Kaiba watched silently from the shadows as his prey walked down the sidewalk. He had been sitting in his car for the better part of an hour, waiting. He smiled evilly as he slowly stepped out of the ally and started following his prey. He needed to wait for the opportune moment.

As Kaiba trailed his prey he couldn't help but notice the shoulders ahead of him getting tight and the legs slow their walking. Kaiba smiled to himself, just imagining the Honey brown eyes darting back and forth in an effort to try and find him.

Deciding he had had enough of this game Kaiba sped up a little making sure to click his heels against the sidewalk. This startled the blonde haired boy in front of him as he suddenly stopped and whipped around eyes looking relieved for a moment before narrowing in suspicion.

"Were you just following me?" Kaiba smirked

"Isn't it your job to follow people around Mutt?"

Joey clenched his teeth, "Fuck off Moneybags I don't have time for you today" with that Joey turned around and started off again.

Kaiba's smile grew feral as reached into his pocket.

Joey rolled his eyes as he started to walk away. Why couldn't Kaiba just leave him alone? What had he ever done to the CEO to deserve such hate? Joey shook his head as he thought. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't hear the CEO's footsteps speed up behind him. Suddenly a damp cloth was clamped over his nose and mouth as an arm gripped his torso forcing him back into the taller boy's body. Hands immediately flying to the arm on his chest. Joey scratched and tore all the while whipping his head from side to side to try and dislodge the cloth. Unfortunately Kaiba had size on him and he couldn't get free. Taking a different approach Joey tried to kick his captor's legs but only succeeded in making the already vice like grips that much tighter. He could feel himself loosing strength as the chemical from the cloth was forced into his lungs, but still he continued to fight.

"You shouldn't struggle so much Puppy," Kaiba's lips brushed against Joey's ear causing him to shiver, "You'll only make it worse."

Joey tried to pull away one last time as he felt the CEO's tongue gently lick his cheek, then his hands fell to his sides and his body relaxed as he was plunged into darkness.

Chuckling slightly as he felt the smaller boy lose consciousness Kaiba quickly put the cloth away and lifted Joey into his arms. Making his way back to his car, which was still hidden in the shadows of the ally, Kaiba popped the truck and loaded the sleeping blonde in. Before he closed the lid he tightly tied Joey's arms and legs with the rope he had brought and gagged him with a piece of cloth letting his fingers linger for just a minute on the soft red lips before pulling back and slamming the trunk closed.

Joey's eyes fluttered open and promptly snapped shut again. His head was pounding. It was like somebody decided they needed to use a jackhammer in the middle of a stampede. Squeezing his eyes shut and rolling his face toward the floor Joey tried to sit up only to realize that he couldn't move his arms. Eyes snapping open again Joey tried once again to move his arms, pulling frantically at the rope binding them together. He then tried to move his legs but found, to his horror, they were in the same predicament as his arms.

"What the hell?" Panicking now Joey noticed for the first time where he was. The room he was in was a simple box with blue tile floors, concrete walls and a plaster ceiling gave it an almost storage room feel. As Joey looked around he noticed that the only things in the room, besides him, were two curved metal bars that were bolted to the floor and a hook that was hanging from the ceiling just over the bars. A horrible sense of foreboding shot through Joey like ice and he redoubled his escape efforts.

"Glad to see you are finally awake Puppy." Kaiba's cold voice slowly drifted out of one of the corners, "I was beginning to wonder."

His captive's eyes widened at first then narrowed in anger, "Kaiba," he spat, "let me go now!" Kaiba smirked.

"Now where's the fun in that?" with all the speed and grace of a cat Seto made his way over to Joey. Wriggling frantically Joey tried to get away but Kaiba rolled him onto him back and straddled him. Wandering hands began to rub up and down setting fire to the exposed skin.

"Don't touch me!" Joey shouted

"Hmmmm," Kaiba purred as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Joey's neck, "Or what?"

"You'll regret it!" Kaiba laughed quietly and lifted his head looking the blonde straight in the eye

"And what are you going to do? As far as I can tell you're completely helpless."

"I'll scream."

Laughter echoed off the walls of the tiny prison, "No one would here you; I have this room completely soundproofed. Now then." Pushing himself into a sitting position Kaiba looked down at his pray and pulled a knife out of his pocket.

Joey's eyes widened in fear as the brunette lowered the blade to his neck. Letting out a soft whimper Joey clenched his eyes shut, turned his head and waited for the pain. It never came. Instead a loud ripping sound filled the room and suddenly a cool breeze fluttered across the blonde's chest. Opening his eyes Joey watched as Kaiba slowly cut away piece after piece of clothing until he lay butt naked on the cold floor.

