Pretty girl is suffering,
while he confesses everything
Pretty soon she'll figure out
what his intentions were about

- Sugarcult, Pretty Girl

On the eve of Caroline's seventeenth birthday, the strangest thing happened.

Early morning, she'd gone down for breakfast to find a package in the mail. Inside the small brown mailing box was an even smaller jewelry box and inside that black box, lying in red satin was a ring. She thought it was beautiful, a large sapphire stone set in between a ring of smaller diamonds. Well, she thought it was sapphire but in closer inspection, she realized it was a different stone, a darker shade of blue that reminded her a bit of her own eyes.

It fit perfectly on her finger and she admired the contrast of the dark blue stone against her pale skin before checking to see who it was from. She quickly realized there was no name or return address. A part of her told her to tell her mother about this strange gift or at the least throw it away. But another part of her told her not to and she hid it in the bottom of her jewelry box.

Caroline noticed a strange thing while she lay on her bed wrapped in her bed sheets, her head on Damon's chest as they reveled in the afterglow.

Her hands played with his right hand and admired the ring bearing his family crest. The Salvatores were nothing but fancy, weren't they? And she enjoyed tracing the patterns of delicate detail with her fingers before finally seeing that the stone of his ring was the exact same shade as her ring.

"What stone is this?" She asked idly, a warning bell going off on the back of her head.

Damon just made a sound, like a grunt and she asked again before he answered in annoyance. "It's lapis lazuli," He glared at her half-heartedly. "Now shut up and go to sleep."

She was out like a light.

The Elena impostor smiled at Caroline mockingly, leaning over her in a predatory manner that made her want to grab something sharp to defend herself with. There was something wrong about this picture and her fight or flight instincts were telling her to run far, far away before something would happen that would change everything. She struggled to get up but the not-Elena pushed her back down easily with no effort, the breath knocked out of her lungs from the impact.

"You were difficult even before you were turned," The brunette remarked. "I never did like you."

"W-What?" She gasped out.

"I really don't see what he saw in you," Not-Elena just rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Oh well, this is what he ordered."

She barely had time to wonder who he was before the pillow was on her face and she was suffocating.

Caroline stared distastefully at the blue ugly ring Stefan had given her to wear for protection against the sun, lapis lazuli as Damon had said. Bonnie was supposed to enchant it to make it work but all Caroline wanted was something nicer to wear on her finger for the rest of eternity. That ring would go with nothing and she'd be too embarrassed to wear it in public.

"Don't I get to use what ring I'll wear for the rest of my life?" She groused, wanting to chuck the ring into the trash can.

Bonnie rolled her eyes at her behavior and Stefan furrowed the terror vampire eyebrows at her. "Caroline." He said her name like a three syllable melody. Ca-ro-line.

She just contracted the vamp brows and with a bitchy vamp scowl. "What?"

He sighed and turned to Bonnie who immediately worked on the spell. And quite honestly, the whole candle possession thing with Emily a few months back was way cooler than this. The curtains didn't even flutter and she felt disappointed from the lack of an awesome magic show. It was such a letdown.

Bonnie just scoffed at her bitchy comments and left. Stefan gave her another round of the vamp brows and she begrudgingly put the ring on. Idly, she remembered of the much nicer ring in the bottom of her jewelry box and glared in mutiny at the one on her finger. Ugh, still so ugly.

Couldn't magic have made it prettier?

Katherine's hand on Caroline throat was painful, her sharp nails digging into the soft skin of her neck. All the while the brunette vampire smiled gleefully, Caroline's pain deeply amusing to her.

"W-Why…are…you…doing…this…to…me?" She choked out, tears welling up in her eyes.

Katherine just cocked her head to the side, smirking. "Just a little payback,"

Blue eyes widened from bafflement. "For what?"

"You'll see."

Caroline stared warily at the dark-haired vampire in her room. Elijah, she realized from the description Elena and Stefan had given her. But why was he here in her room? What did he want with her?

"Elena's not here." She said proud of herself for keeping her voice clear and strong even when her insides felt like they were liquefying.

He just rolled his eyes at her like she was an idiot. "I wouldn't have believed it if Katerina hadn't told me herself," He divulged. "You're a far cry from the woman I first met."

