of Dad. This morning was a prime example of why we prefer Momma waking us up instead of Dad. But when she was away on business, and the alarm clock did not do anything for us, it could not be helped.

"Lyra. Roxy. Up and Ad'm!" Red walked in between the beds, while I artfully slowed my breathing to a shallow sleeping slumber, glancing at the comforter clad bodies. He leaned over and jerked back my comforter.

"Lyla. Up. School time!" It was a surprise old Belle lasted this long with Daddy throwing her around like that. But Belle is a tough girl. I am sure she can last this 'Beast' as well as the other. But I am not sure about Zunar, who was sent tumbling off the bed with an irritated growl. Landing on all fours, he began to stretch out, nails and tongue extended.

I smiled despite myself, mimicking Zunar in stretching my arms and legs out. But not my tongue.

Dad was wearing his usual signature black shirt and pants with a very oversized flannel shirt opened down the front, red tail lazily sway side to side as Berlioz, who had apparently came to help wake us up, fruitlessly pounced at it.

"Up!" Dad boomed again. I rolled over to the side of the bed, rubbing my eyes.

"Roxy. Up. School time!" He walked over to the faded Cinderella comforter and, Aslan jumping to safety, jerked the covers back. She groaned, turning towards the wall but Aslan made his way out of the room with a lazy swirl of his tail.

"Dad. We are home schooled. Why can't we sleep in?" He shook his head at Roxy's mumbled protest under the pillow she promptly clamped over her head. Sliding my feet to the cold stone floor, I stretched again, Zunar hopping to my side to rub his head in my lap.

"Don't look at me. Abe said 'Early bird gets a bug'." He rumbled, making a weird wave above his head with an arm before jerking his tail out of Berlioz grasp.

"Worm, Dad. It's a worm." I yawned rubbing Zunar head before getting up with a grunt and walking to the bathroom. He grumbled a 'whatever' as I flicked my tail at him.

"I guess momma still is not home yet." I mumbled, stretching my hands above my head, Zunar fallowing me. She was a lot nicer waking us up. Probably why Roxy was fighting.

"She's home." I stopped at the door and looked back, Zunar running into my calf, my stomach doing a leap for joy. "Down fixing breakfast for you guys."

"Mommy's home? How was her trip?" He waved me off, mumbling I will 'hear about it later', and I entered the bathroom.

"Get dressed and ask her yourself. Roxy! Up!" Dad hollered while I grabbed the toothbrush and toothpaste out of the cabinet. Wetting the end I put a pea size portion on the tip of the brush and got to work while Zunar wound his way around my legs. Getting closer to the mirror I surveyed what was before me.

Black hair was in a mess. Red tented skin made my green eyes seem brighter. I got even closer to the mirror. I was sure I got another speak of gold. Hopefully I would get enough gold speaks to block out the green all together. But I could only hope.

"I don't wanna." I heard Roxy grumbled. "You can't make me."

Shaking my head a little at Roxy's declaration of war, I scanned my head carefully, toothbrush hanging out, parting my bangs just to make sure.

"Really?" From the bathroom shuffles of comforter and a yelp could be heard. I glanced up to see Dad walk in with Roxy struggling in his arms.

"DON'T DO IT! DAAAADYYYY!" Roxy struggled even more but Dad dumped her into the shower and turned it on full blast…probably as cold as it would go.
"DADDY!" He chuckled loudly as Roxy squealed.

"Up, Roxy! Mom is waiting for you two down stairs." Then his tail closed the door behind him with an outright laugh bursting from his chest.

Roxy struggled to turn the water off before her t-shirt and basketball shorts got too soaked.

"I wish he would quit that!" She jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel from the cabinet. "I am thirteen! I am too old for him to be still doing that!"

"Yah. You would think you would learn by now." My head bent to spit into the sink just as a soaked top hit the mirror above the sink. Roxy stocked to the closet, throwing the doors open.

"Still no horns." I rinsed my mouth out.

