I don't actually know if anyone reads these, but I'll put it here just in case. I have been wanting to do a Marauders fic for years now, ever since I read the 3rdbook. The first few attempts were pretty lame, I mean, really lame. I'm actually embarrassed to think about them – the writing resembled Stephenie Meyer – URGH!
Anyway, it's coming close to the end of an era and soon the last Marauder will die *sniff* (you can obviously guess who my favourite is :D) Anyway, I wanted to write a fic that encompassed their friendship; hurt, comedy, betrayal and most importantly love. I've done this with previous fics of mine and I'd like to try it with Harry Potter.
Summary: Growing up is hard. And they say it's the best years of your life. For the Marauders, it really was. This maps them through their time at Hogwarts, from the very last day, to the day were their friendship fell apart.
Writers Personal Rating: T for now, might be changed to a M later (some of the things I write get pretty dark, but don't bother looking for any, most end up in the recycle bin.)
Pairings: The obvious Lily/James, Lily/Severus, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC/OC/OC/OC/OC/OC/OC – Can't help it, Sirius is a ladies man *wink*. Peter doesn't deserve to be loved. End of conversation.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I never shall. Even though I wish I came up with them first they're JK's, not mine. I only own the Other Characters.
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Enjoy xx


He crawled from the base of the Whomping Willow. His light brown hair clinging to his face. His arms quivered before they could no longer support his own weight. He collapsed onto the soft mud, wet from last night's rain. Moony lay alone on the grass, his entire naked frame shaking, breathing hard. His body convulsed angrily as the moons effects began to wear off. He screwed up his eyes tightly, feeling sick to his stomach. He rolled over and threw up, bits of sick sticking to his hair and cold sweaty skin. He didn't care. Fresh scars layered the old ones, curling around his back like fucking tattoos. His wrists and legs were bleeding from where he had bitten himself, to stop the frustration of being locked away.

Footsteps approached him.

Padfoot sighed and looked over at Prongs. Prongs did not return the look. He pushed his glasses further up his nose, before kneeling down. He then nodded towards his friend who drew off his cloak and covered Moony with it. Prongs then leaned forward and pulled Moony up by the arms, forcing him to go over his shoulder. Moony groaned slightly as Prongs did so. Muttering something about how it was not their responsibility. Padfoot and Prongs ignored him, then making sure that he would not fall, they made their way up to the castle.

From the library window, Snivellus watched them. His hooked nose and pale face pressed up against the window as if it could see into their souls. His greasy black hair hung limply around his shallow cheekbones. The paper he had been working on had been disbanded, the red quill though was still in his hand. With shaking long fingers, he reached into his robes and pulled out a small black book and made a note. He smiled to himself, showing the yellowed teeth that he had neglected for so long.

Then, swift as a bat, he slammed the book shut, rolled up his parchment, placed his quill and ink inside his satchel and stalked off to find Lily.