"I was wandering in depression... black, deep, depression..."

"I thank my wisdom furthermore this day that I never touched the poison called alcohol. It could have been near, but I prevented myself descending that low into my pathetic self-pity. Although it was because of my mistakes that she had had to suffer such an end, drinking would not have solved anything. Only a pure, evil revenge shall bring me the comprehension that my poor choices are compensated.

 Melancholy and wrath shadowed my face from day to another. I did my work that did not taste any more as good as it had been. Why to serve such an idiotic organisation that could not even protect the lives of its own habitants? Or to give justice when it was needed? And I had another burden in the middle of all this, the child. As much as I was able to persuade the relatives to watch after him, I still was his guardian and forced to foster him. Oh if I would have been granted with a daughter, it would have given me some light into the sorrow. But such a little brat... gah. I took him to live with me on Capital Planet. And I can admit myself that I did not know how to raise a son. And I do still not know."

 "Then came the day when I met Sajud Gar'Heej. A man that would be the key to my future.

 I was then participating a summit of the Alliance senators. That did not interest me a piece of tarnished Zenerdiode. The only thing I could enjoy in that rotten conference was my majestic figure walking tall and severe among the wizened old fools. Stupid idiots living in their own fantasy worlds. Gar'Heej, however, did show brotherly friendliness towards me. He had heard about the losses of my life and came to discuss with me. And I needed someone to whom I could talk like a man to man. I had buried all the repressed enmity inside me. He became my friend. This 70-year-old senator at first introduced himself being from Tiputanssi System, but as the time went on and he literally knew my whole history, it was revealed that his position was quite much different. He in truth worked for an exterior empire, something that did not belong to the Alliance at all. In other words, he was a spy.

 I did not care any more what he was. A spy or not. He explained me that there would be a way to turn the pages of the history book so that I would benefit of it. How it would be possible to realize the thing I most wished for in my life; to make the earthworms suffer who did this to you, Adi. After that, I was informed that he had made me known to his employer, an emperor called Zidár. Surprising was indeed that this royal wanted to encounter me. Gar'Heej elucidated it was extremely important that I should visit Zeta Quadrant if I wanted to do something to my miserable life. And so I was invited to tap in front of my future Master."

"Oh the sinister symphony of Planet Z when I for the first time stepped on the black ground of it. It was dusk, the red sky more crimson than ever, contrasting perfectly with the malevolent atmosphere. Ahh the harmony, the melody... The planet itself, however, was not quite similar to what it is today; it was I who built the magnificent technology, the halls, the palaces, the factories. At that time, there grew forests on those places where now my mighty architecture rises to the highnesses. Those pesting plants and vegetables needed to be destroyed, burned! Nothing would be there to remind me of Morph when I finally took the throne. Nothing! Curse you a bazillion times, Morph!

 I admired this place from the first sight on. And that emotion turned to sheer awe when I was directed to the Imperial Palace. Zurg Tower did not exist then, at the place of it was a smaller colosseum, but indeed even it was marvellous in its evil beauty. All the decorations were violet, with large, glowing z-letters on the walls. From that moment on, I connected them to my own name... I had three zetas already steering my former identity.

 However, I felt chills going down my spine when I was finally introduced to the ruler, Emperor Zidár. The dark side was surely his powerful ally; that could be seen already from his outer appearance. He did not actually wear the common clothes of an emperor, but moreover a black cloak, its hood drawn deep over his head. He was 130 years old, very pale and a red glow flashed in his eyes when he glanced around. I do not know until this day what was his true race. He resembled a human being, but had his origins somewhere in the furthest distances of Zeta Quadrant.

 He was absolutely direct with me. The only question was that did I want to have someone to destroy the enemies that had stepped on my highway. Like in a flash, a flash of comprehension, I understood that this forceful man knew everything about me. And when I announced with the most blazing hatred in my voice that I definitely wanted to have the revenge on those skunks, he just kept nodding smilingly in front of me. I wondered for a while what this smirk was for, but then I was filled with awareness when the answer lastly came. He would carry on the retaliation, if I would do a favour for him. To become his apprentice.

 Emperor Zidár explained the reason for this in a way that quite pleased my pride. He had heard about my talents, my incomparable intelligence, which was proven of course by the political post I had as such a young person. Mwa ha ha ha... what normal pathetic mortal would ever become ambassador at the age of 19? Muhahahahaa... only I, I would be capable of that.  Slowly, with those coaxing words of his, he made me see what kind of a turkey the whole Alliance was, that it deserved not my skills. My life would be flushed down the sewers of dullness if I would continue in my current career. If I would agree to his plans, there would be something a billion times more glorious waiting for me. And today I see it, I feel it, I taste it... as now sitting here in my throne, ruling the Dark Empire as a sovereign monarch. Yes, I would become his apprentice, and therefore be his successor... the next Emperor. That was an offer too brilliant to be refused. Moreover, he needed my assistance in expanding his kingdom, he had been for a long time searching for such a gifted person as I was. No one in his current reign was as prospective as I was."