"Good." Roxy snapped from the closet, a bang sounding here and there. She would be perturbed for a while, so I let her be. I knew she was as scared as I was with the potentiality we might get horns like dad eventually. Well 'scared' was not really the right word. I mean, we are unique beings. There is no telling what we could develop or take after our parents. Roxy got the gold eyes and we both got the red tinted skin and tail. But we also got moms built and her hair color. Both of us hope and wished for attributes we wanted and didn't want but we can only wait and see as we continue to grow and mature.

Me, I am still hoping for some gold eyes. Roxys were blue when she was first born, Momma says, but eventually turned gold. They are just so cool and unique. I mean, I am already an anomaly, why can't I have the whole shebang and get gold eyes too. Why was I stuck with green eyes?

I had already put my toothbrush away and almost finished flossing by the time she emerged. Appearing with a tank top over her head and blue jeans on, she settled the top around her hips and came to the sink.

"What are we having first?" I spit into the sink, just missing her hand watering down her toothbrush.


"Sorry." I threw the floss away and headed to the closet. Zunar had given up getting my attention and curled up on some dirty clothes in the corner, watching us get ready with half hooded eyes. "We have World History with Nuala after breakfast. Then, I think, we told Abe we would meet him in the Library for Geometry."

"Geometry." Roxy groaned before stuffing her toothbrush in her mouth, brushing her big pearly whites vigorously. I combed through the clothes.

What do I feel like wearing?

Roxy spit in the sink.

"I like History. That I do not mind as much." She filled her mouth with water and gargled. I settled on a pair of jeans and a plain blue T-shirt with the words I would rather be Sleeping sprawled across the front.

"You just like it because Nuala was actually alive to experience it." She spit in the sink.

"Makes it all the more interesting." She shrugged her shoulders and grabbing some floss. "Plus we know what she is teaching is true and not some Government censored trash."

"Whatever you say." I finished pulling my jeans on, careful of my tail, and slipped my arms in my shirt. "You ready for our test?"

"Sure." She grumbled. Grabbing a brush, after tossing the floss away, and ran it through her hair.

"What is the capital of the Marshall Islands?" The brush paused as she thought.

"The Capital is...Majuro."

"What is the population?" Roxy gave me a 'are-we-really-going-to-do-this' look. "How many people, Roxy?"

"About ... sixty thousand people. I studied, Lyla. You should know, you were there." Jabbing the brush at my head.

"Where is it located?" Roxy sighed in frustration.

"Halfway between Hawaii and Australia on a lot of islands. They adopted their Constitution in 1979 and signed the Compact of Free Association with the United States in 1986." She threw the brush in the drawer.

"Happy?" I smiled, getting to my feet.

"A little. Since we spent five hours last night studying." Roxy went to the closet and grabbed an over shirt and shoes.

"It was two." Roxy grumbled. Roxy's tail set her shoes down so she could slide a sock on. "What's after Geometry?"

I grabbed the brush and ran it through my own hair.

"English. Momma wanted us to be finished with that compare and contrast paper on The Odyssey and The Iliad. Did you finish reading them?" She plopped down on the ground, her full lips quirked to the side. I smiled because I knew that little smirk.

"No." Roxy huffed.

"Our papers are going to be interesting." I giggled.

"Knock knock!"

"In here!" Roxy yelled. After a few seconds the door opened and Trevor stuck his head around the corner, big eyes blinking against the light.

"Ready?" His big black eyes blinking every few seconds. Rossa came into sight with Ada right behind her, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. They had apparently been woken way before we had because they were fully dress and hair was nicely combed.

Well at least the two that needed to worry about combing hair.

I glanced at Trevor with a smirk.

"What." He yawned, covering it with a black and blue hand.

"Nothing." Opening the drawer, I threw the brush back in.

"Two seconds." Roxy finished tying her shoes and I pulled my hair back with a scrunchy.

"Mommy's home." Rossa smiled at my enthusiasm.

"I hope her trip was well." Rossa said politely in her usual small sweet voice.

"Dad says she is fixing breakfast." Roxy eagerly got to her feet. Apparently already forgiving Dad.

"What is for breakfast?" Ada yawned, leaning against the door frame. He was always hungry.

