Honey eyes watched trough black binoculars as his target came into sight. He smirked at the tension he could literally see wafting off of the CEO. Even from a distance ice blue eyes could be seen occasionally dart back and forth along the sidewalks and the roads in an effort to find him, but the blonde hadn't spent most of his life on the street for shits and giggles. Joey smiled at Kaiba's frown.

"Yeah, yeah keep looking ya rich bastard," Joey whispered to himself, "you're not gonna find me."

He absently scratched at a slowly fading hicky on his neck and scowled.

He had spent the entire week after Kiba had let him go planning his revenge on the CEO that had destroyed his life while simultaneously giving him a release he never thought possible.

He had gone over the plan again and again in his mind until it was perfect.

There had to be absolutely no mistakes.

And there wouldn't be any. Not today.

Joey watched as Kaiba, in all his ego inflated glory, strutted over to his limo as though he were a god. The blonde tightened his grip on the binoculars. He made a quick note to himself to beat that pompous attitude out of him. Kiba got to the door of the limo and waited for the driver to open the door for him before getting into the back. Joey grinned before putting the binoculars back into the glove compartment and getting out of the car. Sprinting across the road the blonde quickly pulled a driver's cap out of his pocket knowing he only had a few minutes to do this and that he had to be perfect. Shoving the cap onto his head Joey slowed to a walk so as not to appear suspicious, slipped a fifty into the real driver's hand, opened the door and got into the driver's seat of the limo.

"Well it's about time." Kaiba snapped, "You do realize that I pay you to drive, not to go on leisurely strolls?"

Getting behind the wheel and locking the doors Joey started the car and pulled away from the curb. Joey didn't answer the CEO, instead he turned up the heat, he also hit the locking switch on the door so that Kiba could not open the windows or doors.

"Hey I'm talking to you!" Kaiba snapped again, "Don't you dare ignore me do you know who I am!" Reaching up to tug at his shirt collar Kiba let out a growl of annoyance, "And turn the fucking heat down!"

"Oh I know who you are Kaiba." Joey watched Kaiba's eyes widen for a split second before they narrowed.

"What do you think you're doing Mutt?" he snarled

"What does it look like Moneybags?" Joey turned onto the highway.

Kaiba's trademark smirk graced his lips and he grabbed a bottled water from the mini fridge, "Well, it looks like you're trying to kidnap the CEO of a very powerful company, but that would be just plain stupid and I doubt even you reach that level." Taking a swig from the water Kaiba continued, "So why don't you just turn around and bring me back home, or, better yet, since you probably don't want me pressing charges against you, take me to the airport." He smirked again, "I think I'm going to enjoy having my very own dog."

Joey ignored the CEO's taunts as he pulled maneuvered his way through the highway traffic.

"You know Kaiba," his eyes flickered into the rearview mirror as the brunette took another drink of water, "you really should be careful who you piss off."

"Really Mutt, and why is that?" Kaiba taunted

Joey smirked rather viciously, "Because you never truly know someone until they are coming at you with revenge in their eyes."

The blonde turned his eyes back to the road. Kaiba was silent for a moment as though that had not been the answer he had been expecting, and considering it was Kaiba this was probably true.

To cover up the sudden quiet Kaiba snorted, "So what, this is some weird plot to try and get revenge?" he laughed heartily now, "Do you really think I or my company will just let you get away with this?"

Joey just smirked at him through the rear view.

He could see Kiba shift uncomfortably. In typical Kaiba fashion though he covered his growing tension with a mask of indifference and annoyance.

"Now either take me to the airport or let me out of the car."

Joey exited the highway and drove for a few more miles before turning into a hidden driveway and stopping the car. Turning to face the brunette Joey allowed an only slightly psychotic smile cover his face, "Sorry," he drawled, "but that is something I can't do Moneybags, I've got plans for you." Unlocking the doors Joey exited the car and walked around to Kaiba's door and opened it pulling the CEO out.

The blonde watched as dizziness flooded the brunette features as soon as his feet touched the ground and he had to lean back against the car to keep from falling over.

"What?" He shook his head to try to clear it but only succeeded in making himself dizzier, "What did you do to me?"

Joey, who upon seeing Kaiba all but incapacitated, left the CEO and headed over to another car, where he pulled a black bag from the back seat. Coming back over to the limo with the black bag Joey set it down on the floor of the limo and unzipped it, he then straightened back up. In a move that even a sober Kaiba wouldn't have seen the blonde grabbed the CEO by the arm and, twisting him around, Joey shoved him onto his stomach in the back seat of the limo before climbing in behind him to straddle his back. Pulling a pair of leather cuffs from his bag Joey forced Kaiba's hands together and shackled his wrists, he then pulled out a larger set of cuffs and fastened the brunette's upper arms together.

Kaiba struggled underneath him as he tried to buck the blonde off, "Get off of me! You are going to regret this Joseph Wheeler, when my company finds out that I'm missing there will be nowhere for you to hide!"

Joey chuckled and pulled two more pairs of cuffs out of the bag, this time locking the CEO's legs together first at the ankles and then at the mid-thigh, "What makes you think the company will find out your missing? After all you did tell your secretary you were going on a surprise vacation with Mokie."

Kaiba's eyes widened, "What! What did you do to my little brother?"

"Don't worry your highness I didn't do anything to him, he's staying at a friend's house this weekend, or did you forget?"

Kaiba sighed as he remembered that yes Mokuba was, in fact, staying at a friend's house until he came to pick him up for a trip that he had planned. how could he have forgotten that? Kaiba could feel his body weakening as the drug Joey had given him started to fully take hold, his mind was getting more and more befuddled as he tried to think. He was also getting rather sleepy.

Laying his head down on the seat he growled angrily at the blonde, "You better let me go you useless animal or so help me I'm gonna AHHHH!"