 "For the first time in my life, I heard from the Emperor about the dark side. He declared that I was the most potential person he had ever met, for to become its servant. From my grim regard he could read the sparkles of anger that rattled in my mind. And anger... if I would release it to its full power, would already solely help me to step to the right path, the path that I am walking now. I, fool, had mistrust to take the advance at first. But gradually Zidár made me grasp what were the benefits. He told me he saw that I did not believe in goodness. And that surrendering to the forces of darkness would give me the domination so that no one could ever put his dirty shoes on my way. This way I would avenge on everyone I ever wanted, everyone that ever dared to resist me! ...There, I finally believed him... and gained my prize."

 "Years of reading ancient scrolls, learning combat skills, devoting myself to meditation... That was my training. And in the middle of all this, I heard that the murderers of my wife were one by one trapped and made to experience a death more horrible than she ever had gone through... One by one, Zidár ordered to capture them, transported them to his planet and tortured them, until their last screams were heard. One by one... over 50 members of that mafia... who had plotted against me or anyhow taken part of ruining my life. I was not there to see what was their destiny, but I heard the shrieks a couple of times echoing from the dungeons, where they faced their grim reapers.

 Ah, yes... Planet Z had become like a new home to me. Although I did still officially live on that sickeningly hypocritical Capital Planet, this was the crystal palace where I wanted to be. To be served by Zidár's simple-minded minions... a race of insect-like creatures. Of whom I took the control, lately. And I was trained to attend on the dark side, while I skilfully weakened the Galactic Alliance's defences -by stealing the blueprints of every single innovative invention they ever came up. Sadly Zidár's army forces were still too weak to attack the Alliance, but we built together new technology as the base of a strong future empire. And so he did conquers in the far space of Zeta Quadrant... many solar systems were there to obey him since they saw the new vigour of the raising dynasty.

 And I was behind all this... I was an obedient apprentice, doing patiently every task my Master ordered me to do. The prize was there waiting for me... when I would be ready.

 There I was. Stepped into the halls of the dark side. I was promoted, given a royal status. Every creeping lackey called me Lord Zora. Although I did not like that name. I had had the tendency of willing to get rid of my own, old identity. I did not want to be some whining ambassador of the Alliance, I wanted to be a dark lord. The name Lightyear was a real conjuration in my ears. Light? Light was nowhere! I do not want light! The light shall be devastated!

...Though, with the permission of my Master, I made myself known as Zurg. Lord Zurg. Oo, how dangerous and dark that sounds! Zurg... Z-Zurg... Zuuuurg... Zurrrrrg... I could repeat that name for hours, it is so harmonic in its consonant-vowel combination... ZURG! Zu-uuuurg... And I made that name for me, purely I. And I must say I admire the izzard that begins it. Oo... an evil izzard."

 "As I reached the days of my 25th year, the roles changed. During a negotiation conference between Morph and a planet called Shaak in Rontti System, I received a vid-phone call from Gar'Heej. For my shock, he announced that my Master had suddenly fallen to sickbed because of an internal bleeding. In addition, the prospects were not good. As I arrived to Planet Z, the Emperor was a coughing shadow of himself, lying feebly on his deathbed. I was there to hear his last words, sealing my value in his eyes. I would take the throne. And before his regard became extinct and ¦eol swallowed him, I promised to make this reign more glorious than it ever had been.

 Lord Zurg was not only a lord, now, but an emperor. Emperor Zurg.

 So was the negotiation trip ended. I had left the council rooms in a hurry, not telling where I headed. No one knew where I had gone, so why bother? I never returned to Shaak, to finish the boring debates. Zidár was buried the following day, and I, I stepped into the throne room. There was a suit waiting for me. A long, purple robe, including a silver chest-plate, silvery alloy-gauntlets, and a helmet to hide my face. That day I made it clear that Z. Z. Lightyear did not exist any longer. He was dead and so would be his identity. Therefore, no one would be there to see my features. There was only the young, powerful Emperor Zurg.

 For the very next day I hooted my new name visible. By contacting that ridiculous Universe Protection Unit, warning them about the new might and reign of me. I would take the Alliance into my hands, sooner or later. And as my first victory, I had destroyed the ambassador of Morph. It was all too easy to make them believe that he was dead. And so he is, the wind blows no more over his being."

 "I do not know what happened to my son after that, what was his childhood. He was left to be warded by some relatives during the days of the negotiation travel. Obviously they were there to raise him, too. I did not care. But now I shall care when he has grown to be my greatest enemy. Nevertheless, the son of Z. Z. Lightyear shall one day obey me. That is for sure."

"Today I have it, dark glory... and no one is there to take it away from me. Jim-kraken-dandy."