"Lets go find out." Trevor led the way out of our room, Zunar following me, down the hall. Ada yawned loudly, sending a wave of even deeper yawns through everyone else.

Reaching the door leading out into the half-finished hallway Roxy took a deep breath through her nose.

"Pancakes wiiiiith..." I sniffed the air with her. Beyond the smell of ancient stone, fresh cut wood, and paint there was something very faint.

"Chocolate chips?" I put in and she nodded in agreement. Trevor bounced with happiness and the rest of us smiled as we took the stairs two at a time.

"Race you!" Ada yelled, his long legs allowing him to take three stairs at a time. Roxy grumbled a 'not fair' before increasing her speed. Trevor and I followed suit while Rossa continued to gracefully take each step at a time. Ada reached the landing first, Roxy close behind, giving them a decent head start of me. But once I was on even flooring, I broke out in a dead run. Passing Ada and Roxy, to their surprise, only slowing down to whip around the next corner but not enough for them to catch up. Zunar the only one able to match my stride. Trevor was trying so hard to keep up, but he had not hit maturity yet and just couldn't keep up with our longer legs and energy.

Reaching the doorway I stopped, leaning against the frame to fold my arms over my breast.

"What took you so long?" I smiled, when Ada and Roxy came to a stop just a few feet away. Roxy back handed my shoulder before entering the room.

"I smell pancakes!" Roxy announced our arrival and momma turned to greet us armed with a spatula and a plate.

"I thought I heard you all coming. Morning sleepyheads." She smiled at the cousins then at us, rubbing Aslan's stomach with a toe while O'Malley and DC chased each other round the ten mismatched chairs surrounding a recently sanded and stained large dining table. Crookshanks, Sterling, Rufus, and Hat were still curled up in their beds by the cold stone fireplace, the noise not bothering them one bit. Azrael and Patience were up and aware, watching the chaos around the table, but not joining in.

"Morning Aunt Liz!" Trevor and Ada yelled, stepping around O'Malley and DC.

"Morning birthday girls." Her dark brown eyes sparkling, playfully scooting Aslan out of the way.

"Morning Mommy!" Roxy and I said in unison.

"Oh, yah, happy birthday." Ada mumbled, a little embarrassed. Trevor yelled a similar response.

"Where is Mother?" Rossa asked quietly, finally entering the room in a graceful stride. "Happy Birthday, Roxy and Lyra."

"Thank you!" Roxy and I yelled.

"She had to go to town for a few things." Mom roared over the meows. "She should be back for your History lesson."

Roxy groaned and we all laughed. I grabbed a plate and went to momma's elbow. We all knew canceled lessons meant free time but we didn't get those very often.

Roxy hugged Mommy from behind, hungrily eyeing the four frying pans with chocolate ship pancakes almost ready.

"Can't we get… just a few hours off? It is our birthday after all."

"Nice try, but no." Mom made her point with the spatula then went back to fixing pancakes. "We will celebrate tonight. After you finish all your class work." Roxy groaned.

"What are we going to do?" I asked. A little embarrassed how eager I was. Mom glanced over her shoulder, over Roxys head.

"It's a surprise." Mom reached for a plate but couldn't quite. "Roxy! I am trying to cook here."

Roxy giggled and untangled herself to help Rossa with setting the table.

"Daddy fixed the stove." I told Mommy, though she obvious could tell. I could see her head tilt to the side, an action I am sure she got from living with Daddy for so long, and a slow smile spread across her face.

"He sure did." Mommy giggled, sliding a pancake onto my plate.

"A day and a half later, and not to mention all the cursing." Roxy giggled and mommy's smile deepened.

"It is good as new." Mommy laughed this time, sliding a second pancake with the first.

"Not that it was new to begin with was it?" I said, setting the plate on the table and grabbed an empty one. Roxy and Rossa went to setting glasses out while Ada helped Trevor with the silverware avoiding O'Malley and DC. Mumbling instructions every now and then.

"I found it for a good price on e-bay and, even though it needed some work done, Dad promised he could make it work." I smiled. Mom hardly calls Dad by his name anymore, because of us. I guess that is one thing that you adapt to with kids.

