Voldemort was finally dead. Killed by his own reflected killing curse. Harry sagged in relief. Before he could hit the floor hands where lifting him up. His friends as always were supporting him. At the moment he was only looking for one person but hers were the only hands he didn't feel. He looked around and found Ron on his right side, "Where's Ginny?"

A little under a year later Harry shouted jubilantly in the Hogwarts library. Madam Pince tried to shush him but was unsuccessful. She wasn't really upset as there were no students studying in the library during Easter break. She hoped he had finally found what he had been searching for during the last month. He was doing the research because he was on leave after an on the job injury, things happen when you're an Auror.

No one knew that he was researching the directional spell point me. He had heard while learning to track with his partner that the spell was originally designed by a wizard who was looking for his missing wife. It was supposed to locate her but he could only get it to point north. Harry knowing how legends get started had decided to research the spell to see if he could find anything more about it. He had shouted because one text said the man was able to locate his wife and then altered the spell so he could find his way out of the forest she had been found in. He would use this older spell to find Ginny.

Harry stepped outside the school, facing south and said the spell thinking of Ginny and his wand didn't move. Dejected he stomped away from the school and headed to the Burrow. Once there he jumped onto his broom to fly and think. As he sat there he decided to repeat spell again this time facing north, his wand still didn't move. Angrily he spun his broom south to go back to the Burrow. When he landed he decided to try one more time he whispered the spell again and his wand turned on his hand and pointed north. He smacked himself on the head realizing she's between the Burrow and the school. He left his broom by the shed and took off running toward the edge of the property not even hearing the people yelling behind him he apparated away.

Ron walked to the shed and gently put Harry's broom in its place. He stood by the building and stared at the spot his friend had just left from. Wondering as always what Harry was so busy doing. Hermione approached him, "He'll tell us when he's ready." Ron nodded and the two walked back into the house.

Harry appeared in the Leaky Cauldron and rushed out the muggle side before anyone could register his appearance. Outside he paused looking around, the street was empty so he pulled his wand and did the same spell then walked in the direction it pointed him. He spent the day zigzagging across London trying to locate the best place to start looking. At least he had it narrowed down to London, he was glad he had started here.

Ginger tied her apron around her waist and started out the door for her shift at the café. The manager yelled, "Red you have the even numbered tables."

"You know its bad enough the doctor chose Ginger for my name because of my hair. Do you have to add more?"

"Have dinner with me and I'll quit calling you Red."

"I told you I'm not dating until I have my memory back. I don't know what that ring means."

"It's been almost a year. If he cared he'd have found you by now."

"Leave her alone Jack. I need her help with the tables it's a mad house out there today. The lunch rush is in early, it's not even eleven what are these people thinking?"

Harry had given up trying to get around with magic and just got on the tube. It circled the city and he would exit the train every few stops and step into a quiet spot and do the spell and make note of the direction it was pointing. He had bought a map of the city and marked all the positions he had stopped and the direction his wand had pointed. He had made several circles around the city and he was finally in the area he thought most likely to find her. It was a very large section and he didn't know if she was just visiting the place or living here. When he exited the tube station he saw a café down the street. Deciding an early dinner was call for he went in to try and triangulate the position while getting some food. It was just after four and he hadn't eaten since breakfast at the Burrow before he went to Hogwarts.

Harry found a table and sat spreading his map in front of him. A blond girl took his drink order and said she would return with a menu. While Harry was studying his map, a menu and his drink was placed to the side. He quickly glanced at the menu deciding just to have a sandwich. He picked up his drink and went back to his map studying. A voice interrupted his thoughts.

"What can I get for you?"

Harry turned to order the sandwich. Upon seeing the girl his mouth fell open and he dropped his cup. It hit the floor and broke making a mess. Ginger said, "Whoops sorry, didn't mean to surprise you. Let me get that cleaned up and then I'll take your order."

