Title: Blue Moon

Fandom: Bleach

Rating: M, sexual situations, sex, language, lemon

Description: Knowing he'll lose his powers, Ichigo takes an unwitting Grimmjow to the world of the living to spend one night with him. Surprisingly, it seems that hollows don't have an idea what sex is about, not that that stops Ichigo from educating Grimmjow. What will happen when Ichigo can't see Grimmjow the next morning, and what is up with Grimmjow and all of this "Master" stuff?

Disclaimer: Bleach is created and owned by Tite Kubo, I merely pay homage to characters and a story I love.

A/N: This will be a shorter story (5-6 chapters?). Also, I like the idea of a more sexually aggressive Ichigo and a clueless Grimmjow, since it's usually the other way around. Btw, I've totally had the song "Blue Moon" in my head since writing this.

A/N #2: So NOW ff is making all text one giant paragraph and messing up spacing after sentences, because all of the other problems weren't annoying enough.

Warning, most of this first chapter is a big ole' lemon.

Grimmjow woke up confused, his vision hazy as his eyes tracked the objects around the room and he tried to orient himself. I'm on a bed, he thought to himself vaguely. He had a mat in his bedroom, but not a bed. Was he being treated by the medical team? His whole body felt sore. Although...although...he tried to think...he should be a lot more sore then he was. Like, dead sore. Became dust sore.

Ichigo, Grimmjow thought to himself. He still remembered falling from the sky, simultaneously cursing Ichigo in his mind as he made his descent and happy that he had died in such a glorious way. Better than falling to Aizen, or being killed by some asshole like Nnoitra.

A hand, Ichigo's hand. He had lowered him to the ground almost gracefully. And Nnoitra...fuck...just when he had thought he'd escaped the horror that would be having Nnoitra kill him...

In Grimmjow's mind, he could see Ichigo over him, protecting him. Grimmjow groaned and turned, almost surprised he had all of his limbs and had the ability to turn. He felt an energy around him, still moving around his body. Stupid girl, he thought to himself. That asshole had that witch heal me.

"Awake?" came a voice. Grimmjow turned and blinked, his eyes refusing to focus at first. He didn't need to see clearly to know the voice though.

"Ichigo, you stupid bastard," Grimmjow moaned. "Where am I?" he asked after awhile.

"My room," Ichigo replied.

"Your..." Grimmjow looked around again. Well, shit. "Guess it's over then?" Grimmjow asked.

"Yeah. I hate to break it to you, but you guys didn't do too well," Ichigo said.

"Like any of them were my friends," Grimmjow laughed. Still, they had really beaten all of them? "Aizen?" he asked.

"I...took care of him. I think he's immortal, but we put him away," Ichigo said.

"By yourself?"

Ichigo didn't say anything, he was just staring at the wall. "It...wasn't without a high cost," Ichigo said quietly.

"You look ok," Grimmjow said, looking him over. "Lose a friend?"

"No..." Ichigo paused. "You don't seem very surprised to be here."

"It's your right," Grimmjow shrugged. Ichigo raised an eyebrow at that.

Grimmjow swung his legs around to sit up, grunting softly as he felt his previously ripped muscles move. Ichigo was watching him intently. Grimmjow tried to not look up, knowing that he'd just get pissed off if he saw Ichigo looking down on him. Fuck, he defeated me, but...but what, Grimmjow? He asked himself. He almost jumped when he felt a hand along his face, pulling it upward. Ichigo's eyes were peering down at him.

"Why are you looking at me that way?" Grimmjow asked. It was predatory, but not in a way he was used to. It was too soft.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo said, he voice husky. He came closer to the sitting espada, now almost between his legs, leaning down. His lips paused millimeters away from Grimmjow, before finally pressing up against them.

Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo's shoulders. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Kissing you," Ichigo said.

"I don't understand."

"I'm sure you can feel this electricity between us," Ichigo said.

"I feel...something," Grimmjow replied.

"I'm losing my powers," Ichigo told him.

"W-what?" Grimmjow looked up at the standing boy.

"I won't be able to even see you soon," Ichigo said. "I won't be able to touch you."

"Or fight me," Grimmjow added.