Kaiba's sentence was cut off abruptly as Joey grabbed his hair and forced his face up and shoved a black ball into his mouth. Before Kaiba had a chance to spit the obstruction out, a strip of leather was placed over his lips pulled tight and buckled in the back effectively silencing the CEO.

"HMMMMMPH!" Kaiba shouted through the gag as he tried to kick out at Joey. Unfortunately his body was already weak from the drug and he could do little except twitch and jerk. Joey laughed and pulled the brunette out of the car throwing him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry the latter struggling less and less as his body slowly gave in.

Walking over to the car Joey open up the back door and pulled out a trunk that had been next to his bag. Opening the lid Joey carefully lowered the CEO inside. Kaiba's eyes widened for a moment seeing what the blonde was about to do. Joey just smiled at the slightly panicked look on the CEO's face. Reaching down he ran his fingers along Kaiba's jaw.

"Ya know, I can see why ya like leather 'n belts so much. They do look good on ya." Leaning down Joey placed a kiss on Kaiba's forehead, "Sleep now."

Kaiba's eyes narrowed at the touch, but his eyes wouldn't hold and his lids slowly began to droop. Joey waited until he was sure that the brunette was asleep before pulling back. Making sure there was enough room for Kaiba's head to clear the lid he closed the trunk and, pulling a padlock out of his pants pocket locked the temporary prison shut.

Getting the now full trunk back into the car proved a little difficult but eventually it rested comfortably on the back seat. Loading his black bag back into the car Joey quickly covered the limo with some underbrush so that it wouldn't be seen by any passersby, got into the driver's seat and took off. He smiled to himself, if Kaiba thought that letting him go had been a good idea then he had another thing coming.

Kaiba could feel himself coming back to consciousness and forced his eyes open. He was kneeling in some kind of cage completely naked, each arm shackled to a side of the cage above his head with metal cuffs and chains. A metal collar also adorned his neck and was fastened to the roof of the cage forcing him to kneel at full height or risk chocking himself. The gag had been removed from his mouth, but had been replaced with tape although, judging from his surroundings, he wouldn't have been heard even if he could scream. His calves were also shackled to the floor.

Pulling experimentally at the chain Kaiba could do little but rattle them.

A door opened to his left and Joey came in, he smiled sadistically, "Looks like you're finally awake." He walked up to the CEO and ripped the tape off his mouth, "Good, now I can pay you back."

Kaiba looked up at Joey with pure loathing in his eyes, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Have you forgotten what you did to me last weekend?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Joey huffed, "Fine, play dumb, but I bet you'll remember soon enough. Anyway, let's get started shall we."

Walking into the cage Joey maneuvered his way behind the brunette. Kaiba struggled with his bonds as he tried to free himself, suddenly a clicking sound came from behind him followed by a sharp burning. Kaiba yelped in pain and pulled away from whatever it was.

Joey laughed as he put the lighter up to the smooth skin again causing another yelp of pain, "You know Kaiba," He spoke almost lovingly like a parent reprimanding a child as he reached into his pocket for the candle he had brought, "I had a hell of a job covering up the bruises." lighting the candle he waited for the wax to melt a little before pouring it onto the CEO's back. He waited for the hissing to stop before continuing, "But they were nothing compared to the cuts and whip marks, and don't even get me started on my inability to walk for most of the week."

An ear-splitting scream echoed around the room as yet more wax was dumped on Kaiba's back. He was panting now, Joey was not only pouring the molten wax down his back, but he was pouring it over already burned spots making it sting all the more. Finally the blonde stopped and started to move again and Kaiba sighed thinking it was over.

Pain erupted in his backside as something round and thick pressed into Kaiba's entrance. Joey began to hum happily and he pushed the florescent green butt plug into the unwilling body. Every now and then he was forced to push harder as Kaiba's walls pushed around the obstruction trying to keep it out. More than once the size of the plug split Kaiba and blood would dribble down between his thighs. At these points Joey would force himself to stop so that he could catch his breath and lap up the tangy liquid.

Kaiba groaned in pleasure while simultaneously hiss in pain as he felt himself filling up. The plug was not an entirely new concept to him, he remembered forcing another young lover to wear one for almost a week straight only allowing him to take it out to go to the bathroom, that one was not a spirited as Joey and was too much of a kiss ass, but this was the first time he was the one getting plugged. And this one was too big. It filled him in a way that nothing ever could before. Soft and rubbery yet hard and unyielding, the plug gave him both pleasure and pain. Pleasure that something solid was there to hold on to, and pain that it wasn't the blonde.

After what seemed like hours of twisting and pulling and resting and licking, Joey finally got the plug fully settled. Joey slowly stood up; his hands running up the naked thighs and his stone hard cock pressing tightly to the plug filled bottom. Making his way around his hostage till they were face to face Joey assessed him. Honey eyes ran up and down the muscular torso in an almost wolfish hunger. Kaiba, who had screamed himself horse, stared at the floor unwilling to show the blonde how dilated his pupils were. That changed however as Joey gripped his hair and forced his face up once more, this time covering Kaiba's mouth with his own. Kissing and licking and biting Kaiba growled as Joey explored his mouth and neck while his own head remained stationary.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you go Puppy," Kaiba said between kisses, "If I had known you were so playful I would have locked you up forever like I said."

"Shut up Dragon. I'm not done yet." Removing one of his hands from Kaiba's hair Joey reached into his front pocket and pulled out a ring which he promptly slipped onto Kaiba's member and balls, "There now,"

Walking away from Kaiba again Joey returned with the gag. Shoving the ball back into Kaiba's mouth and fastening the leather once more Joey left one more time this time returning with a stun gun. Leaning toward the brunette's shocked face Joey licked his ear, "Now let's have some real fun."