"The same with the kitchen sink." I giggled. Switching plates, handing the full one to Rossa.

"And the oven." Roxy put in, pouring everyone juice.

"And the TV." Ada put silverware at each place, tucking his long blond locks behind an ear, mumbling instructions to Trevor now and then.

"I fixed that." Mommy pointed out, switching plates. "One of the components opened and it was an easy fix."

"You fixed the computer too." Trevor smiled. Which I think he appreciated it more, beside Mom and her work, than anyone with all the research he had done lately.

"Yah well," Mom shrugged her shoulders; "once Dad and Abe are done with the place we can put that money to other things."

"Speaking of money, how was your trip mommy?"

"Good." Switching hands to flip over pancakes on the other pans. "My client was sure someone was breaking into his house trying to steal his prized Chinese Helmet artifact. But it was just his daughter's boyfriend sneaking in."

"That would be an awkward conversation." Roxy mumbled. Everyone laughed but Trevor, Rossa even cracked a shy smile, who was still too young to understand. Mom gave Roxy a pointed look and she quieted down to a few snickers.

"Everyone have a seat! O'Malley! DC! Take it somewhere else!" Mom took the plate from Rossa and we all sat down at the table while mom continued flipping pancakes. The two cats streaked out of the room, Aslan lazily fallowing suit with Azrael and Patience close behind.

"So how was your week?" Mommy left it open for anyone to answer, picking up the spatula again, giving us an all knowing look over her shoulder. We all glanced at each other while taking our seats, smiling and wondering who would start. Trevor hopped into a seat opposite of mommas chair.

"I finished my research for my paper. I should have it done in another week." Trevor stood in the chair on his knees, plate ready above his head.

"Good." Momma tossed a pancake onto his waiting plate, Trevor pumping his arm in triumph before placing it on the table. "If you want me to proof read it let me know."

Poor Trevor, though he was a child genius his hand and eye coordination wasn't the best so we gave his encouraging claps none the less.

"Thank you." Smiling, Trevor patiently placed his hands in his lap. Glancing around and waiting for mommas next target.

"What did you do, Ada?" Momma waiting, pancake on the spatula ready.

"I put a frog in Rossas bed." Mommy held back a smile. Tossing the projectile a little to his right without warning so he would have to quickly scoop up his plate and catch it before it splatted on the floor. Rossa gave Ada, as much as her innocent little face could give, a nasty look even though she was obviously pleased with her brothers' performance.

"And," Rossa whispered, "he beat mother in sparing."

Momma mouth dropped open, Ada dropping his eyes with a little smirk. But then quickly recovered to ketch another pancake on his left.

"That is wonderful Ada. You and I should spare some time. It would be a nice challenge." Sending Roxy a sly smile who returned it with flash of tongue

"Rossa finished her painting, Mommy." Momma smiled, patiently waiting for Rossa to shyly get her plate ready for the flying projectile.

"You should see it.'" I added. "It is beautiful." Rossa turning a deep red, catching the pancake with as much grace as she walked.

"It is not all that special." She whispered. Placing her pancake carefully on the table.

"I would like to see it, Rossa." Momma smiled at her. Winning her a little shy smile.

All plates paused and eyes lift to the door as Nuala comes in with a dark black bob, brown raincoat, and knee high socks.

"Momma!" Trevor yells, running to give her a hug. She barely has enough time to put the bags down on the counter before he slams into her.

"Ooof! Trevor dear. Remember what I said." Obviously he didn't remember as he wrapped himself around her. Eight year old child genius and he acts like he's two sometimes. But that is also partly due to his gender. Dad is the same way.

"Good morning everyone." Nuala greeted everyone with a nod as she slid the wig off her head, shaking off droplets.

"Morning!" We returned, getting back to our plates, ready.

"Still raining cats and dogs I see?" Momma said, flipping a pancake onto Trevor's plate like it was nothing.

"More like Goblins and Orcs." Nuala mumbled, struggling with her raincoat but couldn't do much with the little monkey on her.