"Grimmjow, I think you're missing the point. I want you. I want you while I can still have you," Ichigo stated, pulling Grimmjow's lips towards him again, kissing him more deeply this time. Grimmjow didn't move in shock, but then began to slowly move his mouth along with Ichigo's. He gasped when he felt the boy's tongue flick across his lips, dipping slightly into his mouth.

"Stop!" Grimmjow pushed him away again. "What...what is that?"

Ichigo was looking confused. "What is what?"

"What are you doing to me?"

"I already told you, I'm kissing you."

"It's just touching, why does it feel so..." Grimmjow was at a loss for words. Ichigo was staring at him wide eyed.

"Do hollows have families?" Ichigo asked.

Grimmjow nodded his head. "Of course not."

"Do they...have affection for each other?" Ichigo pressed.

"Some advanced hollows have friends, packs they travel with," Grimmjow said.

"Romantically though."

"I don't really know what you are talking about."

"Fine, I guess you guys probably don't feel love or anything, but what about lust? Isn't that an animal instinct?" Ichigo asked.

Grimmjow still looked confused.

"Can hollows have children?" Ichigo queried.


"Then...do you just not have that instinct then? No need to pass on your genetic information, no need to satisfy certain cravings?"

"Bloodlust of course. The need to survive. For some of us, the need to become stronger. Hunger. Pain. Fear," Grimmjow said. "Joy when winning or dominating. Pride."

"But have you ever had an orgasm?" Ichigo wondered.

"I...like I said, you're just being weird. All this human stuff doesn't make sense to me."

"Do you like when I touch your lips with mine?"

"I...kind of," Grimmjow admitted. Ichigo caught his lips with his again, this time hungrily delving into his mouth. Grimmjow's eyes went wide and he fought back, gaining dominance over Ichigo. Ichigo was moaning and Grimmjow wrapped his arm around him and pressed him into the bed.

Ichigo was breathing heavily as Grimmjow pulled away. "Don't you feel that?" Ichigo asked.

"I...want..." Grimmjow wasn't really sure what it was he wanted, but he needed it. His blood was racing and he could feel desire running through him.

"Arrancar are hollows that are like shinigami," Ichigo said. "Maybe when you removed your mask you got some more shinigami qualities than you thought." He sat up. "Let me show you." Ichigo wasn't experienced in any way, but he definitely had a better grasp on things than Grimmjow seemed to. He pushed Grimmjow onto his back, straddling his hips. He looked down at the confused and turned on looking espada underneath him. His breath caught in his throat as he realized that he was actually going to do it, that he actually had Grimmjow here, on his bed. For a long time he had struggled with the wrongness of it, then he had just told himself it was just Grimmjow's exotic (and erotic) looks that did it to him, but he finally had to admit it was more than that. It was the feel of him, of his spiritual pressure, the smell of his body, the blood and sweat coming off of him when they fought. It was the feral look in his eyes, his unrestrained spirit, the absolute joy he took in fighting. The way he walked and the way his muscles moved across his chest as he would rear back to launch a devastating attack. Ichigo had already been lusting after him when Grimmjow had brought Orihime to him to heal him so that they could have a fair fight. He had come to consciousness seeing those intense blue eyes anxiously watching him.

When he had seen Grimmjow's body falling, had known he had beaten him, he had felt a panic in his heart. The rush of adrenaline from his victory was quickly shot through as he realized that he had just killed the only person that had brought him to the line of obsession. He had had crushes before, had early on recognized that what turned him on was not soft curved bodies of women, but hard tall men, strong and unbreakable seeming. But nothing compared to the passion he had worked up in dreams and nights alone thinking about Grimmjow. Maybe it was just twisted rivalry, awe about Grimmjow's strength, how he had beaten Ichigo so easily at first...but whatever it was, Ichigo felt nothing but fear as he saw Grimmjow's body plummeting limply towards the desert sands. He had saved him, saved him several times actually, never even questioning his actions. And in the end, he had come back for him.

He hadn't really known what he was planning as he watched the unconscious espada on his bed, but when Grimmjow had first looked at him with hazy eyes, for once not intent on killing him, he had felt all of his past fantasies about the hollow sweep over him and decided to give in to the drive. It wasn't the time to hesitate, who knew how long he would even be able to see Grimmjow?