She blinked in confusion, wondering what he was going on about. "What?"

"Last time we saw each other, Caroline, you ordered to have daggers repeatedly jammed into my ribs," He deadpanned. "Doused first with vervain water, of course."

His words sent a cold shiver to her spine, as if he truly believed in what he said. It was impossible, this was the first time she'd even seen him. How could he accuse her of doing such things? It was absurd.

"What are you talking about?" She shook her head in denial. "I've never met you before."

"No but you will." He bowed slightly, almost mockingly. "It was nice to see you again, my lady."

And then with a gush of vampire speed and a flutter of her curtains, he was gone.

Caroline cut first period to make an early visit to the Salvatore boarding house. Stefan was in school and Damon was off doing God knew what, all that was left in the house was the Queen Bitch herself, Katherine – just who she needed to talk to.

She found the brunette lounging about in the library, reading one of Stefan's journals and smiling at an anecdote here and there. Katherine didn't even looked up as she entered the room, just continued reading.

Caroline warily approached the other girl and she was ten feet away when Katherine finally spoke. "I can't tell you anything,"

The blonde halted in her footsteps and asked, "Why?"

"He doesn't want me to."

Yeah, that wasn't vague at all. "Who's he?"

The brunette just shook her head and Caroline sighed. "I need to know, okay? You and Elijah know something…about me. You've both said I've met both of you and done things to you before but when was that? Who's this he you keep talking about? I need to know, Katherine." She gulped down air as if she couldn't breathe. "Please."

The other vampire didn't say anything for a while, didn't react right away, just stared at her with dark unreadable eyes. Caroline held her breath, feeling her heart beating loudly into her chest like an African drum. The suspense was killing her and she prayed to whatever deity was up there that Katherine go out of character for five seconds and take pity on her. All Caroline wanted to know was the truth.

And then finally, she spoke. "December 25, 1472. That's all you're going to get from me. Now get out."

Caroline heard vaguely from Elena that her biological mother was back in town but it was one thing to hear about it and another to find the woman outside her doorstep and smiling at her. Caroline stopped herself from taking a step back and stood her ground, she wasn't going to let herself get intimidated by this woman. "Can I help you?" She said almost rudely.

"No need to be mean, Caroline." The older woman almost cooed like she was trying to tame a spiffy little kitten. "I'm just here to deliver a message."

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest, trying to show that the women couldn't melt her with her deceptively gentle nature. "And what's that?"

She said something in a different language. It sounded French.

"What does that mean?"

Isobel just shrugged and then disappeared into the night.

Caroline with help of some vampire memory and Google translate, found the translation.

See you very soon, my love.

Caroline shivered in what she wasn't entirely sure was fear.

Matt wasn't a good dancer, he hadn't lied about that but Caroline didn't mind as they swayed out of rhythm to the cheesy 60's music. He smiled adoringly at her and even tried to twirl (without much grace, mind you) and she laughed in delight. He pulled her down for a kiss but was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder.

They turned to find…Mr. Saltzman? Or Alaric as he was part of their merry little group of all things weird. She stared at him in surprise and asked if there was anything wrong. He just shook his head and smiled at her warmly.

"Not at all," He turned to Matt. "Could I steal Caroline for a dance….?" He trailed off like he couldn't remember Matt's name and Caroline raised both eyebrows at this even as Matt good-naturedly agreed and left to get them drinks.

Alaric immediately pulled her close, too close than what should be appropriate for someone who was her teacher and she inwardly squirmed as his hands rested intimately on her waist. He seemed blind to her discomfort however and twirled her around, much more gracefully than Matt. He was someone who knew how to dance and dance well apparently.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, wondering why the History teacher/local vampire hunter was acting this way. "Is Klaus here?"

He chuckled like she said something very amusing and pulled her even closer until his chin was on her shoulder and her head was nestled against his warm chest. She could feel his breath on her ear and shivered.

"You look beautiful, Caroline." He whispered in her ear and she felt herself blush as his lips ghosted on her cheek before he was wading through the crowd and leaving her standing there all alone and very conflicted.

The ropes dug into her skin, adding more pain to the burning of her flesh from the vervain. She'd long stopped trying to claw them off as that did no use but get burns on her fingers. She'd been there for exactly...she wasn't sure, she was starting to lose grasp of time in that little hotel room, her only company being one of Klaus' witches who fed her blood twice a day and with more care than she expected.