"Trevor dear, go sit." With one last squeeze he obliged, letting Nuala pull off her jacket and hair net, gorgeous strait blond hair flowing, before dig through the bags she brought.

"Leave them Nuala, we will put that stuff away after we eat. Come sit." With a grateful sigh of relief Nuala slid into the seat next to Rossa, looking around.

"Where are the boys?" Liz looked up, tossing a pancake which Nuala gracefully caught it with her plate, as if expecting them to be there any moment.

"Red was supposed to go get Abe after waking the girls."

"Ada," Nuala called breathlessly putting her plate down, "since you have already started, would you mind getting your father and Red. Tell them the food is ready but may not last long."

Ada shoveled a huge slice of pancake into his mouth before nodding, blond locks sliding into his face, and heading out.

"Alright! Roxy? Lyla? Who is next?" Momma called, ready to launch. We glanced at each other, ready.

Until Uncle Abe and Dad walk in, followed by Ada, Berlioz, Toulouse, Cheshire, and Tom. Momma wasted no time flipping some pancakes across the table onto their plates then taking a seat.

"You made it!" Trevor cried. Abe gave a half grin, rubbing his son's head, before taking his seat next to Nuala.

"You alright, dear?" Nuala carefully rubbed his arm.

"Still working on my research." Abe mumbled. Dad gave momma a peck on the lips before taking his seat.

"Not getting anywhere?" Nuala breathed. Abe shook his head.

"What are you researching?" Roxy blurted, tossing some pancake down to Aslan to hush his yowling, but quit at mommas look. Abe blinked in surprise, seeming to be a little dazed.

"Well, it's… um…"

"I'm hungry." Dad bellowed, reaching for his fork. "Let's eat."

"Dad?" He paused looking at me. "Prayer." I gently reminded him.

"Right." He huffed, holding his hands on each side of him. As one we took each other's hands, Ada sliding in his seat, as everyone bowed their hands. Even the cats seemed to quiet in reverence.

"Our Father…" Dads' slow deep voice had no difficulty filling the kitchen in the silence.

My eyes peaked open, glancing over to Roxy who too was doing the same. We knew it was not respectful, but old habits die hard. I personally liked looking at everyone's face as they listened to the prayer. Some looked to be really listening to the prayer, like momma, but some minds were elsewhere. Like Ada and Abe. The cats too, were fun to watch. Those who were not circling our feet were patiently waiting by the fireplace.

I became content with studying the rosary around the wrist of the hand Dad intertwined with Mommas'. Momma said it belong to Grandpa Trevor before he died. The way she fondly talked about him, and Dad not talking about him much at all, made me wish I had met him. It would be nice to have any grandparents, actually. Another thing we had in common with Ada, Rossa, and Trevor.

"Amen." I mumbled with everyone else, releasing Roxy's and Rossas' hands.

"No feeding the cats until after breakfast." Momma reiterated, looking at each of us in turn. Her body jerking with the force of her leg striking out at a cat under the table, but no contact was made. "Shoo, Khan! Quit grabbing at my leg! If you keep feeding them while we eat we will never get any peace."

"How was your trip, Liz? Fruitful?" Abe asked politely, lighten the mood, grasping the pitcher of orange juice to pour Nuala a glass before his own.

"Very. I got another client out of it. Some school in New York or something." Momma got to work cutting up her pancakes before pouring syrup on them. Not me, I was like Dad, syrup first then cutting.

"A school?" Nuala, giving a grateful smile to Abe, wondered before taking a sip from her glass. Abe was unsuccessful to hide the slight blush from his cheeks. They were so cute. Mom and Dad weren't the cute type. They were the kind of couple that picked on each other to show their affection. A hug and a kiss every now and then, but mostly pranks and sly remarks, it worked for them. As did sweet smiles and long deep looks into each other's eyes worked for Nuala and Abe.

I sometimes wondered what kind of love I would have. Then I remembered I lived in an old run down castle in the middle of Ireland with a Dad who makes weapons for a living and a Mom that specializes in surveillance. Not to mention a very protective twin sister, three cousins, and Aunt and Uncle who are deadly by their own right. My love life was dead before I was even born.

