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Amanda's POV.

I was stunned as to what just happened. I was having the time of my life with Jerome one second and the next he stormed away thinking I didn't care about him.

"Amanda are you going to be ok?" Mara asked as she cleaned me up in the bathroom.

I nodded and sniffled. "Ya, I guess it just took me by surprise." I said still shaking from all the crying.

Mara stopped what she was doing and hugged me. "You know, Nina and Fabian are gonna find out eventually. Don't you think it would be better to just tell them?" She asked wiping my eyes.

I sighed. "I've decided to tell Nina tonight but I don't want Fabian to over react so I will tell him after things have calmed down a bit." I said.

After she finished cleaning me up I gave her one more hug and excused myself early back to the house. When I got back I knew I had about 15 minutes before the others came home so I quickly got ready for bed and cried myself to sleep.

Nina's POV.

The dance was such a great experience and I was glad I got to share some of it with Amanda. I was walking home hand in hand with Fabian when Amber came up to us.

"Hey guys, have you seen Amanda or Jerome? I wanna get the scoop on their walk." She said excitedly.

We chuckled. "No we haven't, they are probably back at the house. We will ask them then." I said.

When we got home me and Fabian parted with a goodnight kiss and we all dragged ourselves to our rooms. When me and Amber walked in the room was dark and we saw Amanda curled up in a ball asleep.

"Wow, she must be really tired." Amber whispered as she tip toed over to the closest to get undressed.

I nodded but something didn't feel right. I pushed the thought away and started to get undressed.

"Nina, I am going to see Alfie. Be back later." And with that Amber was out the door.

Once she left Amanda stirred and sat up. "I thought she'd never leave." She said while yawning and streching.

I looked at her and turned on my side lamp. "Why do you say that? Were you awake when we walked in?" I asked sitting down on my bed.

She nodded. "Nina, we need to talk about something, but before I say anything you must promise not to tell Fabian. Secret swear?" She asked holding out her hand.

I was nervous but eventually took her hand. "Secret swear." We then did our secret handshake.

She smiled. "Well when me and Jerome went on our walk we kissed, but he tried to take it to far and I panicked and pushed him away telling him I wasn't that kinda girl. He now thinks I just don't like him and he stormed off leaving me alone. He broke my heart." She then started crying.

I ran over and hugged my best friend. "Well maybe when you leave tomorrow to go see your family you can think things through." I said rubbing her back.

Then an idea came to me. "Amanda, I want to come with you." I said.

Her head shot up in surprise. "What? But Nina you told me you were gonna stay here with Fabian for this break!" She said still shocked.

I nodded. "I know but right now it seems you need me more than he does." I said.

She sighed. "Well if that's what you want but I'm not gonna force you into leaving."

I smiled. "Ok then we leave tomorrow." And with that, we both fell asleep.

~The next morning~

As we were packing to leave I realized that Amanda never told me why she didn't want Fabian to know what happened between her and Jerome.

"Amanda? Why can't Fabian know about what happened?" I asked while throwing clothes in my suitcase.

She turned from her suitcase to look at me. "Because Fabian will over react and punch Jerome till he's dead and I don't need that right now." She said turning back around.

I sighed, she did have a point but it still felt wrong. When we were done packing I wrote a note to Fabian and we snuck out trying not to wake Amber.

Trudy met us out front. "Nina dearie! I didn't know you were going or I would have made you a blueberry muffin instead of a chocolate muffin." She said handing Amanda her muffin.

"It was a last minute decision. But don't worry I have a granola bar." I said showing her.

She smiled and hugged us. Just then the taxi came up and honked. We ran outside before anyone heard and slipped in waving goodbye to Trudy.

As the cab sped away I watched Anubis house and all my friends and boyfriend slip away until I couldn't even see it anymore. That was when the drama started.

The End

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