"Why am I here?" She asked him the first night but he just shook his head at her and tilted her chin up to pour the glass of blood down her throat, she drank it greedily, the hunger winning out.

"What do you want?" She asked him the third night and he shook his head again and fed her more blood.

By the fifth day, she was getting impatient and refused to cooperate as he tried to feed her. She scowled and shook her head and struggled until the delicious blood was more on her face and clothes and even on him. He just sighed and stood up to get some more of the bottled blood from the fridge.

"What does he want from me?" The question immediately caused her to close her mouth as realization finally set in. All these months it had been–

"Oh, I remember this moment." A feminine and cold laugh broke through the air. She noticed the male witch stiffen from the counter like he'd been doused with ice water before they both turned to the doorway to see who the new arrival was.

Caroline gasped in shock as her mirror reflection entered the hotel room and sauntered towards her. Her face was on this woman's from the large blue eyes to the full pink lips. It felt surreal, unrealistic, impossible but even as she shook her head and blinked repeatedly to wake up from this weird dream, she couldn't.

Her twin was still staring down at her in a cruel smirk, her blonde hair longer and an aura of maturity caused by years, decades and centuries of living. Caroline stared wide-eyed at this woman and wondered how this could happen. "What are you?"

"I'm you," The other blonde quickly replied. "Your future and past….It all gets a little blurry after a while."

Caroline couldn't even grasp what she was talking about. "W-What?"

The other vampire just rolled her eyes and she got a glimpse of that diamond and lapis lazuli ring she always liked on the other woman's finger before she was backhanded into unconsciousness.

Caroline remembered nothing about her kidnapping, Bonnie having explained that the male witch working for Klaus must've wiped her memory of the events so whatever time she might've spent with the enemy or not was useless to them if she couldn't remember a single thing.

Caroline spent many nights just staring up at the ceiling of her room and trying to remember, anything at all but…it was futile. It was like someone had snatched all the memories from her mind and there was now a blank void in her head for those events. How she wished she could remember, she would've been more use to the Klaus predicament if she remembered.

But nothing, still nothing.

She found herself searching in her jewelry box for something. She realized with some strange clarity that it was the ring she'd gotten on her seventeenth birthday, the one no one knew about but her, the gift from a stranger who she may never found out who.

Wordlessly, she slipped it on her left ring finger. It fit perfectly as always.

She froze at seeing Elijah standing in her room again and not in the Salvatores' basement, rotting away with a dagger in his chest.

She swallowed her fear. "What are you doing here?"

He inclined his head to the side like she was a particularly intriguing thing. "Just wishing you a Merry Christmas."


And then he was gone. Again.

It seemed she was never getting any answers.

A spell gone wrong and she found herself walking the streets of Elizabethan England, standing out among the ladies with her modern clothing and hair. She was as conspicuous as an orange neon sign. She needed to find some place safe to go but where would she go? She didn't even know where her ancestors were at this era and neither the Salvatore brothers nor Katherine was even born yet.

She was in deep trouble and she realized just how much when she stopped a man to ask what date it was.

"December 25th of the year 1472, Christmas day."

Her stomach plummeted and she closed her eyes and remembered Katherine's clue. She wondered what horror awaited her in this time.

She sat bound to the chair by some kind of magic, her limbs couldn't move even with as much effort and strength she put into them. It was no use. She was stuck. And she stared up fearfully at the man looking down at her, the most beautiful smile on his face that contradicted the predatory look in his eyes.

Klaus. After all these moments of waiting for him to arrive in Mystic Falls, all that time preparing to defeat him and here he was. With longer hair and gayer clothes, of course but still, the vampire they'd all been terrified of for so long was finally before her.

She wanted to run and hide where he could never follow her and yet she knew that was impossible. He would find her eventually. She was now the mouse and he was the cat who wanted to play with his food first.

He crouched down until he was eye level with her and titled her chin up to look into her eyes. "Caroline…" His voice was like dark velvet and it wrapped around her soul like a sweet vice, entrapping her forever. "Finally."

Written for Day #12 of The Month of Caroline challenge with the pairing Klaus/Caroline.