The girl left to get a mop and the other girl came back with another cup with his drink. Harry hadn't moved at all during the exchange and the other girl asked, "Are you alright?"

Harry glanced at the girl and then back to where the waitress with the name tag that said Ginger was coming back to clean his mess. He still wasn't completely functioning. The waitress with the name tag that said Paula said, "She gets that a lot. She's really beautiful. I keep trying to tell her she needs to be a model but she just laughs. She doesn't believe me."

"Give it a rest Paula." Ginger said and cleaned the mess, "Thanks for getting him another drink. I'll be back for your order in just a minute."

Harry still hadn't taken his eyes off the girl or even uttered a sound.

"What's with the map?" Paula asked as Ginger left to put the mop away.

"Looking for someone." Harry replied.



"Oh. Well ummm. Ok. She gets off in about an hour." Paula said, "You better be nice to her."

"Do you know if she has a boyfriend or anything?" Harry finally looked at Paula

"She's not dating anyone, she refuses to until she gets her memory back."

"Does she still have the ring?"

"She has mentioned that she was found with a ring."

"She isn't wearing it."

"I didn't know which hand to put it on."

Harry turned back to her and smiled, "It was on your left hand when you disappeared."

"Why did I disappear?"

"You where kidnapped from school without a trace. We've spent the last year trying to find you." Harry said.

"Who else has been looking and who are you?" Ginger asked.

"I'm Harry." He said, "Your family and I have been looking along with our local law enforcement."

"What does the ring look like?" Ginger asked.

"It's gold band with a diamond in the middle and a ruby on one side that represents you or rather your hair. On the other side is an emerald that represents me or my eyes." Harry said.

"Who am I?"

"Your name is Ginny Weasley. You have six brothers but one has died. You live near Ottery St. Catchpole and we went to school together. The youngest of your brothers has been my best friend for eight years. We've been together for about two years, including this last year." Harry started explaining.

"You're dating your best friends little sister?" Paula asked astonished, "How did that go over?"

"Not real great at the beginning." Harry laughed, "But when he realized I was serious about her, he mellowed."

"I'm still confused. Why was I kidnapped and then dropped off in London. How did you ever find me if we're not from around here and…"

"Red, Paula quit gabbing and get to your tables." Paula started working the tables and waved Ginny not to follow.

"You don't have to work here Gin." Harry said, "You'll have plenty of job offers when we return home. That is if you want to work because you won't have too. But most importantly we need to get you to a specialist to look at your head. I don't know if you can get your memory back but that's your best shot."

"I've had some of the best doctors look at me." Ginny said, "Paula's uncle is the one who nursed me back to health, he's the best doctor in London, for this kind of thing."

"Ours have some unorthodox methods. I won't be able to explain until we get away from here." Harry said.

"That sounds rather fishy." Ginny said, "You want me to leave with you but you can't say why?"

"It's the law." Harry shrugged, "When we go to school its one of the first things they teach us. It's called the Statute of Secrecy. It protects us, because we're special. I can talk in a public place if no one is close enough to hear but in the cafe, I just can't."

"Ok, how about this. There is a park two blocks left of here. I'll walk with you to the park, we'll talk there and I'll decide whether or not to go with you. If you try to force me I'll make you regret it." Ginny said.

"Thanks." Harry was pleased with her reaction, "You know our original date for the wedding is in a couple of months. I hope you get your memory back soon. I can't wait for us to be married. You are all I've been able to think about."

"Well why don't you give me your order. Or do you just want to drink tea for the next hour?" Ginny was nervous about his declaration.

"I want that." Harry pointed to the item on the menu as he handed it to her, "Sorry I'm making you uncomfortable. I'm just really glad I've finally found you."

When Ginny placed his order Jack asked, "Who's that guy you've been talking to for so long?"

"He says he knows who I am." Ginny said, "He's been working with my family to find me. That paper on the table is a map of London, it's marked with all the places he's been looking for me."