Laying back on top him Kaiba rubbed his now thoroughly hard erection on Joey's leg. He could feel the smaller boy shaking as he once again latched on to the other's neck.

"Stop!" Joey bucked and thrashed frantically as he tried to move away from the unwanted advances, "Kaiba STOP!" Joey gasped as he felt the brunette's hand grip his testicles. Hard.

"What was that Puppy," Kaiba mewled as he liked salt tracks off Joey's cheeks, "I couldn't hear you." Joey yelped in pain as the taller boy's hand squeezed and thrust upward.

"Oh," came the soft voice again, "you want moreā€¦.alright."

Before the blonde could protest, Kaiba flipped him over onto his stomach and cut the bonds around his ankles. As soon as they were gone Joey started kicking wildly at the boy currently situated on his back, but Kaiba merely laughed and slammed a finger into the tight body. Yelping in surprise Joey tried to pull his body away but the weight on his back made it impossible. Cringing in disgust, all the blonde could do was lie there as one digit turned into two and then three. When Kaiba finally removed his fingers, Joey had his face in the floor panting, silent tears running down his cheeks.

"Please," he whispered horsely, "please stop, I'll do anything you want, just please stop." Seto growled angrily before quickly getting off the blonde and walking off. For a second Joey thought he had actually left. Then the familiar weight came back and he felt a hand grab his hair and pull back viciously. Gasping at the sudden pain he nearly gagged as something was forced in his mouth, wrap around his face and tied tightly in the back.

"Bad boy!" Seto snapped his in ear, "Dogs should obey their masters." With that Kaiba released Joey's hair and he went back to the blonde's entrance.

Joey was beginning to get over the initial fear as something hot filled his belly . He could feel the ropes biting into his wrists as he tried to spit protests and profanity through the gag. Jerking slightly as he heard the sound of a zipper Joey tried once again to pull away. Pain shot through his shoulders as teeth sank into flesh. Feeling Kaiba's shaft against him Joey closed his eyes as his heart thudded loudly in his ears.

A ringtone cut through the air like a knife.

Joey sighed as he heard the CEO pick it up. After many yes's and uh-huh's Kaiba snapped the phone shut and huffed.

"Sorry Puppy, looks like we can't finish our little game." Joey couldn't help but collapse in relief, "How frustrating. I was even planning on letting you go once I had my fun, oh well." Sighing softly Kiaba flipped Joey onto his back before pulling something blue out of his pocket. Joey eyed the thing incredulously. It looked like a pair of blue Speedos and they were so small it was less like underwear and more like a sown together handkerchief. Smirking to himself Kaiba slowly eased the garment onto his captive taking every opportunity to brush his fingers along the shaking frame of the smaller man. Once he was finished with that he stood up, grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and dragged his captive to the metal bars feeling a rush of excitement soot through his veins as he heard the muffled screams of pain.

Flipping the blonde over once more Kaiba situated Joey's legs in between the metal bars and stalked off again only to return moments later with more rope. This brought on a momentary burst of energy as the blonde kicked frantically at the taller boy. He felt something loop around his neck and froze. Ice flooded his veins as he was forced into a kneeling position by the tightening on the noose.

Kaiba smiled as he snaked the end of the rope down Joey's chest, through his legs, and fastening it to the back of the noose at the nape of Joey's neck. Tightening the rope just enough so that the knot in front rested just below the blonde's adam's apple, Seto quickly got to work on securing Joey's legs. Any restraint he had shown before was now gone as he first wrapped Joey's upper thighs. Joey flinched slightly as he felt the rope bite into his exposed flesh, though it was not enough to make him bleed. After finishing the upper thighs, Kaiba moved on to the lower thigh, just above the knee, and proceeded in the same manner as before. He then started on Joey's lower legs, this time tying one end of the rope to the metal bar before wrapping it tightly around his captive and securing the other end to the opposite bar.

This happened two more times. Once around his ankles and again around the souls of his feet.

By now Joey was more interested in watching Kaiba then trying to escape. As he watched the older boy he noticed that for the first time since they meet Kaiba looked thoroughly heated. Honey orbs watched quietly as the brunette's breath started to come in heavier and his eyes began to dilate. He bit back a groan as he felt each and every one of the other boy's feather like touches. Even though he was still being bound he was suddenly unable to feel it. For a moment there was only him and Kaiba. Joey felt his own breath hitch slightly as Kaiba's face entered his field of vision.

