According to Santana, nothing is dating.

Sex isn't dating, which makes sense, because Brittanys slept with a ton of boys, and notdated a single one.

But it isn;t just sex.

Linking pinkies in the hall is not dating, even if they spend more time with their pinky fingers linked than they do unlinked.

Goodnight and good morning texts are not dating.

Long, heart to hearts over the phone is not dating.

Curling up together on the sofa to watch tv, and lying with your head in her lap as she reads to you or you read to her is not dating.

Sleeping together is not dating- not sex, that doesn't mean sleeping, but sharing a bed because sleeping cuddled up together is way better than sleeping alone.

Notes in each others lockers and "i saw this and thought of you" presents are not dating.

You know this isn't dating because you don't really do any of this stuff with Artie and you definitly are dating him.

(Sometimes, you wonder why dating Artie feels more like work than fun. Ever since you tried to help him, and slept with him, ever since he looked at you coldly and made you feel like the worst person in the world, you've been determined to fix it. You HAVE to date Artie, because you feel like you owe him now, and you're afraid that if you break up with him, it'll make you a Bad Person, like last time, something you never want to go through again)

So when Santana says she loves you, you tell her you're going to stay dating Artie.

Because if you keep dating Artie, you can carry on not dating Santana, right?

You can carry on the looks, the phone calls, the notes, the cuddling and her sweet kisses and everything else you love...right?

When it doesn't happen like that, when you suddenly find yourself not not-dating Santan, you lock yourself in your bedroom and cry until your heart is raw.