He smiled at the man underneath him and pulled at his hakama.

"I..." Grimmjow got out, struggling slightly as he felt himself become exposed.

Ichigo ignored him, staring at the half hard cock in front of him. He was nervous of course, but he couldn't show it to the espada, he needed to show him that everything was ok. If Grimmjow didn't go along with this...Ichigo caressed Grimmjow's member.

"A-ah," Grimmjow said. "Don't...that's not..."

Ichigo ignored him, stroking Grimmjow to fullness, his own heart pounding as he did so. He saw that the tip of Grimmjow's cock was glistening and he just had to...he leaned down and licked at it.

"Kurosaki! What the hell are you doing!" Grimmjow yelled at him. Ichigo noticed that he wasn't struggling anymore.

He moved farther down Grimmjow's body so he could get a better angle, and took Grimmjow fully into his mouth.

"You...you..." Grimmjow groaned as he felt Ichigo's tongue swirling around him.

Ichigo pulled back. "You ok?" he asked. Grimmjow paused and then nodded. "Do want me to continue?" Grimmjow just growled and Ichigo laughed slightly going back to what he was doing.

Ichigo in front of him, looking like he was bowed down, licking at him, Grimmjow couldn't get over the sensations he was feeling. He grabbed at Ichigo head and shoved his face closer to him, wanting more. Ichigo made a gagging noise and quickly put his hands on Grimmjow's hips to prevent himself for choking on the espada. He growled his displeasure, but that just made Grimmjow buck up into him more, giving a small whimper. Ichigo could forgive him just to hear another noise like that. He sucked harshly and Grimmjow moaned.

Grimmjow was panting hard, wanting to close his eyes and just roll back in bliss but he couldn't keep his eyes off the bright orange hair that was bobbing along his length. He felt something and tensed his body, feeling an exploding and a relief as pleasure coursed through him.

Ichigo hadn't been given any warning but he got over his shock quickly and lapped at Grimmjow. He briefly considered what he was supposed to do but then decided that just swallowing it all down was easier. He pulled himself off of Grimmjow. Grimmjow's mouth was open and his eyes wide. He roughly grabbed Ichigo's shirt and pulled him up, his mouth eagerly pressing onto Ichigo's.

"Is that...my taste?" Grimmjow said, sensing something different about the way Ichigo tasted on his lips.

"Yeah," Ichigo answered huskily. Grimmjow drew him close again, kissing him passionately, his body fully against Ichigo.

"What did you do to me?" Grimmjow asked with slight awe in his voice.

"Did you want more?" Ichigo asked.


Ichigo laughed. "You know, I always thought this would be different. I always imagined that you'd just snap one day and...take me. Show me how it was done."

"Haven't you done this before?" Grimmjow asked.

"No," Ichigo admitted. Grimmjow felt a surge of possession. No one should see Ichigo like that, he thought, thinking of the look on Ichigo's face as he pulled away from Grimmjow's spent cock, his lips glistening slightly, his eyes glazed, lips reddened. I've always thought he was mine, Grimmjow admitted to himself. I've always been jealous of him giving anyone else attention. And now, he is mine.

Grimmjow's eyes were cloudy with a rush of confusing emotions.

"I want you inside of me," Ichigo explained.

"Inside?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo removed his clothing. Grimmjow looked at the boy's naked body with interest, his eyes raking over Ichigo's lower parts as something undefinable tightened in his chest. He felt himself getting hard again as he stared at Ichigo's erection. Ichigo came back on to the bed, holding a small bottle in his hands. He squirted a small amount onto his fingers and then leaned back. Grimmjow could feel his blood pressure surge at the the image of Ichigo on his back, his legs open, a finger sliding into his entrance.

"What...are you doing?" Grimmjow said, his voice raspy.

Ichigo ignored him and put in another finger, sliding it in and out of himself. He began to moan slightly as he did so.

"Stop!" Grimmjow called out, crawling towards his prey.

Ichigo looked at him questioningly.

"Let...me," Grimmjow asked.

"Oh god," Ichigo said.

"Should I...not?"