Kaiba felt as though his insides were about to explode as he looked at his now thoroughly bound puppy. He had now covered Joey's torso in many horizontal lines of rope, starting just above the underwear and continuing up. As he had come to Joey's chest Kaiba had taken extra care to tighten the rope just enough to secure the blonde's arms at his side while not constricting his airflow. He had noticed the pup watching him as he went about his work and couldn't help but smile at the blue bulge that was pressing against the rope.

Reaching forward and removing the gag was enough to bring Joey out of his lust induced haze.

"Kaiba," he spat venomously, "when I get out of here I'm going to destroy you."

Smiling simply Kaiba walked around his captive and picked up the last piece of rope. Tying it first to the rope around Joey's torso Kaiba threw it over the hook and pulled. Joey's body lifted off the ground just enough so that he was kneeling and not sitting on his own legs. Finally, Kaiba wrapped the rope around Joey's ankles and pulled it back, tying it around the boy's wrists.

Satisfied that his pet wasn't going anywhere Kaiba leaned forward slightly, "Who says you're getting out of here?"

Joey shuddered at the whisper, "You can't keep me in here forever."

A soft chuckle escaped Kaiba's lips as he walked back around to face Joey, "Yes I can." For a moment he didn't say another word then suddenly he grabbed the other boy's face a crashed there mouths together, forcing his tongue inside.

Joey felt Seto's warm muscle inside his mouth before he even had the chance to process what happened. To say he was shocked would have been an understatement. To say he hated this man was an even bigger understatement. He loathed the man before him with every fiber of his being. Not only had he been kidnapped by this person, but he had been tied up and almost raped and now the pervert was pressing his face so hard against his that it was like the brunette was trying to fuse the two being into one.

And Joey was responding.

Stars filled the blonde's eyes as his own tongue struggled for dominance. When the CEO showed any signs of pulling back Joey would push forward, ensuring that both stayed glued together. When Joey tried to pull back he felt long elegant fingers grip his hair and force him forward once again. Neither boy knew how long this went on for, but they were suddenly brought to an abrupt halt as Kaiba's phone once again sounded.

As Kaiba pulled back to retrieve his message Joey mentally cursed himself as he subconsciously leaned forward and a soft moan escaped his lips.

Kaiba gritted his teeth as he read the text message then snapped his phone shut, "I'm sorry Puppy I guess we'll have to finish this tomorrow."

Joey's eyes widened disbelievingly, "You can't leave me like this!" Kaiba just smiled "No! You can't leave mmmphff!"

Kaiba felt a sharp heat in his belly, "I love when you make that sound." He whispered as he pulled the gag tighter.

Joey struggled against his bonds. He pulled and twisted as best he could but Kaiba had made them so tight he could barely move, "You shouldn't struggle, you might hurt yourself." Kaiba Emphasized the 'yourself' with a sharp tug on the gag forcing it deeper into Joey's mouth. Pain shot through the blonde's skull as the knot caught his hair. Still shouting through the gag, Joey watched as Kaiba gathered his things and prepared to leave.

Glancing once more at his prey Kaiba stopped at the door. He could feel his softening erection get hard again as he looked into those eyes. Confusion, desperation, longing, fear, and hate swirled within the surface like an erotic finger painting. He knew that if he continued to stare then he would never leave until he was fully satisfied, even now he could feel his heart aching to violate the blonde, to feel his virginal blood, to inflict pain upon his target. Dropping his things Kaiba quickly walked over to his wall of torture, grabbed another cloth, and rushed back to Joey's side ignoring the blonde's muffled shouts and pleas.

Joey watched Kaiba's every move as he rushed out of sight then back to stand in front of him. For a moment longing flashed through the cobalt orbs and he thought Kaiba might actually proceed with what he originally wanted, then the eyes were gone and darkness descended. Joey began struggling even more and yelped as once again his hair was caught in a very tight knot.

Footsteps echoed off the walls as he heard the CEO moving farther and farther away.


Seto smirked coldly, he would not let the muffled protests effect him this time. Picking up his things once again he made his way toward the door, "Good night Joey!," he reached the door and pushed the button to unlock it, "I'll try to remember to free you tomorrow."

As the door slid closed behind him all noise of what was inside disappeared. Kaiba quickly pulled on his jacket and walked down the hall and out to his car. Placing his briefcase on the passenger side he couldn't help but smile all the way home as he thought of all the ways to make his puppy scream.