"So does this mean you'll go to dinner with me then?" Jack was hopeful.

"No." Ginny sighed, "It means I might find out who I am. And in that case I might consider it if I don't find out that I'm engaged or have a boyfriend or something."

"Cool there's some hope then." Jack grinned, "When will you find out?"

"He wants to talk with me this afternoon after I get off work." Ginny replied, "We won't stay here and take up a table though."

"I'll make his order to go and you can have off early." Jack said.

"Quit trying to kiss up." Ginny shook her head at his persistence. She really was trying to let him down easy but he wasn't taking the hint. Never had really. Ginny left the order drop off and approached Paula, "Don't tell Jack anything about what we said. He thinks Harry's working for my family to find me. He asked if this means I'll go on a date with him and I said I'd consider it if I find out who I am and if I don't have a boyfriend."

"He won't get it until you wear that ring," Paula said, "maybe not even then."

"I'll wait to break his heart until I know for sure." Ginny said.

True to his word Jack made Harry's order to go, "Paula, I'm letting Red off early. Can you handle that?"

"No problem its quiet." Paula yelled then turned to Ginny, "Good luck."

Harry and Ginny spent the rest of the afternoon at the park and he filled her in about the wizarding world, her family, the war and anything else he could think of to convince her to see a healer.

"I'll have to think about this for a while." She said, "It's a lot to take in."

"If you want some proof without me around I have an idea." Harry said then gave the address of the Leaky Cauldron, "walk down the road with your friend Paula. Providing she isn't a witch she won't be able to see the pub, but you will. Only magicals can see it. Muggles can only get through with help."

"And you think your magical healer can fix my memory?" Ginny ask.

"I don't know." Harry said, "But if anyone can…"

"I work again in three days." Ginny said, "Come around eleven and I'll have my decision by that time. Please don't mention anything to anyone until I have decided. I don't want anyone's feelings hurt if I decide to stay away. And I don't want a bunch of people trying to contact me and sway my decision."

Harry took a deep breath, "Ok. I'll be back in three days, can I walk you home?"

"No, but you can walk me back to the café." Ginny grinned.

All afternoon Harry had found himself fighting to not grab her hand or hug her or any other physical display of affection. He was skating on thin ice and knew it. Several times he had found himself walking or sitting too close and would scoot away. Ginny noticed it too but decided not to say anything about it. It was rather flattering to have him constantly fighting his urge to touch her. At the café she noticed Paula was gone, Harry noticed too.

"No one here to walk you home. The offer still stands." Harry said.

"It's ok, I live close." Ginny smiled, "See you in a few days."

Harry nodded as he struggled with himself, he finally held out his hand and she shook it and he turned to leave, "Can't wait."

The next day Ginny pleaded with Paula, "I need to see if he was telling the truth about something. Please, I'll pay the bus fair both ways and buy your lunch."

"Fine." Paula grumbled as she grabbed her purse, "Let's go see if Mr. Gorgeous was telling the truth. As if I care. You know if he had asked me to run away with him I would have gone in a minute on his looks alone. Add that wonderful personality to it and I really think you're being stupid."

"Humor me." Ginny said.

When they got across town and started walking down the street Ginny started getting nervous, what if he was telling the truth? What would she do? How could she be a witch? They approached the address and Ginny saw the pub, "Paula what store is after the book store?"

"Nothing until the corner why?" Paula asked.

"You don't see anything until the corner?" Ginny asked.

"No and I'm getting a weird feeling let's get out of here." Paula shivered, "I feel like people are watching me."

Ginny followed her on down to the next block and then around the corner. She was lost in thought until Paula interrupted, "So what are we looking for?"

"Nothing." Ginny said, "Let's get some lunch."

"Fine, what about gorgeous? Are you still looking for his truth?"

"No we already passed it and he was telling the truth."

"So are you going to run away with him?"

"Maybe. But I will at least go see the doctor he wants me to see. Can't hurt right?"