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So yeah, this is a rewrite of Dark Realm. Same characters, different plot. If you liked Dark Realm, no worries – I'm not taking it down. This is because I think it sucks. So take a read, let me know what you think, all that jazz.

And oh, this takes place after the series.

ch 1

Study hall was usually Kurama's chance to have some peace and quiet. Between the hectic schedule high school kept and the addition of two new family members at home, Kurama found he enjoyed the chance to just sit back and read a book. No one bothered him. He was isolated.


For once, Kurama was not studying. His book had been set aside, mostly because he simply couldn't concentrate on it. Instead he had his head down on his desk, struggling not to burst into fits of hysterical laughter at the running commentary Hiei was so thoughtfully providing. His shoulders began to tremble. /I'm supposed to be studying, you know./ he chastised the smaller demon.

Hiei's voice was as clear as if he were merely across the room. /Oh, just shut up and enjoy the show./ he replied flatly. /I know I am./

Kurama smiled into his arm. /I can tell./ he retorted gamely. /Actually, I'm rather sorry I'm missing it./

The fire demon was smirking; Kurama could practically see it. /Well, you could always – oh, that had to hurt. Yusuke just threw Kuwabara through a tree. Maybe he'll kill the oaf yet./

Kurama had to bite back a snicker. /Let me guess – sparring match gone horribly wrong?/

/Probably. I heard the cursing and decided to see what the fuss was about. Now I'm just enjoying the show./ He presented the fox with a mental image of Yusuke and Kuwabara brawling while Hiei and Mukuro sat back and watched with vast amounts of amusement. In fact, Mukuro seemed to be on the verge of hysterics – not unlike Kurama himself.

/Perhaps Mukuro can tell you when she calms down./ he suggested.

/All she told me is that the oaf is going soft./ Hiei replied. /As if I needed another demon to tell me that./ The fire apparition seemed to be enjoying himself far too much; he was radiating a sort of calm Kurama was getting used to sensing now that he had direct access to Demon World. A fond smile spread across the fox spirit's face.

/Would you like a sparring partner, Hiei?/ he teased. /My break is coming up shortly. I could come to Demon World for a while./

/If you think it'll keep me from killing the oaf./

/Why is he there anyway? Yusuke enjoys it, but Kuwabara isn't a demon. He has no place - /


Kurama's head snapped up, eyes wide as he sat up straight. "Ma'am?"

The teacher loomed over his desk. "Were you sleeping in my class, Mr. Suiichi?"

"I – I must have dozed off, ma'am." Kurama murmured sheepishly. "It won't happen again."

"It better not." She turned around and stalked up to her desk. Kurama glared at her retreating back.

/Go ahead and kill her./ Hiei encouraged. /I won't tell./

/Don't tempt me./ Hiei laughed hysterically while Kurama continued to mutter mentally about teachers and bad timing. Hiei simply continued to laugh. /Does Mukuro know you laugh like that?/ Kurama snapped, already starting to laugh himself.

Hiei sent him the impression of a grin. /Perk of the trade, fox – not unlike you, I can keep a straight face while maintaining fits of hysterical – hang on./ He withdrew from their bond, not enough to completely cut Kurama out, but enough to focus entirely on what was going on around him. His head snapped up, focusing on the speck in the sky that was getting rapidly larger. That energy – it felt familiar.

Mukuro glanced at Hiei. "Expecting someone?"


Mukuro nodded and motioned for her guards to approach. Yusuke and Kuwabara finally noticed the approaching demon (retards, Hiei thought darkly) and fell still, separating from their fight and standing. They automatically fell back to flank Mukuro. Hiei moved back to stand behind the guards, wrapping his energy around himself in such a way that he vanished from the senses. Mukuro didn't even glance back to find him.

The demon – a dragon, Hiei realized, a sick feeling starting to twist in his gut – landed in front of Mukuro and transformed into something that almost looked human. He had dark crimson hair cut short, blood red eyes with slit pupils, taller than Kurama's human form, with enough muscle to make Toguro jealous. He wore minimal body armor over his flowing red and gold robes, but he stood with the confidence of a man who knew he was untouchable. Hiei clenched his fists.


The dragon-demon smiled coldly. "Is Hiei home?"

Mukuro hardly blinked. "I don't know a Hiei." Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "And I don't know you."

"Forgive my manners." The dragon-demon bowed. "I am Ryu, king of the Dragon-Demon Clan. Hiei is an old friend of mine. Since I was in the area, I thought I'd look him up." He looked past Mukuro and scanned the guards. Hiei slid back farther into the shadows, eyes narrowed to slits and lips pulled back in a snarl. Ryu smiled. "Rumor has it he works for you."

Mukuro sneered. "The rumor mill. That's a pathetic reason to disturb a demon's entertainment." she muttered. "I don't know this Hiei you speak of. Now go away, or I'll repaint my house in your blood." Her guards didn't even flinch, but Mukuro's energy flared brightly. Hiei smirked. Show-off.

Ryu examined her for a minute before bowing again. "My apologies. I shall leave you alone now." His eyes flashed as he scanned the guards one last time. Hiei stiffened. "If you do ever meet Hiei, tell him to come find me. I have a present for him." Ryu pulled something from his pocket and tossed it to the ground at Mukuro's feet, then he transformed and flew away.

Mukuro bent down and picked up the gift. Yusuke frowned. "A bloody flower? Seriously?"

"That's disgusting." Kuwabara grumbled. "Why are you touching the thing, Mukuro?" Mukuro ignored them both and held the flower up for inspection. Hiei materialized beside her, making the oaf jump and swear, and took a look at the flower. His eyes went wide.

"This is not just any flower." Mukuro murmured, never taking her eyes from the 'gift' in her hand. "It's a rose."

Hiei felt his blood run cold.