"No, that's not...I just...yes please," Ichigo got out.

Grimmjow did the same as Ichigo had, coating his fingers in the slick substance that was in the bottle. He paused slightly as his finger caressed at Ichigo's hole, before sliding in. Ichigo moaned loudly and Grimmjow could feel himself begin to throb. He pulled his fingers in and out of Ichigo like Ichigo had been doing moments before, enjoying the way Ichigo's body was shuddering around him, how his body closed in tightly around his invading fingers. "One more," Ichigo said. Grimmjow began to pump in and out of Ichigo with three fingers. He had changed his angle slightly when doing so and Ichigo was now practically in tears. "Grimmjow!" Ichigo called out in pleasure. "There! Again!" Grimmjow did as was asked and was shocked at how Ichigo jumped as he hit a certain part of his body deep within him.

"I..." Grimmjow was feeling something so strongly but he still wasn't sure what it was. "Ichigo..."

"Put some on your cock and then enter me," Ichigo instructed, in a pleading tone.

If it was possible, Grimmjow could feel himself getting harder at those words. Yes, that's what he wanted. His hands were shaking as he rubbed some of the fluid on himself, groaning slightly as he realized how pleasurable it was even to have his own hand touch his newly sensitive organ. Ichigo had turned around now, on all fours. Grimmjow looked at the ass presented to him with hunger.

"It's going to hurt me, so stop after you're in for a second," Ichigo warned Grimmjow.

Grimmjow spread Ichigo apart slightly with one hand, using the other the hold himself as he pressed himself against Ichigo's entrance. With a deep breath he pushed himself in. "Ah!" he said, not having expected it to be so tight.

Ichigo was gasping.

"I'm hurting you," Grimmjow said. He was desperately feeling the need to press himself into the man below him, again and again, but struggled to keep it in check.

"One minute," Ichigo said, trying to get used to the stretching feeling. Honestly, he had just assumed it wouldn't be that bad since he had a high pain tolerance, but it was a different type of pain than he was used to. Grimmjow was growling behind him, kneading at his hips.

"It feels so fucking good," Grimmjow said, his nails raking around Ichigo's lower back. "I just...need to..."

"It's ok, I'm ok now," Ichigo said, slightly lying.

Grimmjow didn't wait, just pulled himself out and pressed in again to the warm heat. Again and again, he felt himself losing control. "Grimmjow!" Ichigo called out. In the end it was like he had imagined. Grimmjow was no shy virgin, he had become animalistic, driving into Ichigo with force, his hands digging at Ichigo's hip bones hard enough to leave bruises. "Yes!"

Grimmjow began to pay more attention to the body writing underneath him, shifting his weight to try and push into that spot that had made Ichigo cry in pleasure earlier.

"GRIMMJOW!" Ichigo yelled loudly. Grimmjow kept moving into the spot, feeling the end coming soon.

Ichigo reached down and began to stroke himself. Grimmjow grunted and swatted Ichigo's hand away, reaching for Ichigo's cock himself, savagely pumping at in. He could feel Ichigo's body clamp down around him, he heard Ichigo's strangled cry, the warmth on his hands as Ichigo poured out into him. Grimmjow struggled to push into Ichigo's body a few more time before feeling himself completely lose it, the same as last time but much more intense, his whole body straining as he felt like he was losing everything into Ichigo.

They collapsed next to each other, just looking at each other's faces. Grimmjow looked at his hand, covered in Ichigo's juices. He licked at it curiously, cleaning himself off with his tongue.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo said. "Don't..."

Grimmjow stopped for a second. Ichigo just smiled. "Nothing," he added, finding the scene erotic. The espada licked himself clean and then yawned.

"I feel really tired," Grimmjow stated.

"Fine, you can sleep now, but I'm waking you up in a little bit," Ichigo said. "There's still a couple of positions I'm hoping to try."

"Yes master," Grimmjow said, pulling Ichigo's into his chest and closing his eyes.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

Well thank god my family is away, Ichigo thought to himself as he drifted off. My dad would have broken in ten times by now and who knows what Grimmjow would have done to him. He's so much more mellow than I thought he would be. Is it just because he's still so weak from almost dying?