Iggy: The author doesn't own anything, no matter how much she wants me. *shudders and looks around nervously*

Me: Thanks, Ig, for appearing in my disclaimer. I actually own my character, Morgan. So, no more boring stuff, this is the Maximum Ride Counseling service.

Iggy: Why is it named after Max? Honestly, you'd think these people would have taste.

Me: Calm yourself, beautiful one.

Iggy: *is creeped out*

Me: Here we go.

Morgan: So! Why are you guys here?

Max: Because we need 'help', according to Jeb.

Iggy: *groans* I hate this already. Can we leave?

Nudge: You know, this isn't so bad! I mean, it's not Disneyland or anything. Oooh, Disneyland. I wanna go. Can we, Max? Can we? Please, please, please? I won't even want a souvenir. I promise! I…

Max clamps a hand over her mouth.

Max: Sorry, sweetie, no Disneyland. We're stuck here.

Nudge: Awwww.

Angel, Nudge, and Gazzy: *puppy eyes*

Max: After this is over.

Fang: *disapproving glare*

Max: Go back to the clone.

Iggy: Oooh, burn.

Fang: *disapproving glare part deux*

Dylan: Yo.

Everyone: Go fly off a cliff!

Dylan: Hey…

Iggy: The cake is a lie!

Everyone looks at him strangely.

Iggy: Well, sorry. I know it's so terrible I can't be normal like you. *laughs at self*

Max: That is the worst type of humor.

Dylan: If I say I agree, will you kiss me?

Max: No.

Nudge: Max, he's super hot. I mean, he's so much cooler than Fang, and he can sing and … *faints*

Max: Why do we ever let her talk?

Iggy: Well, there is freedom of speech.

Max: For that matter, why do we ever let you talk?

Morgan: This is going to be a very long day.

A/N: Hi! Thanks for reading. I did this for another fandom, and I thought, "Hey, the MR characters need some 'help' too." And this was born. I know it's kinda short, but I'm just testing it out. So, can you please review?