Gazzy: I am, apparently, the only guy manly enough to do the author note.

Me: Oh, just wait. 4 or 5 more years, you're getting stalked too.

Gazzy: Yeah, whatevs.

Me: Shut up.

Dylan: I'm being ignored!

Everyone except Max and Fang(still grinding) and Nudge : Shut yo' ungrateful mouth!

Dylan: Why am I ungrateful?

Iggy: We let you live. Be grateful for that.

Nudge: Ig, shut up! He's so hot! And Max is ungrateful for liking obviously gay guys, and not him!

Iggy: God, start his fan club already!

Nudge: That's a great idea!

Iggy: You thought I was serious?

Nudge: Dylan 4 next book title!

Iggy: Oh no you di'int! All mine. Can't you picture it? 'Iggy' by James Patterson. Has a nice ring to it.

Nudge: Are you Fax supportive?

Iggy: I guess…

Nudge: Oh. Never mind.

Iggy: I only support pairings with me in them.

Max: I'm briefly interrupting dancing to say: Egotistical, much?

Iggy: I wouldn't, at this point, call it dancing.

Dylan: *unsuccessfully tries to join the grinding*

Everyone but him: Epic fail.

Dylan: FML.

Iggy: Totally deserved it.

Dylan: Shut up.

Iggy: You shut up!

Dylan: 'Dylan'!

Iggy: 'Iggy'!

Gazzy: 'Gazzy'!

Nudge: 'Dylan'!

Angel: You broke the chain! How dare you?!

Nudge: Cuz I can! I'm awesome, you're a scene stealer, and your creepiness is made up! Oh yes, I did!

Angel: *death glare*

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