But you never know.

A girl can dream.

"I have never heard of it before. Brand new, just starting up." Liz mumbled before stuffing her mouth with a smile. She must miss home cooked meals. She hates eating out all the time when she is gone.

"Should be fun." Nuala said politely before giving Trevor a look that said 'don't even think about it'. With a frown, his hand rested on the table instead of putting syrup in Rossa hair. Obviously intelligence does not always cancel out immaturity.

"What time are we training today, Red?" Dads eyes rested on Adas, thoughtfully.

"After four. Let's say five. I should be done by then."

"What are you working on, Dad?" I questioned, a secretive smile crossing his face at my eagerness.

"You will have to wait and see, sweetpea." I smiled, taking another bite.

"We will be doing our training inside today, though." Nuala announced, still wipe at strays of water down her face. Streaking her perfect human makeup.

"Gym or arena?" Ada mumbled around a huge slice of pancake.

"Gym." Nuala acknowledged, swiping at another droplet. White streaks appearing every time she brushed a droplet away.

"Perhaps," Rossa piped up, "we should look into a water proof concealant, mother. That one seems to run at the first sign of water."

Roxy and I coughed up our pancakes, sputtering with laughter. Ada and Trevor soon followed suit though it took it a little longer to sink in with the adults, they did not think it was as funny as we thought. I guess it was still too early for them and they just gave it a small smile and a chuckle. Rossa, though blushing profusely, seemed please none the less to get a little mirth from everyone.

"Good one, Rossa." Trevor held up his hand for a figh-five, which she answered with a little polite pat. Everything about Rossa was just small, cute, dainty, and polite. Even Trevor and Ada had a dainty part, nothing like Roxy and me. We were lanky and awkward.

My thoughts pulled back to the present by Roxy's question. I glancing over at the clock before continuing reading, scratching Zunars ears.

"Almost eight." Roxy groaned, pulling Aslan closer.

"The dinner starts in thirty minutes and I am nowhere near finishing this." Roxy slapped her thighs in frustration, Aslan howling in surprise, back arched.

"Sorry, Aslan." Scratching his back, Roxy calmed him down considerably. I left my book on my bed.

"Which assignment?" Zunar fallowed me to Roxy's bed.

"This one." She said in a that-was-a-retard-question voice waving it above her head. I took the paper out of her hand with a snap and laid it back down.

Such a drama queen, she only had five out of twenty problems left.

"It looks... good... except for this here. This was supposed to be a negative, not a positive."

"Oh!" She jerked the paper away, fearsomely erasing before scribbling something down. "Then I do this... then this... and..."

"See you know it. You will be done in no time." Zunar didn't protest when I scooped him up, nuzzling his neck, and carried him to my bed.

"I do not like Math." She growled.

"But it loves you." She gave a half smirk, eyeing me as I picked my book up, shifting Zunar to my lap.

"Are you reading that Magic book again? Which one this time?"

"Third. It is hard to ketch everything the first time." Turn the page. "Same as movies."

"Or the twentieth time apparently." Roxy mumbles, but I ignore her.

"I did not think it was all that great. Especially the movie." She scribbled something down then angrily erased it, Aslan scooting further up the bed to avoid her aggressive elbow.

"That is because you mainly like action. Some parts are, I admit, kind of cheesie, but I like the morals highlighted."

"Mooooralsssss." She mauled around her mouth, scribbling something down. She made a grunt of triumph before settling down further into her comforter.

"Like?" She pressed. I sighed, leaning my head back and thinking, obviously not getting any reading done with Roxy stressing over her homework.

"Well, it teaches us that there are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for. You can overcome your lack of confidence if you believe in yourself. Heroes can hide in the most unlikely of places. You can always change your future. And," I held up a finger for infuses," reading can save you. Just to name a few."

I smiled waiting for her reaction, but was disappointed when she changed topics.

"Kind of like Pride and Prejudice?"

"What do you mean?" I sighed again. Sometimes even I do not understand her thought process, and we spend just about every waking moment with each other.

"The Hero one," she waved at me, not looking up from her paper, "Mr. Darcy was kind of the villain at the beginning, but really he was a hero."

"Yes...sort of. But Pride and Prejudice doesn't highlight as many morals but it is good all around."

"I like the six hour movie version more." Roxy tilted her head to the side, scratching Aslans back as she thought over something.

"Defiantly." I said matter-of-factly, leaving each other to our thoughts for a few seconds.

But just a few.

"What do you think of Mr. Darcy?" Roxy questioned, I leaned against the wall, pulling Zunar with me to snuggle.

"Mr. Darcy...he is just...I do not know." I smiled, thought swirling in my head.

"You do not know? How can you like someone and not know why?" I shrugged my shoulders, rubbing Zunars head until he began to purr. "You were always a sucker for black hair and blue eyes."

"Better than blond." I giggled, Roxy giving me her less powerful glare.

"Do not hate on Cloud." We both giggled at her attempt at slang then out right laughed until we heard a knock on the door. Mommy stuck her head in.

"You birthday girls ready?"

"Almost. One more problem." Roxy pounced on her homework, sending Aslan off the bed.

"Well hurry. Dinner is ready and everyone is wasting away." Momma smiled, taking a seat on my bed. "You finished with yours."

"Yes ma'am." I said, pulling Zuner out of the ay to snuggle to her side, her arm wrapping around me.

"I guess we are just waiting on slow-poke here."

"Not helping." We heard Roxy mumble from under her hair then more loudly, "What is for dinner?"

I looked at momma, hopeful. But she smiled and tapped my nose with a finger.

"You'll have to wait." A scent caught my nose as her hand retreated from my face. I took another sniff.

"…steak…?" Momma stopped. "Are we having steak and potatoes?" Roxy's head shot up and mommas brow knitted in frustration.

"You and those supper scenes." Before I knew it momma had me in a headlock, roughly rubbing my scalp. "I even changed my clothes before coming over here."

"Sorry," I said shyly with a little chuckle, "Can't help it. Don't you mean 'super'?"

"Nope, supper. Only seems to work when food is involved."

"Are we really having steak and potatoes?" Roxys arms shot in the air, ready for the confirmation.

"Yes," momma sighed, "we are having steak and potatoes." Roxy started pumping her fist in the the air.

"Isn't that expensive?" I whispered. Momma patted my face.

"Not for my girls on their special day… and the last two jobs went really well so we were able to splurge a little."

"Oh yeah! We get stake! What else are we getting?" I took a whif, since being under her arm I was in close proximity to her hands, but momma clamped her hand down on my mouth.

"I at least want one of you to be partly surprised! Stop it!" She fixed Roxy with her eyes. "Hurry up and finish before this one spills the beans."

"We are having beans!" Roxy yelled, attention going back to her paper.

"We aren't-forget it." Momma huffed finally letting me sit up. "Don't say anything or you will get an extra assignment in English." I made a show of pulling a zipper across my lips and throwing away the key.

"Lyla she said you can't 'say' anything," slight confusion crossed Mommas face and a smile across mine, "so 'yes' or 'no' it's green beans?" She said quickly. Momma grabbed my head as I shook it.

"None of that!" I laughed so hard.

"Done!" Roxy threw her hands in the air, jumping off the bed and dancing.

"Race you!" I shouted before jerking out of Mommas grasp, taking off out the room and down the hall.

"Not fair!" I heard pounding feet behind me.

"First one gets to pick the first piece of chocolate cake!"

"Chocolate cake?!"

"Lyra!" I heard Momma admonish me probably still in our bedroom.

Roxy slammed be into the wall. Taking advantaged of my dazed state to take the lead.

"You better be glad we recover quickly." I snapped, gaining on her then bumping her so she would slam into the corner instead of rounding it with a swift pivot.

"That was dirty!" She shot at my back. Turning my head a little, sticking my tongue at her, before rounding the next corner. I took the stares in leaps and bounds. Jumping down to each landing, followed closely by Roxy, before sprinting and leaping down to the next landing. Mom did not like us doing this, but she liked it better than us just forgoing the stares entirely and jumping over the side. This was a compromise of sorts.